Az Wending my Way

W (A-Z-2018)

Still Life with a Twist ~W~

Whizzing through here with a super-quick post for ‘W’ whilst I’ve been delayed by other issues …

I had planned to show a couple of small watercolours (2009) and maybe even washing-up (from way back when). They all have to wait … Maybe rather than updating this post I’ll just post an AZ extra on Sunday’s rest day to make up for wrestling with woes and whatnots and stop wringing my conscience.

Jan WEENIX (1642?-1719), is the only still-life painter I came across so far for today’s letter W. I’m sure there must be more. I was interested in one of his paintings appearing to have a painting as a background, but his still life are all dominated by dead animals and birds, so I didn’t want to bring those images here to my blog.

So, I looked wider, to still life photography, and discovered Edward WESTON (1886-1958). There are two beautiful still life type photographs made by him at one titled ‘Lily and Glass’, 1939 and the other ‘Cabbage Leaf’, 1931.

What no images? Well, I haven’t photographed anything ready so left with what’s to hand on my hard-drive, I wondered the following doodle reminded me a little of a painting by Henri Fantin-Latour, simply titled Roses, but being mainly white and light-coloured ones, if you want to look for it on Wikipedia, where I’d first found another painting by him that I’d wondered on commenting on here, it has a long title starting ‘White Roses…’; he painted some gorgeous white peonies too, but that’s only titled Peonies, so…

Maybe I’ll tell you this drawing below is titled ‘With Roses’ – and it was inspired by real flowers at the time. Yes, I still have flowers on my mind – and this doodle always reminds me of being almost the shape of the human brain, almost enough…


Well, there went another day with the A to Z and a long weekend to look forward to while the challenge draws to a close, with workspace resolved for painting (yes I found my paints!) and mind whirring with ideas of all sorts of ways of whiling May away with art.