Task-It-Tuesday (To do this week!)

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Progress on last week’s to-do list:

Needless to say I didn’t do most things on my last week’s list, so going forward it remains as a kind of master list – and looks like taking forever to get all those ticked off.

I got some of this done though…


… but of course there’s always more…!

… and I ordered my mobile phone and a new garden trimmer, just waiting to have them in hand, so I’ll hopefully be busy later this week getting to grips with those.

I finished my A to Z posts, but still have some straggling odds and ends to sort out. I also took a rain check on revealing my painting project, postponed until the reflections post due next Monday, 7th May. Lots of blog reading potential still to be explored via the April A to Z blogging challenge too.

I posted for MLA (Monthly Look Ahead) and have RBRC post (for milae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge) in hand to post next (elsewhere). I posted daily skywatching pics (via blogspot) and joined in Skywatch Friday – and will hopefully do so again this week.

Other Priority Tasks this week:

  1. Paying bills and online grocery shopping to order
  2. Join in with Joy’s British Isles  Friday event (missed it again last week!)
  3. #May-be-A-B … more alphabetical blogging underway, flexibly
  4. Creative writing to join in with blogging neighbour Sarah C’s prompts
  5. Time with art: drawing, painting, doodling, looking at art history

How about just ONE thing to simplify my life? Apart from having a working phone at home… erm… actually USING my diary that’s mostly blank all year so far in conjunction with fixing up some kind of in my face reminder notice board for my bedroom wall. WHY can I never do ‘just ONE thing’ – that answer was technically two things! Never mind.






May 2018 MLA

MLA challenge hosted by VDonovan at Coolbeans4

This month I’m looking forward to things very much alike last month:

  1. Remembrance of my Dad (and continuing remembrance of my mum).
  2. Outdoor attempts: small tasks in the garden. Obtaining compost, not achieved yet from previous MLA [ideas]. Again!
  3. Pressing my neighbour’s landlord to fix the boundary fence before it completely falls over. I need to be able to use my garden! I completely neglected to tackle this.
  4. Skywatching more often than not even a daily snap and maybe from further afield at least more than once. Further afield so far was just across the road from my home – but I did take daily pics (other than a couple of days without a camera and making notes in the meantime until I sorted old tech).
  5. Shopping for my b-day treats – a book or two or a few. I have my wish-list ready, but no rush just now. Yes, I still need to do this too.
  6. Cooking and food! Salads with warmer weather! Attempts to gain increased natural enzyme production less artificially and increasing calorific intake. Eating lots of cake and crisps and snacks wasn’t quite what I meant but it does add calories. I ate better during April but May dietary improvements would be good.
  7. My 37th month of posting with WordPress. More alphabetical blogging no less (#May-be-A-B) and more reading A to Z bloggers.
  8. More time doing (and looking at) arty things.
  9. Listening to music some more, air my lungs more, bang about or rattle along and enjoy moving around here and there. Some Spring cleaning. Hopefully.
  10. Getting out to spend time with my kids and grandkids. I do hope so!

Az Zeroing in

Still Life with a Twist ~Z~

Today’s post was planned as ‘Zipping to a close with Zeal’ and the results of some painting. Zod’s Law (being a  more polite phrase than with an S), since my last post for ~Y~ my energy was zapped to zero and pain levels zoomed. I spent most of Sunday having many extra zzzs and was too unwell for painting or drawing today too.

So the twist for today with my still life is that I am presenting precisely ZILCH in the way of new art.

I suppose I could have left it at that with the previous sentence, but to at least be pictorial about it:

So hey, I brought new art to my post after all – and the ZEKE filter in MSPhotos gives it an extra little raZZamataZZ.

I suppose if I’d had the sense I was born with, I’d have decided along the way to simply print a photographic still life and put that in a frame and never mind the extra effort needed to make a painting. But that would somehow be missing the point.

Anyway, I haven’t entirely abandoned the idea of painting, and we’ll have to wait and see what arrives with my Reflections post on Monday 7th May. Apologies for any disappointment (although you must have seen it coming, if you’ve been reading along the way of my A to Z posts).

One final glimpse into historical artists who painted still life:

Father and son, Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664) and Juan de Zurbarán (1620-1649) were accomplished Spanish painters in Seville. Francisco de Zurbarán is best known for his paintings of Saints and religious figures, but also made a few paintings of still life, two examples shown below:

By Francisco de Zurbarán – http://www.museodelprado.es/en/the-collection/online-gallery/on-line-gallery/obra/still-life/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23999
Still Life with Oranges, Lemons and a Rose, 1633, by Francisco de Zurbaran, public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Juan de Zurbarán apprenticed in his father’s studio and he is believed to have worked collaboratively on some of his father’s paintings. He was however primarily a painter of still-life subjects. His life was cut short at 29 years of age when he and several of his brothers were killed having contracted plague during the 1949 epidemic in Seville. Two examples of his work are shown below:

Still life with Plate of Apples and Orange Blossom, 1640, by Juan de Zurbarán [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Still-life with Fruit and Pottery, oil on canvas painting by Juan Zurbarán, c. 1640-45, Cincinnati Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons (CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication)

If you’ve been taking part I hope you’ve enjoyed the A to Z Challenge. If you’ve been reading, thank you for your time and thanks to everyone who’s hit the like or left comments, your support has been much appreciated.

Zipping to a close then, until next time with Reflections (May 7th) and hopefully…

~one final reveal~

Az Yonder Yesteryears

Still Life with a Twist ~Y~

‘Y and Y not’ was my planned title until I reached here to write and decided my alternative title to accompany another painting of mine from the past.

In April 2010 I spent some time back at my childhood home with my Mum. As the weather was fine and warm we visited a local seaside town for a day out together with my youngest.  We talked a lot about my Dad, remembering days at the beach we or they had enjoyed before he died, fifteen years previously. During the afternoon I collected a few found objects from the beach, including some seashells that I later made a painting of during May 2010, and that made in a way as remembrance of my father. I can hardly believe 8 years have passed so soon since that day at the beach and the 23 years since my father died seems to have flown in the blink of an eye.

This image (shown below) has been previously published, with my permission, by a friend who added the border and copyright text to his screenshot of my photo. I’m yet to find my original but do still have my painting here somewhere, but it’s quicker to use this version. I’d been yearning to use this painting as a background to a new still-life arrangement, but that will have to wait…

Copyright: Colette Bates. 2010, (2015 via ‘from Corner2Corner’, I assert origination of this painting, Colette B., The Wishing Well, copyright 2018. Fair Use for personal and educational use only (as per UK Law).

I was tempted to start drawing and/or painting something around a Y shaped branch: I have one saved outside getting very soggy with rain, but found one to hand indoors. Then I remembered it doesn’t really fit well with my overall topical theme for this month. But it maybe solved another challenge entry, I’ll be posting that next.

I’ll just give a very quick mention to some artists I had a quick look at for today’s art history perusal. Assuming the name Jan to be pronounced as ‘Yan’ in these cases, Jan Jansz Treck (1606-1652), Jan Philip van Thielen (1618-1667) and Jan Jansz den Uyl the Elder (1595/96-1639) were all highly accomplished Flemish/Dutch still life painters, usually of flowers.

However I also found Adja YUNKERS (1900-1983) and although listed as an American abstract painter/printmaker, he was born in the Russian Empire and also travelled to live and work in Europe before settling in the U.S. in 1947. One of his works I was particularly taken with is an abstract image titled ‘Dead Bird’, 1947. Lisa YUSKAVAGE (born 1962) is a contemporary artist living and working in New York. Her painting ‘Night Flowers’, 1999, caught my attention, briefly. Both images (and oodles more) can be found at MoMA.org

Yes, I’m muddling along this weekend, and hopefully will be in good time with a final something new for ~Z~ on Monday. Yay!

How’s YOUR final weekend of April going? Are YOU nearing the A to Z finish line? Leave me your link in a comment if I haven’t made it yonder to your posts yet and I’ll be there as soon as possible.


TBR – Ten more Blogs from the A to Z Challenge

I fell a little behind with blog-hopping toward the end of this week while having wi-fi issues, but hopefully will catch up again soon enough. I’ve found my round-up list of 50 useful in keeping up with visiting better, without getting lost in the Reader or distracted by other things in my email notifications – although I am definitely missing some of my regular reading visits!

Anyway, I’m adding some new blogs I’ve had a quick visit to and fancy reading more at, as a To Be Read list, for next week, starting as soon as I’m up to date with other reading:

  1.  https://thedreamgirlwrites.wordpress.com/      [= ongoing fiction]
  2. https://faeriembassy.wordpress.com/       [quite long posts, miscellaneous]
  3. https://cheryllennox.blogspot.co.uk/    [quite quick reads, textile art images]
  4. http://lisa-musingsofamiddle-agedmom.blogspot.co.uk/     [=travels in Israel]
  5. http://www.kridwyn.com   [=tongue twisters]
  6. https://onomasticsoutsidethebox.wordpress.com/      [=medieval names]
  7. http://yenforblue.blogspot.co.uk/     [= miscellaneous]
  8. https://jenseriously.com/        [=Mother Goose nursery rhymes ]
  9. https://invisible-no-more.com/    [=health]
  10. https://nydamprintsblackandwhite.blogspot.co.uk/  [=author’s own characters]

There are so very many blogs in this challenge I’m sure it’s not humanly possible to read all of them – and I’m not an avid fiction reader, so in the main I’m avoiding those types of postings, although I will make the effort to see a few more from that category once I’ve had a good rest.