May 2018 MLA

MLA challenge hosted by VDonovan at Coolbeans4

This month I’m looking forward to things very much alike last month:

  1. Remembrance of my Dad (and continuing remembrance of my mum).
  2. Outdoor attempts: small tasks in the garden. Obtaining compost, not achieved yet from previous MLA [ideas]. Again!
  3. Pressing my neighbour’s landlord to fix the boundary fence before it completely falls over. I need to be able to use my garden! I completely neglected to tackle this.
  4. Skywatching more often than not even a daily snap and maybe from further afield at least more than once. Further afield so far was just across the road from my home – but I did take daily pics (other than a couple of days without a camera and making notes in the meantime until I sorted old tech).
  5. Shopping for my b-day treats – a book or two or a few. I have my wish-list ready, but no rush just now. Yes, I still need to do this too.
  6. Cooking and food! Salads with warmer weather! Attempts to gain increased natural enzyme production less artificially and increasing calorific intake. Eating lots of cake and crisps and snacks wasn’t quite what I meant but it does add calories. I ate better during April but May dietary improvements would be good.
  7. My 37th month of posting with WordPress. More alphabetical blogging no less (#May-be-A-B) and more reading A to Z bloggers.
  8. More time doing (and looking at) arty things.
  9. Listening to music some more, air my lungs more, bang about or rattle along and enjoy moving around here and there. Some Spring cleaning. Hopefully.
  10. Getting out to spend time with my kids and grandkids. I do hope so!

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