Az Rhythm and Reason

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Still Life with a Twist ~R~

I’m relinquishing my word count limit for this post as it’s likely to run on. You might prefer to skim through for a quick glance at my pics and to read a little on historical artists for R, in the lower segment of this post.

I suggested I might resolve the reference sketch I began yesterday and share progress in today’s post. I almost opted for a raincheck, reluctant to knuckle down with that image while I’m reasonably sure it’s not the final image I intend making but the sun is blazing and it kept me out of mischief and away from seeking retail therapy, even though I still want (or need) flowers.

I was grateful for the reminder of visual RHYTHM and dynamics while reading a post in another A to Z Challenge blog at

Reviewing ideas and reasoning…

I’d played earlier in the day at adding a couple of additional objects to the arrangement I sketched yesterday, but they weren’t working for me. So I returned to drawing the objects just as they were. Although better resolved than it was my sketch could still use some further attention.

an unfinished second stage ballpoint pen sketch: the folded apron comprising the background for the objects has a gingham checked trim and the pocket in the foreground is decorated with embroidered flowers, this part of the drawing now completed. The objects drawn are: in the upper centre slightly left is a musical ornament in the shape of a gift bag with narrow ribbons dangling from it's decorative bow at the front above a label type area in the design, Mum above a verse, shown in the drawing as suggestion of some unreadable text; to the right is a heart shaped bracelet reflecting a dress ring with a large fake stone set in it, the ring itself sits between those two larger objects above the embroidered flower of the apron's pocket that appears in the lower portion of this photo of the sketch.

By the time I’ve sat down to write, I’ve wondered if the something small the picture really needs on the left hand side might be another of my mother’s rings. She was often saying “just give me two rings”, meaning we were to drop call her phone and she would call back. Maybe I’ll select something else small enough for that area, but I enjoy that small “two rings” reminder. So I’ll get back to that idea over the weekend – and maybe add a hint of colour to the drawing and refine it further, once I reorganise my resources enough that everything’s to hand better! (Yes, I know it seems late in the day, but there are at least 9 making days left…)

Rambling: It’d be nice to have a better camera than my old mobile phone too, but still deciding what to do about that. I’m wondering if my contract phone will ever turn up in the house after dropping it and/or misplacing it last autumn. Hopefully it wasn’t stolen from my living room by intruders while I was only out at the nearest shops. It would be nice to retrieve it but so far remains ‘lost’. It’d be nice to be able to resurrect my recently knocked-out camera but that also appears irrepairable.

I’ve not yet reached for RECYCLABLE resources but honestly haven’t yet revved up enough to draw daily. I’d been wondering if I have art from the past to share for this ‘R’ post and while there might be something else tucked away, my sketch that I made last year of my mother’s portable RADIO came to mind:

pen sketch made on beige background of the inside of a pizza box. the drawing shows my left hand holding a small transistor radio with it's aerial extended. The background is very faint but comprises the foot of my bed and the drawing shows papers strewn across my lap. To the right of the drawing I wrote "Approx 30 mins" (meaning the 30 minutes drawing time) and "yet again the proportions are inaccurate. try again another day." I signed the picture in the lower mid section just below the radio and it shows the date as 3/2/2017 ie. 3rd February 2017.
I previously published a photo of this sketch at one of my other blogs,

The sketch shown above was made during bed-rest while hopefully recuperating with a recurring, relapsing human condition of still being alive… now I take my rest in a reclining chair and so can thankfully say I’m not currently bedbound – and I was able to stand and draw a little enough yesterday and today. Hooray. (In case you missed earlier mention of it, my blog’s url is a play on bed-rest and the need (and ambition) to be dressed, as in of course appropriate day clothes rather than appropriate ‘jamas!)

Recently I remarked on mostly including still life works made by men while researching historical artists. I was delighted today to discover RACHEL RUYSCH (b. 1654, d.1750). Ruysch appears to have been well-known as a highly-skilled painter of flower arrangements whose elaborate work aligns to the ROCOCO movement. As well as spending some time studying her work, I’d like to find out more about the poems written by eleven poets to memorialise her soon after her death. Here’s a wikimedia link to a  file within a slideshow of some of her floral paintings:,_fiori_in_vbaso,_1685_ca.jpg

Among others, I also came across a nice still life painting of flowers by Pierre Auguste RENOIR at wikimedia earlier. It has a light and airy atmosphere. I’m hoping my own painting once I make it will have a REFRESHING quality. The following quote, translated from Renoir’s words and included in a wikiquotes page is worth remembering too:

“To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them.”
As quoted in Luncheon of the Boating Party‎ (2007) by Susan Vreeland

Renoir (1841-1919)

I don’t often ground my attempts in things that might be considered ‘pretty’, but I do wish for my remembrance of my mother to be rejoiceful and hopefully ‘pretty’ as she was a truly beautiful lady, as are all our mothers, usually.