Reblog: Sunrise on Planet Cistern

I find toilet humour irresistible, I don’t know why, but this photopost isn’t quite that but I do quite love it! – I missed my mundane Monday photo in lieu post again this week and wish I could capture something like this in my lav!



Sunrise on Planet Cistern

The weekly photo challenge is closing down for some reason, so the final theme is “all time favourite photos”. I am not a photographer by any means, I just take photos to decorate my poetry blog, but this one amuses me no end. I have sliced and diced it and used in a number of posts.

Now for the first time I will reveal its secret. The windows in our upstairs bathroom face south and in the late evening the sun shines through the  side windows and the glass shower doors and creates rainbow patterns on the walls. This particular pattern turned up behind the toilet cistern in the angle between the walls. I zoomed in as close as I could with my iPhone, took the photo then rotated it. The curved surface at the bottom is actually the shadow of the cistern.

Equipment used :…

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Jo’s writing contest is open until 31st May for 150 word submissions to the photo prompt via form at this link… (I think the give-away item for the prize-winner is maybe only available to those in U.S.)

A Creative PTSD Gal

Contest Starting TODAY

I’m going to rebel a little here at work and do something I’m not supposed to (blog during non-break hours) and get this going. Earlier this month I started a poll for a contest giveaway prize and even though I didn’t get many votes I’m still going to go through with it.

After much research, there were several options for me to run the contest but none seem to fit what I was wanting to do. I do have many bloggers overseas that Amazon giveaway doesn’t allow me to ship. After doing a little more research I have come to the conclusion that I got this. To make a few things clear. I am not affiliated with any of the products that I will be giving away. You will not have to purchase or pay for anything, just a little bit of your time.

I am a fan…

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My A to Z Challenge Reflections

I was super pleased to complete my month of alphabetical posting for the challenge, although I didn’t actually complete my art project but have a foundation of sorts to build on when health and time allow. It was thoroughly exhausting but I also managed a mega-readathon of other participating blogs and was quite active commenting, although I had some lapses too where I relied on the lazy like button. I still have some reading visits to complete from my hop-lists and hope to find a few more during the road-trip (May 23rd on).

Looking back at my theme reveal post I note that I failed my aims on timing and word-count limit quite often. I didn’t manage to access all my past artworks so didn’t rely on those as much as I might have otherwise and I also didn’t spend as much time practising drawing as I’d hoped and didn’t get round to painting(!)

I didn’t promote my links on social media, as I simply didn’t have energy and preferred to maximise my blog-hopping rather than attracting new readers. I also didn’t comment or leave links at the main challenge site or the wordpress mirror site. Maybe next time I’ll work harder on blog promotion.

I really enjoyed finding new blogs to read, I just wish I could sustain the pace to continue reading as regularly!

I also wrote a companion series of A to Z Limericks at one of my other blogs:  – I didn’t sign these up for the official challenge as I didn’t want the added pressure of a second blog in the challenge and wasn’t sure I’d achieve those posts within the timescale. As it was I posted a limerick every day without fail and so completed on 26th April, ahead of the A to Z schedule while I didn’t rest from my limericking on Sundays. It’s a shame there’s not a sign-up in afterthought list as I feel these would have had more popular appeal than my official posts here 🙂

 So, I’ve completed the end survey and quickly scratching in my reflections post as I’d almost forgotten the deadline is today and as usual I’m nearing the final hour!

I’ve already found myself wondering about next year’s A to Z and have no doubt it’s a tremendous advantage to have posts at least pre-planned in outline, or better still, fully drafted, edited and scheduled. There’s nothing quite like writing on the day, but it only takes an internet outage or other such technical hitch to spoil your plans. Luckily I didn’t encounter any tech hitches during the challenge phase this time round. I do wonder my wifi glitching more recently is maybe my ISP imposing data limits to my over-priced previously unlimited internet since blog-hopping so intensely during April! Next year  I might be on mobile internet only and have data limitations to take into consideration – I’d have ditched my home broadband already had it not been for planning to join in with the April A to Z. There must be plenty of bloggers who successfully manage the challenge with limitations of mobile internet – and I’ve seen and downloaded the wordpress desktop app and might give that a try ready to start planning for the 2019 A to Z Challenge! I’d hope to do it better next time…

All in all, it was a good blogging experience, quite a fun challenge and really enjoyable for the extra interaction and new encounters. Now I’ve been there, done it, but can’t say I got the T-shirt…


TFI Britain

[All links in this post go to news articles.]

This Friday in Britain, it’s the eve of the Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle and of course this event has been dominating the UK news for some time. Yesterday the town of Windsor hosted processional rehearsals and the streets were lined with crowds of spectators.  While Meghan’s wedding dress remains a closely guarded secret, five young designers put forward their take on the outfit they would have her wear. Today it was announced that Prince Charles will walk Megan down the aisle since her father won’t be attending due to surgery; Megan and her mom met for tea with the Queen and Princes William and Harry made a surprise walkabout in Windsor town. This evening, along the processional route, crowds of eager spectators are already forming with people staying out for the night in chairs to save their prime viewing spot. The wedding takes place at 12 noon BST tomorrow and the bbc’s royal wedding final countdown live feed has lots of interesting snippets and updates, including a preview look at tomorrow’s national newspaper front pages.

Although there’s no national holiday to mark the royal wedding, all across the UK people will be having barbecues and get-togethers and joining in the celebrations. Unless of course they hold anti-royal sentiment or have other things to do, like watching the F.A. Cup Final (football/soccer) or any number of suggested ways to avoid the royal wedding hype. Usually Prince William would be presenting the F.A. Cup, but he’ll be absent from that duty this time round.

It’s two months since Sergei Skripal was exposed in Salisbury to the nerve agent Novichok and he’s finally been discharged from hospital today.

More to follow…


Task It Tuesday (To do this week…)

How’d last week’s list go?

Getting out of the house and on a bus to the nearest shopping centre last Thursday was wonderful, although it made me really ill. That’s how it goes. Anyhow, it made a nice change to go out. I collected my new phone and garden gadget, bought a set of drawing pencils, paintbrushes and flowers I was hankering after all April,  snatched an opportunity to grab a snapshot of the supermarket travelator for the MMPC ‘ramped-up’ prompt (previous post), stocked up on some groceries, pain medication, hammer, nails, got very confused over lightbulbs so failed to get any and totally forgot fuses, so still a bit dim here.

My wi-fi’s been refusing to connect again so I’m behind on planned reading, I failed to make a bunch of planned posts and I spent no time with art either, so I have some catching up to do. I didn’t write anything for M.E. Awareness Day (May 12th) nor take part.

While there’s plenty to still go at from previous lists, the only thing I’m adding to this week’s to do list is

  • A to Z Reflections post and survey to complete by 18th May, that happens to be Friday, so I may as well write ‘Friday posts’ and include Skywatch & BFI.
  • Lots more rest, eat well, sleep plenty.
  • 20 to 30 minutes daily attending to small tasks in the garden.

Of course there’s lots more I maybe should add, and plenty I’d like to add, but for how to simplify my life this week, I’m limiting my to-do list to three main items only as the week disappears so quickly! Of course item 1 is four things and I shouldn’t need the self-care reminder at item 2. C’est la vie.