Times Like these (MLA~Monthly Look Ahead)

It’s the month of May already! That means it’s Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Month, although the focus week is always usually 6th to 14th May [#MEAW2019], with #MEAwarenessDay on Friday 12th May 2019.

This year the UK’s MEAssociation is asking members and supporters to somehow #GoBlue4ME, although that’s a fund-raising prompt and I won’t be able to join in with fundraising efforts…

So I’ll be sticking with my purple MEA Tshirt (providing I get it laundered before then. Ahum.) It’s a shame most are going so red in the T-s with theirs, but that’s another story. Potentially. I could sign-up on the MEAssociation’s JustGiving page, however I don’t believe in asking what few friends and distant family and relatives I have to donate. If they wish to, or they might probably prefer to donate to another leading charitable cause.

Awareness raising doesn’t really cost all that much and there’s a lot of confusing, manipulative contrivances occurring in the field of information/misinformation. I pay my member subs as of rejoining last year, and a paying member much earlier in my long illness journey of my lifetime so far. So I done that and got the Tshirt. And some new books on M.E. that I so far only flicked through, as it’s much the same old hat info as ever, very solid foundations in clinical medical science and healthcare – and of course there’s the magazines. I always look forward to them and mostly enjoy them but there are things I find perplexing and annoying. E.g. funding-led services and potential negative influences of wealthy capitalists.

Unrest film – not sure I’ll have inclination or energy enough to try it again yet and there are some interesting looking more authentic short films to watch on youtube if my dongle stops gulloping my data allowance.

That’s a lot of me ME, me ME, me ME stuff again isn’t it! Not good for me ME as you could probably guess. Focussing on it amplifies the negative impacts.Obvious, yup.

Moving along… what am I planning for this month. No TV. Some music and physio-type movements Alexander technique style. I.e. the ‘a little of what you fancy might be good for you. Stretch wise, maybe juggling, jiggling, jigging to local shop or maybe even the park. Kick a ball and/or bounce it back. Gardening. Waiting for a wall and gates, maybe a fence, hoping not to be getting a burial plot with it. In case there’s been some of that – some odd digging up and re-walling further around. Whatever next? Balancing with necessary rest… #mentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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Spring-cleaning time is here again. Hmm. I need to catch up with blog maintenance some too. as usual.

Ramadan starts anytime now or during next few days. Although I don’t practise or believe in religion I have Faith of a sort and I like to try and join in at home on my own with the fasting schedule if and when able. it also seems to suit my natural biological pattern most days, if not all. I might read some more of the Quoran app I downloaded for my android as I didn’t get far enough with that either.

I’m sure I’ve written similarly to all this previously. I’m humming an ha-ing over making a Recycled Book Reading Post this month (link in previous post to my other blog). I’ve not found my PAYG phone yet and had another nasty intrusion to my home while I was out. Very definitely not imagined. Food tampering again, quite potentially dangerous. An old ‘family friend’ she might call herself… Lady Macbeth like. Snooty floozy… i’d better leave bitchin’ there. I’d made it out of the house to turn up and vote at our local elections and it was interesting and I’ll maybe get a tourettes-type penalty for my minor panic at how interesting being so stupidly challenged was. At least I got my vote in the ballot box.

I wonderedwonderedwondered though if the daft cow not far away who registered my name at another local address would also get to vote or if my vote would be discounted for her supposed priority status and there’s a weird non-local regional ‘mothers’ group obtained lottery funding by deceptive methods who are steering local hate campaigns against some residents and getting innocents imprisoned as if it really is time to experience for ourselves in the UK exactly how things got so bad in Syria by way of all the dodgy go-fer-do-fer-ing. Maybe that’s over the top. but so is some white people religion. very. (and i’m white english if it must be called ‘white’.) Goodness knows.

I hope none of my writing is deemed ‘hate speech’. Political coercion and corruption and curtailments of usual humanity sometimes appear to be happening. 1970s childhood memories of ‘it’s a hard life, but it might not get so bad’. It looks really harsh circumstances in many a land and it seems flimsy and selfish to keep harking on. We are expected to speak up (write) about abuse, especially online abuse when we see it happening though. Sadly most ‘hate speech’ arrives via mainstream media and political spin.

Time to go and grab a bowl of something, goodness! hope it’s not too cold where you are. I’ll share a photopost or skywatch or something another day soon and try making more blogging effort. Maybe if you’ve got time you’ll visit over to read at the challenge host’s blog coolbeans4.wordpress.com/https://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/2019/04/30/monthly-look-ahead-may-2019/

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Times Like these (MLA~Monthly Look Ahead)

  1. This blog post can be considered awareness raising for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis because I’ve never even heard of it before, but now I’ve Googled it and am reading a bit about it! Use the tools you have, like your blog, to raise awareness without a financial aspect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Over here it sometimes feels over-saturated – my attempts writing about it tend to be somewhat muddled I think and to be honest I get fed up thinking about it so much, but it seems necessary given the foreign market-expansion strategies from abroad that are causing significant potential harms to people here in the UK. I’ve had to set aside any attempts so far since writing my post but I’m sure anyone (here) who’s ever heard of it must get quite fed up of hearing more about it. Thanks for commenting.


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