2016 Maintenance Updates

[28/02/16] I’ve been getting ready for Leap Day. As My blogs won’t see another one, it’s quite a special day (29th Feb). Maybe it’s already Leap Day some places in the world so I’m trying to make good time for a change.

THEME CHANGE #2: from Dyad to Toujours (a wedding planner theme with a guestbook no less!) The only marriage I’m proposing however, is to match theme appropriate content and my blogging intentions and purpose to each appropriate place. Then finally decided which blog to upgrade for my birthday present in a few weeks. That’s a crucial decision… I’m not interested in ‘monetising’ my blog – ads slow things down no end and are so annoying even I might not hang around! 

I’m looking forward to reviewing Blogging201: Intermediate Customisation again this next couple of weeks – but I won’t be in the Commons…


[24/02/16] earlier this week I finally kicked procrastinating over a theme change. Sorbet left the building and we are now donning a delightful dressing-up of Dyad. Lots still to do but I have tweaked lots in the customiser. Back to focussing on content:

  1. Aiming to cull some content.
  2. I had considered going through posts to add featured images to get more from the theme with past posts. However, I now think it just leaves a rough marker for where one theme ended and the new theme began (I was shy of adding featured images for a couple of days but maybe have the hang of them better now – use of this option requires a steady pattern and consideration of the impacts of images together, perhaps.
  3. Definitely need to sort page menu, footer widgets, tidy tags – but all has to wait a little.

yay, it adds the featured image for pages too. I don’t know if it’s confusing to have both full width and halfwidth pages and posts… let me know what you think if you read this page… [it did in the Dyad theme, but apparently not in Toujours, [updated 28th Feb].


PS: that’s one of my photos from last year, not a current excuse for slow progress…

[This dyad theme post format seems ideal for short posts of up to 250 words – I don’t want to reduce the font size and not really wishing to make really long posts in this format – but not adding the featured image may make it look messy. Must handle with care…


10 thoughts on “2016 Maintenance Updates

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  2. · It’s difficult, not having the time to think or being able to write. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it’s good to write the way this post is written. Let your fingers go and allow them to type whatever comes to mind, whatever is happening right now. Not everything has to be thought out. Shouldn’t blogging be more relaxed, more freeing?I wouldn’t know what to do with all this produce. You have made some pretty amazing dishes. These biscuits look especially appealing!


    1. Lol. Not sure what pelecftry means but it conjures some varying potentials – thanks for reminding me this page exists and taking time to comment – always surprising anyone even reads anything. Have a nice day 🙂


    2. i meant to say though that whatever you thought i just did at 8am this morning couldn’t possibly have been me and i should have denied it in my first reply, just in case 😉 cheers


  3. i saw a full width Page, and then these 1/2 width post? checking to see if i understand what you are asking. I guess it is 1/2 if the are images involved. Hey will learn this as i explore your constructions here…….

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