TFIB ~This Friday in Britain …

Well, most of us in Britain have too much cloud to see the lunar eclipse tonight. Typical and ironic after so many crystal clear skies. An informative BBC article and a NASA TV Livefeed on YouTube for those of us with adequate internet access. It’ll be interesting to see images captured by those fortunate enough to have a clear view eventually too. Patience then…

I daren’t mention my router currently behaving for a change because it’ll drop my signal as soon as it likes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Brian Harvey lately since his desperate plea to the British public to hear him out while he exposes controversial and complex truths that ‘the powers that be’ seem to wish to remain hushed. some shocking stuff and there’s another however many cover-up stories I hoped to touch on. But I’ll maybe say / write my piece another time and link it here instead.

Five minutes to midnight and I’m way behind my planned posting time. Friday’s nearly over. Guess I got distracted. Maybe I should stop ignoring the computer assistance that pops up now again begging me to let ‘her’ help me. I’m sure I’d rather not give my life so wholly to my computer software. However much I’m lacking I’m sure I don’t want Artificial Intelligence. Maybe that’s cutting my nose off to spite my face. Anyone out there actually use their OS assistant?

So, Friday here, in British Summer Time is now technically over…

… writing into Saturday for ‘British Isles Friday’ then…

Rather than focus on news items this Friday, my attention has been totally diverted to issues NOT entering the news…

In its entirety, this is not a jolly post. The information I’m writing about in the next portion is still quite new to me, mindbogglingly complex in some ways and absolutely profound issues of urgent UK public interest … as this segment needs a content warning re: child abuse discussion I’ll be continuing this second half of this post as a password protected post linked in the final paragraph. That will appear as soon as I rewrite the whole darned lot having cut it out then lost it from my clipboard during a human operative input error for snatching a moon screenshot from NASA TV. Doh! I can’t find it in revisions, dunno if it’ll turn up. 3:50am and I need to sleep.

[If you wish to read the continuation of this post but do not know the password to type in my blog to state as an adult reader and confirm that “I am over 18” then please use my contact form to request access assistance. I assure there is no graphic detail in this password protected content, no images of children or people, no dirty gossip etc. Disclaimer: It can be difficult to ascertain information while the mainstream media are failing to report issues adequately so while only including what I believe to be honest and credible representation of the alleged facts, my commentary may include errors and omissions.

I missed one or two general things and a sky photo or whatever else I had almost readied to add above for brightening up my post and not got round to that yet so might change up a bit along the way. Anyway, to read further, please click the link (not yet available) and enter the required password.

Thanks for reading this far. I must do better next time! If you have a British Isles topic of interest or theme you’d like me to include in a future post please add your suggestion in the comments and I’ll do my best.



2 thoughts on “TFIB ~This Friday in Britain …

  1. oh dear ME! That’s a muddle of a post! I’ll have to start again and be late andor absent from British isles Friday again however much I wanted to join in. maybe I’ll leave it there for now then. Sorry!


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