Task-It-Tuesday (To do this week!)

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Progress on last week’s to-do list:

Needless to say I didn’t do most things on my last week’s list, so going forward it remains as a kind of master list – and looks like taking forever to get all those ticked off.

I got some of this done though…


… but of course there’s always more…!

… and I ordered my mobile phone and a new garden trimmer, just waiting to have them in hand, so I’ll hopefully be busy later this week getting to grips with those.

I finished my A to Z posts, but still have some straggling odds and ends to sort out. I also took a rain check on revealing my painting project, postponed until the reflections post due next Monday, 7th May. Lots of blog reading potential still to be explored via the April A to Z blogging challenge too.

I posted for MLA (Monthly Look Ahead) and have RBRC post (for milae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge) in hand to post next (elsewhere). I posted daily skywatching pics (via blogspot) and joined in Skywatch Friday – and will hopefully do so again this week.

Other Priority Tasks this week:

  1. Paying bills and online grocery shopping to order
  2. Join in with Joy’s British Isles  Friday event (missed it again last week!)
  3. #May-be-A-B … more alphabetical blogging underway, flexibly
  4. Creative writing to join in with blogging neighbour Sarah C’s prompts
  5. Time with art: drawing, painting, doodling, looking at art history

How about just ONE thing to simplify my life? Apart from having a working phone at home… erm… actually USING my diary that’s mostly blank all year so far in conjunction with fixing up some kind of in my face reminder notice board for my bedroom wall. WHY can I never do ‘just ONE thing’ – that answer was technically two things! Never mind.






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