Az ‘Xploration and ‘Xperimenting

Still Life with a Twist ~X~

As might be expected, finding art history examples for the letter ‘X’ seemed unlikely. However, I found an excellent still life work as XYLOGRAPHIC  print by Pēteris Upītis, titled “Thistle”, (1942). This was exhibited last summer 2017 at the National Library of Latvia and can be seen at this link: XYLOGRAPHY is a specific type of wood-cut engraving for the purpose of block printing. It appears to have been brought to Europe around the 13th century from China, where it had been in use many centuries earlier for printing fabrics (ie. silk) and later for printing onto paper.

I haven’t experimented with art this month as much as I might have liked, but I have been exploring plenty. Earlier this month I suggested I might even use my board and chalks, as crude and clumsy as that might seem, to use things intended for child’s play. I’d left my board with this drawing unfinished…

So I extended that drawing very quickly to make this…

And really enjoyed seeing the ghostly effect once it was ‘rubbed out’ (shown below):

I really quite like that these drawings have no existence in real time and space, having been extincted by erasure. They do of course have a virtual existence in digital space and now in online space too. (I could have used artist’s soft pastels and black paper, but chose not to.)

The quick drawing below, although naiive, and inaccurate, was a really useful excercise in observing the shape and surfaces of the crystal clock I selected as potential still-life object a few posts ago. It didn’t leave a ghost image, perhaps because it was drawn on a chalky layer that remained after wet-wiping the previous images.

‘Xactly what I might be making my final image of or from remains undecided, even at this late stage. ‘Xasperating as it is, there are still a small few things I wanted to find as they’d be really useful AND of course, I really wanted to get out and buy flowers, ‘xcessive as that might be. ‘Xcusing myself for ‘xhaustion (and I’m sure I’m not the only one really feeling that!)

X marks the spot apparently, if only I had the map…!