Task It Tuesday (To do this week…)

How’d last week’s list go?

Getting out of the house and on a bus to the nearest shopping centre last Thursday was wonderful, although it made me really ill. That’s how it goes. Anyhow, it made a nice change to go out. I collected my new phone and garden gadget, bought a set of drawing pencils, paintbrushes and flowers I was hankering after all April,  snatched an opportunity to grab a snapshot of the supermarket travelator for the MMPC ‘ramped-up’ prompt (previous post), stocked up on some groceries, pain medication, hammer, nails, got very confused over lightbulbs so failed to get any and totally forgot fuses, so still a bit dim here.

My wi-fi’s been refusing to connect again so I’m behind on planned reading, I failed to make a bunch of planned posts and I spent no time with art either, so I have some catching up to do. I didn’t write anything for M.E. Awareness Day (May 12th) nor take part.

While there’s plenty to still go at from previous lists, the only thing I’m adding to this week’s to do list is

  • A to Z Reflections post and survey to complete by 18th May, that happens to be Friday, so I may as well write ‘Friday posts’ and include Skywatch & BFI.
  • Lots more rest, eat well, sleep plenty.
  • 20 to 30 minutes daily attending to small tasks in the garden.

Of course there’s lots more I maybe should add, and plenty I’d like to add, but for how to simplify my life this week, I’m limiting my to-do list to three main items only as the week disappears so quickly! Of course item 1 is four things and I shouldn’t need the self-care reminder at item 2. C’est la vie.



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