B101-ongoing to-do list

Week 1 Mo24/8/15 to Su30/08/15

  1. Have signed up for Writing 101 (daily inspiration, four week course)
  2. Decide which blog I’m using for W101 coursework…?
  3. Sketch paper plan outline for week’s events/commitments
  4. remember to check in the Commons at least once daily for feedback requests…maybe post  a link?
  5. gather CC blog hop links so far for stu’s round-up
  6. remember to check in at Alumni group at least once mid-week and once at weekend (minimum)
  7. Update About page(s) – reintroduce yourself! (primary blog doesn’t have one!) *24/08/15, sorted at this blog – for now (One for Fun blog’s about pages are fine as they are, as are Fishing for Soup’s – though the blogging101 pages need setting to private now I don’t need the reminders there).
  8. Make my ‘primary’ blog public again! (password issue!) contact all access requests with apologies for delay(!)
  9. Blogging schedule / editorial calendar
  10. Download the DailyPost ‘BloggingU’ ebooks for reference
  11. Use colour’s for task status – orange (get ready), green (go), red? Use the strike-through for completed tasks… start next week’s list below this one for forward planning, move to top of page when this week’s done… (in blog planning structure means no losing files/papers/no dog eaten notebooks!
  12. Vary methods of blogging inputs/participation to avoid impacting illness & exacerbating symptoms…

Remember there are only seven days in a week! Anything below this line is forward-planning, doesn’t need a number… maybe a bonus to achieve but PRIORITISE! function … REST… enjoy 😀