The memory of things


I came across my loose page the other day. I’ve been in health decline ever since I moved to this house. It’s a shame. Especially as it seems to have been a deliberate public-service/state-led ploy with full knowledge of the impacts of my lifelong disabling medical condition. The Equality Act 2010 has offered no protection whatsoever. But then, when you (I) find a healthy looking lady on LinkedIn using my name and what might be my qualifications from my (historic) attendances at local community education and training courses … well! Government to blame? Acquaintance(s)? Is this why my clinical medical record is denied? Or because I’m one of the research subjects whose genetic information was included in a top secret document that is being withheld from the British public – previously until 2025, now because we’re still alive and kicking it’s not being released until 2064 or something! Cheeky fuckers never even had my permission as a 13 to 17year old and never had my parents permission either!!! (That other lady using my name didn’t exist when I first checked for potential ID theft, I don’t believe she’s using WordPress, but she is practising professionally in some kind of field – a criminal one! -previously there was just a potential fraudster posing as a genetic scientist in Cornwall but that could have been a coincidence or just a piss-take because I was in the process of writing an article on familial incidents of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I probably will find this won’t even post now because neither of main party of British government and possible US government / the World Health Organisation / the pharmaceutical industry would want an honest person trying to share any true factual information about their own patient expertise! it isn’t even actually what i would wish to blog about. But I do wonder why my stolen certificates have potentially been allowed to be used by someone else – and I do have other means of verifying that I attended those courses because I keep everything – notes, assessmentt forms and even have the photos the tutors etc gave me of our class during attendance! God! England is such a bogus shithole it’s unreal!!!


The memory of The Thing Is…

… y’know how crazy it is queuing at a ticket office office for how many hours knowing it’s not even gonna yield a good seat and hoping the view is not too obscured…

… or waiting to checkout for that ONE bargain item you really must JUST  acquire…

… or standing in line for an ice lolly when all there is left is ICE CREAM!

Through a glass darkly…

Life can be so darned frustrating! “Prioritise!” 



“Why not offer a transcript? You could just hand it over tomorrow, perhaps?”

This is my sketchbook page, reverse of a ‘transcript’, if you can see what IT means, you’re a better man than ME! (seems silly to put a ‘copyright’ mark on it when I intend giving preview lo-tech nonthings away as soon as my site is ready for development stage from CONTINGENCY unit 0.1.i

Something and nothing… and on the other side of the “QUOI?” “Teeline?

In tried and tested methodology, by LONGhand is quicker – but easier to decipher!

Fishing4soup! Yes! it is, like fishing for soup! We are expected to just believe that the hierachial societies and their unethical production and distribution strategies are somehow ethically and appropriately determined.

Everything must continue just so?

So, what?

Whatever next! The other side will only make sense in Sketch!

It’s all I was aiming to show for another first transcript. Instead, spending the equivalent of a whole working week (ie. those JUST 16hours !) for the sake of making a small purchase while there’s enough rainy day cash in the bank to manage fine.

The question is not but how will you manage? 

The question is, how does this PLATFORM inspire confidence and ability to proceed and continue a not yet obsolete creative development PLAN?

  • #blogging101/blogging201
  • there is no facility to learn and practise advanced CSS (for just ONE reason) without facilitating a ‘pro’ type package to develop my previously outlined development model and determine an ethical standard of product/service PROTOTYPE.
  • You mean you EXPECT me to waste paper and ink, make it on PAPER?
  • Then just get out and about and SPREAD it all around? PHYSICALLY? Are you serious!?
  • Ok! I have to untick TWO boxes and that is all. So tomorrow, when I try THAT…?
  • Next small step then…? Well, a year to learn “How to MAKE it WORK?” 
  • Sometimes, the only thing that seems to make sense, might appear to make no sense at all! (Can you just trusr I know what I know if you know what I means, … but the hierarchial answer to that conundrum is most usually that fat, flat, NON!
  • So, fail again and fail better then!… But ‘please do not fall…’ is ariving at platform #who knows where, why, whenever…

#drawings – and based on previous knowledge, understanding and experience (you do KNOW what ‘drawings’ means if you makes/takes them…) THEN… (I need that plan by tomorrow and then to proceed. Slowly but surely toward THAT goal. If the pre-pack were suitable for PROTOTYPEs then it would still be an inaccessible stationary package for a couple of very, very good reasons. Everyone else pushes for elsewhere, but I learnt my TRUST and much more HERE and HERE.

[I don’t need you to try and check it out for me. and when PROTOTYPE developments are underway I still need my personal palygrounds here, community are fellow passengers of ACQUAINTANCESHIP and rule number 1 is?

Respect for All, first and foremost. Secondly, never mix business with p’leisure!

Colette B. [live online, 17:52! Here!]

Back to reality and back soon sometime…!

The memory of things

Elevenses! I’m a bit late with…

Never mind. Toast soon!


I wonder if my young eldest bezzy friend remembers I told him I still have his bevvie glass here! I can still remember the day we picked it up from a promo, paid for of course with the price of a few happy meals! We didn’t go there often, but it was often enough for a few memorable occasions and we could always fib and say it was simply ‘an ethical choice’!

Oh look! There’s a book by my bed! I don’t actually read much enough! That one has some good or not good advice and sarcastic wit to reflect on if I get stuck for ideas and need some agony to work at.It reminds me of a column somewhere, was it Marje… or …?

Books get too heavy and my brain just won’t follow linear things. But i had enough head injuries along the way of life that it’s no wonder the darn engine slips into neutral so often! I shouldn’t even expound on that spider! He featured nicely elsewhere.

The very last of my Xmas spirit went into that glass, about a double measure with plenty cola (the other brand – from our village shop!) I forgot it wasn’t afternoon at about 4 or 5 this morning, and it was just before 7am in the real world where we still go by summertime when I woke half the street up la-la-ing in the scullery!

Then I tried to sort an issue online and messed myself up talking to a machine and expecting it to work a small miracle! Life! Never mind. ..

Curtains? actually it’s a scarf. It’s done very well at that window. (ok, so it’s not Habitat or JL enough for some.). But there. Probably not expensive enough at the time although quite. Supposedly ethically sourced from a stall holder couple who made them theirselves. That’s easier to say tho’ than admitting if they were sourced in the developing world on the cheap.

But I expect they were being honest looking at the other stuff they definitely seem to have been making for that event. A really nice gentleman gave my small boy a healing crystal – he wouldn’t accept money for it. Healers often won’t accept money, unless it’s their ‘trade’ time and charges then are usually fair. There are a lot of rip-off merchants in the world these days, usurping alternative and ethical belief systems, and probably always has been that way.

I bought that scarf at a summer motorcycle festival, so many years ago now, with a vintage custom bike show and some shit-hot bands playing! I still got the badge, Tshirt and programme too, somewhere! That was quite a long time ago now. That dye should have faded with the sunlight if the window was the opposite side of the house.

I’ve been meaning to raise a TOAST post for ages! But that’s all there is, and I glugged it hours ago. Somewhere, there’s a plate full of crumbs. Only a photo – but plenty of bread in the freezer so toast and pepper for late elevenses as soon as I concentrate while making my way to it… Meanwhile, my coffee’s going cold downstairs …

2017 and the Monthly Look Ahead!


click to visit Coolbeans MonthlyLookAhead post

I’m late again! “Better late than never!” tends to be my recurring mantra, for quite some time now… I could add to my usual excuse of ongoing ill health to those frustrating tech difficulties that I’ve wasted so much time on lately! I could have set up my new toy, but want to be awake and concentrating well when I do! I set this thing up in a fuzzy haze and it hasn’t helped – but then Windows10 is less clear than 98/XP were for administrative and security settings and seems to want to auto-control things. Probably just me not really sussing it better yet.

Getting back to more blogging interaction!

My blogs are in quite a shoddy mess, and need some #blogging101 refreshing! Underway, whenever…

I managed a little blog reading and interaction recently from my now aging mobile phone – but isn’t technology made so quickly obsolete these days! I’m very much regretting not Continue reading “2017 and the Monthly Look Ahead!”

The Memory of Things…

There are so many good threads of potential to kick-start ideas and begin writing from Pam’s latest post at Blogger’s World.

“Perhaps all the things we choose to keep are metaphors for us”

Pam writes a creative writing post for Blogger’s World at least once a month, sometimes more often and they’re well worth revisiting -as are the other contributor posts for this feature. Often I get lost in thought and reflection and never quite get around to following through! I can be such a daydreamer! So this time I made a small start on paper and with a note to self to resolve that here and now. [I know I’ve a lot of stuff I’m behind with getting back to, but very good at distracting with another something else!]

Continue reading “The Memory of Things…”

Only seven days later …

Hey Happy Twelfth Night! Just to prove the UK is nothing like a ‘christian country’ kids had to go back to school two days ago! So maybe we’ll get to celebrate the winter festival whenever it next snows!

(Main point of post: If you have anything to suggest to improve the BW forum, please visit the latest sticky post from another committed and respected member at )

I’m relegated to my phone for now as my laptop/wifi/human-operative-inputter is playing up again! Otherwise I might have shared a slightly icy/frosty new #snaphappy photo -especially as it’s usually #shutterbug showcasing at BW (blogging101alumni…)

I drafted an  authorstory post at my main blog but lost it to a pdf print back up thankfully before the ether ate it. Maybe a bit soon to publish it the way I wrote it but I assume the gentleman wouldn’t have minded. Relatives can be a pain in the troublesomes once they own creative rights though, but perhaps not in John Berger’s instance. Hopefully. Maybe I’ll just share that pdf with an improved draft, if my laptop and wifi will just be more agreeable. I’ll get far enough for a cable soon as … whenever.

Doh! Nevermind… maybe I can get things working better later and add a little snap to it! Maybe. P’raps when all the neighbours within a souped-up-router range get their fairy lights down or something so that my outdated box-that-won’t-handle-the-imposed-soupup-speed-and-still-ripping-me-off-some-more-VM! . Tho’ prob it’s just me messing up somehow and failing again. I usually tend to get the blame. Whatever!

So… I came here to post something… oh yeah, a reminder to self to post to this latest breaking BW post in case any occasional reader mught have something to share there in response or even otherwise. Go say Happy New Year or anything anyway you like and test your author member access if you’ve not dropped in over there for a while. Or shout up as a visiting reader – after all, not all #blogging101 ‘alumni’ wish to be author level members. Especually not with some previously dodgy and oppressive admin volunteer working hard to enact some kind of new vision for the forum while sabotaging the original purpose to enable that outcome. And in our welcoming global virtual community TWICE they were witnessed online engaging in a hate campaign/casre discrimination. They altered their comments so that other group members sided with the culprit and the targets were excluded. Myself and another blogging non-member acquaintance have screenshots enough to prove it. But the system has that info too. So it should’ve been better sorted ages ago.

Said volunteer was super quick to offer me the door to get the hell outa there too! Not a chance! Sign on said door says #blogging101 – and of course that doesn’t exclude the other workshopping members of things like #blogging201 or #writing101 and even poetry or the wordpress community generally.

Gripe over for today. Hopefully.

That’s just how it seems. And while it appears they’re clinging to their position and potentially able to interfere with participation via comnent and pingback linking (maybe, or maybe not) it’d be nice if others might drop by and test the forum capability. Our on-call admin is busy with other projects but hanging in by a thread to try and be available. Obviously reluctant to mess anything up after everyone’s hard work – so outdated info still makes us all look a bit like shoddy no-hoperz. But they did a great job in both the first team effort and in the second team effort of generating a content and event/challenge plan. So there’s a lot of development foundation that could be built on if some very basic issues could be resolved. Dunno even how many or who still or might have current admin or editor level access. Maybe someone in the know will reveal all soon enough. Assuming the original site owner remains as such too, as passing on a site with a quite large member number is potentially non-viable without member consensus(?)

One thought on admin I’d had was that if there were at least a team of eight volunteers, with a rota for one day a week each (and clear volunteer policy/roles & responsibilities) one a day could just check in and reply to posts or comments and the ‘spare’ could just maybe be ‘overseer’ during that week. And maybe our original tech-volunteer might be willing to return to manage forum structure or whatever. But maybe that’s too complicated. That or something similar enough is the only way I’d be able to offer volunteer time. And no way I’d wanna try anything to do with sidebars or widgets etc! No one volunteer should be left so overstretched as has occurred in the past, in an ideal world. But we can all be socially responsible enough to take a moderator role in discussions and excessive control and fear of interactions in an Askinet protected environment is a bit absurd.

I do have my own group project to pick up on sometime but that’s a completely different kettle of fish eg. for curatorial and collaborative creativity, with a local focus and wider reach – and very slow and deliberately so just now.

So, running on again!

Again. If you have anything to suggest to improve the BW forum, please visit the latest sticky post from another committed and respected member at – and you can always have your say here too. Comments should appear immediately unless Aksimet adds them to my spam queue.

Thanks for reading and have a happy day/night and happy whole new year too!


Whatever might i call …

[…an 18minute post!?!]

Three minutes past midnight! Friday and the sixth day of Quimbley already! Crikey! how time flies!

With all good intentions, and failing as usual, I thought I should ‘make a leap’ again somehow, one way or another, but I got caught up with a cold can of…

has beans, a plenty… and no, not been hitting the xmas spirit, nor anything or anyone, cos I’m not that cross-crissed. Usually. Just sometimes. (In a  non-violent but kinda occasionally and accidentally only hurting m’sen kinda way!) Then things might have gotten a bit aloud out loud and is thinking allowed around these parts nowadays? … everything changes… so how so, now… and then some…

So I hit another snappin’ moment over at another play space today, tryin’ to get back into  the swing, and hopefully not hangin’ around, cos that’d take me way back to ‘weekendsdaycross’ and Weekday’s Cross is another heap o’story-telling yokelism too! i have yet to explore there better – and better still St. Mary’s, though the vibe’s not guaranteed to be good there neither!

click pic to visit my other ‘One4Fun’ 

Of course I had more to enjoy than crackers and shortbread and that’s not my Quimbley dinner nor my idea of decorating a table! So, with gratitude I’m fluffin’ it up here yet again, just for now…