Blogging101 2017 Refresh page is here (as parenting it did not work although certainly tried!?!) Maybe it’s using a theme contrary to developer’s purpose again! Struggling with convergence? Now I know this is not an oppressive environment but does the machine…?

‘The Wishing Well’ (previously Bedressed, then Bubblicious) has come a long way during August 2015’s Blogging101 course and I’ve enjoyed the journey. There’s still a long way to go, but now we’re travelling in a well-equipped jeep rather than a saddle-packed donkey. As with any vehicle, there’s re-fuelling needs, maintenance checks / tasks and undergoing some hopeful improvements and further learning progression.

Blogging is extremely challenging when you need to ‘get a life!’ but have limitations of disabling chronic illness. Bedressed was chosen as the site name because blogging was something I thought I could do for a bedresting hobby – and to be up and dressed every day like ‘normal’ people, with better health. To be dressed is my first goal in life at the moment – but mostly staying in comfy ‘jamas to save the environment… (exertion of laundry!)

I must add that I’m not entirely bed-bound now, but sometimes have to be and have been. This last month has been easier for having a range of technologies to use, being able to stand a bit more and browse on a mobile phone in bite-size chunks on my movement breaks and stamina-building standing sessions – or in bed, where I still have done most of my blogging.

Most of all, I’m a lot happier for feeling a sense of achievement and some connection with humanity again, no longer isolated and hopeless.  Continuing skills development and learning progression always makes me content.

So, this is ‘The Wishing Well’ and how this journey continues from here…?

Welcome and enjoy 🙂