Previously AWOL and Late again

All apologies as usual… hope everyone (virtual neighbours, ‘acquaintances’ and {friends} are all doing okay and coping well with challenges of contemporary living… safe, happy and healthy as can be hopefully.

I’ve been immersed in elsewheres’ a little with a little creative writing mooc I tried and succeeded a few weeks ago (thankfully) and now of course it’s poetry symposium and so i’m just about keeping up with that well enough and enjoying continuing the American (English) language & cultural learning I can obtain from that mooc community participation. I’m still astounded by the differences that exist in our cultures and langauge despite the similarities. it’s quite fascinating. Frightening to realise the misinterpretations of English meaning by way of limited meaning of apparently same ‘English’ words in American Language use.

I’m finally after all this time no longer paying for stuff I’m not actually receiving and -still being charged for it unfortunately – so officially in dispute with my ISP and hoping they resolve things decently although while they are legally very in the wrong they have the advantage and just appear able to wreck long-term customers credit-rating and cause further deprivations to anyone disadvantaged enough to not afford or able physically to sort it or get a solicitor to sort it. But what a waste of fookin’money they are. Quite often. Never mind, the dongle I bought two years ago works marvellous and a £25 top-up might last three months while I’m too ill to use much rather than always paying over the odds…


There’s not much of the month ahead left, being this late into it. No idea what to write next…

Hoping to read this  about screen-writing but no idea WHY I might want to read it, just it looks interesting in my twitter feed and I might get back to it.

Listening to more music is always a huge pleasure whenever able …


Family time? Not getting round to much of that so far, as usual.

Snapping skywatch, missed a lorra-lot of days – and a lot of days miserable grey skies if I got a glimpse… often awake overnight most of summer and sleeping half the day away from early morning onward… quite helterskelter my current lifestyle, but i’ll get back to…erm, what IS my normal lifestyle – the last several years have been one thing after another – guess we all have that going on actually

So this month’s post…

I think I’ll leave it there and MAYBE i’ll get back here sooner rather than later and drop by y’all soon when visiting the blogosphere for a mosey round rather than just dashing in and out while I ahve to be somewhere else really really soon … yes #ishouldbesleeping.

As always, nevermind. See you soon, hopefully. Best Wishes all and Thanks for reading 😉


3 thoughts on “Previously AWOL and Late again

  1. welcome back as you can, and congrats on your mooc stuff. someday hope to get back to having ye old Personal Internet, ah well, am keeping some poststies flying up onto the blogosphere more regular than some other times since i started Cheers! ( i guess that is ok English use lol)

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    1. your English use has always been excellent Sarah 🙂 cheers 😀 i’m on data pk for now too, isp dispute on hold till i pay up unfair demands … put up with it too long. never mind. just hit ur homepage for a gleg (look)


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