Returning to the Mundane Monday Photo Challenge?

On reflection, it’s a shame I wasn’t on the ball New Year’s Eve or I could have taken part with a photo made on – or nearer the day – unless you count this offering showing one of my New Year’s Eve indulgences during my ‘quiet night-in’ …

However that’s not as fitting a response for MMPC #191 prompt as this photo I’d taken a year ago, on the 4th January 2018:

I’m not sure quite what it is about this photo that makes it so appealing to me. I took a couple of other photos on that same day a year ago that had clearer reflections in different puddles – and one of the sky and rooftops opposite reflecting in the outside of my living room window. Maybe it’s something about the tone and textures and the absolutely mundane and abstract nature of the image that captivate my attention.

Fingers crossed I can keep up with a blogging commitment and return in good time for prompt #192 this coming Monday and onward! If I were making New Year’s Resolutions that goal would be quite high on my list.

(P.S. my uploads are screenshots from my photos to reduce the upload size while I’m getting by with limited mobile data allowance.)

Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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