Matchmaker Q&A #7 of 14

I’m glad I tackled these challenge questions one per day… I can’t really imagine anyone being keen to read my answers, but never mind… [NB: all images are from]


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #6 of 14:

At what age did you become an adult?


I probably thought I was all grown up way before I really became an adult, around the age of bleaching my own hair … (I was blonde until I was 8, then mousey-brown, then anywhere between bottle blonde and bright orange or back to mousey-brown between 11 and 17 years old, occasionally reddish tones or mostly natural-mousey since…

I guess I didn’t really become an adult until my first child was born. The arrival of a new life and accompanying responsibilities changes everything. I was nineteen.

Even then, plenty might say I’ve never quite made my way on the grown-up ladder. Plenty might be quite right in telling me:



Any chance I’ve had I’ve still enjoyed playing like a child – I’ve even played on the swing park as a lone grown-up – only when there’s been neither adults nor children to see! (Honest I have, I even made video clips while soaring on swings, so one day I’ll prove it …)


Life as an adult is such a beach, you gotta just get on, play, kick off and kick back whenever you’re able…


Don’t forget your inner child … What’s the time Mr Wolf?


What do you think? Do we ever really become ‘an adult’ – whatever does it mean ?… are we really much different as ‘grown-ups’ to the ‘little person’ we always were?

Don’t worry, my house is built of bricks, the chimney is blocked, the doors and windows are locked and Little Red Riding Hood isn’t my grand-daughter so won’t be visiting… and I’m not quite daft enough to let in the wolf!

What about this question: If your life was a fairytale, which one would it be?


Matchmaker Q&A #6 of 14

Not forgetting so far to answer these these challenge questions one per day…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #6 of 14:

Have you ever done an extreme sport eg.bungee jumped?


OMG! No! The sensation of falling in dreams is more than enough heart-stopping excitement for me these days!

I abseiled once when I was ten on a school activity holiday, but from a scaffold tower, not a mountain…


I was actually very brave as no-one in my class dared go first. I was so afraid of heights, but plenty were far more scared than me – I decided to volunteer to go first and get it over than have the fear building up while waiting. As soon as I was having my turn, several of my friends decided if I could do it, they could. I took some extra turns too because I quite enjoyed it – I don’t think I would have if it had been from the side of a mountain.


The nearest I got to extreme sports, apart from a roller-skating phase, was as a spectator.I loved watching my brother doing his BMX – he quickly moved from racing into riding ramps and performing hair raising jumps and stunts – and he still does flatland BMX shows and workshops even in his mid-forties and can still ride ramps too! Amazing… , His son, my nephew, also rides BMX and skateboards,s o there’s still plenty of family spectatorship opportunities if I can make the visit.

I’d say that a roller coaster ride or other breath-taking amusement ride is an extreme sport! I avoid those too, mostly. I went on one on my 25th birthday at the American Adventure amusement park near Nottingham (closed down since, and was more than twenty years ago). I went on another extreme ride with my daughter at DisneylandParis in 2007 that I thought was a kiddie’s family type ride because of the Finding Nemo decor. We’d queued for about an hour and a half before I saw the sign right near the front of the queue that said something along the lines of “do not ride if you have a heart condition or other medical ailment…” – there was no way the only other adult, my aging mother-in-law, could ride with my daughter so i couldn’t turn back. I must have screamed all the way and my daughter thought it was hilarious but I was really so ill afterwards, not sicky ill, just very weak and shook up!

I’ve been on a couple of milder extreme enough rides at fairgrounds since, but nothing as wild… I should dig out my photos…

Final note: I may not do extreme sport, but I’m being an extreme sport in answering your questions dear friend, if ever you read this…

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Matchmaker Q&A #5 of 14

I’ve decided I am definitely NOT accepting a forfeit for tackling these challenge questions one per day… hopefully we won’t fall out about it!


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #5 of 14:

You can have your own TV channel – what would it be about?

I’d hope that’s an investment offer! Not that I have a burning desire to run a TV channel 🙂 It would have to be dedicated the area that I’d maybe watch television for, if only there was coverage. My specialist area of choice is, of course – contemporary arts.


I’d love a TV channel that broadcast arts programmes from contemporary venues all around the UK especially, but even as far as Europe and the rest of the world! It would cover visual arts, public exhibitions, contemporary performance-art type theatre productions (not dramatic arts), small independent venues and behind-the-scenes from studios, workshops, public locations… I’d watch telly all my waking hours with a non-bright screen and decent, interesting arts coverage.

I’d at least have TV on and use it like a radio, which is how I don’t entirely watch telly – doing something else at the same time and looking at it when something grabs my attention enough. My dad used to despair of me ‘not even watching the television if you’re drawing / writing at the same time – but I can’t do nothing and just watch, most of the time. I could usually still tell my Dad what had just been happening so be allowed to continue not exactly watching…


I don’t really bother with TV since 2009 when I had a big relapse and increased neurological symptoms and optic nerve pain. (I dip into on-demand telly occasionally via my very dark tablet screen). Nowadays I just burn my eyeballs out keeping myself awake through the day with this laptop screen, trying not to look too much at what I’m typing while I make blog posts as largely pointless as this one 😉

I’m actually quite enjoying answering daft questions, so can you think of (a better) one you’d like me to answer? (I’d have to queue it, until this series is complete…please let me know by any available method…)

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Matchmaker Q&A #3 of 14

I haven’t been issued a forfeit yet for tackling these challenge questions one per day… (I’m probably safe until the weekend when my friend she realises hasn’t received my answers by second class post!)


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #3 of 14:

Trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with? (any one person only)

Mmm… am I supposed to answer with a dishy celebrity in mind, like Eminem or Taylor Hawkins (it’s his birthday today!) … or how about Liam Bailey -he’s such a gorgeous voice and I love the raw, live sound of his singing more than the produced version… or Henry Rollins, I love his voice too and maybe I could get him talking so I could swoon the (how much?) time away…

The question insists just one person… but how long for? Five minutes? an hour? a day and a half? I mean Eminem for five minutes could be fun, yeah? But a day?! Taylor’d be fine, we could jam, check out the acoustic potentials while we’re waiting, maybe the same could be said for the other two ‘options’… I don’t much fancy hip-hopping the hours away though…

… and what elevator where? Likeliest place I’ll ever be trapped in an elevator is either in a high-rise city slum block of flats (so that’d maybe most likely be trapped with Liam then, since he’s a local chap), or while visiting at a hospital – where else would I be likely to get trapped in a lift? A supermarket or department store, perhaps, though I don’t go there often…

So, whoever I go trapped with, if it’s for a few hours or more, I’d just hope they have water, a pocketful of sweeties and maybe a spare sandwich – or if it’s at the supermarket then at least one of us has already shopped, though now I imagine having useless things like a jar of coffee and a few tins of food I can’t open…

I know I’d prefer not to be trapped with someone who panics and over-reacts; nor someone with abusive or violent tendencies; nor someone who refuses to speak and is stand-offish.. though I wouldn’t expect to be making ‘a new friend’ either!

Well, I thought ‘are you a jelly person?’ was a stupid question, but I preferred that kind of question to this. It’s a bit like asking ‘if trapped in an elevator, which floors would you prefer to be stuck between?’ while having no idea how many floors there might be…

… and I definitely wouldn’t want to be trapped anywhere at all with my forfeit flinging friend! (…kidding!) The other thing of course is is it an elevator with non-stop readymade elevator music? That would be absolutely unbearable whoever it was with 

I think I’ll just take the stairs wherever possible, so my final answer is ‘I don’t take the elevator!’

A Wednesday Word with Ruth

Ruth’s Wednesday Word this week is ’emancipated’… I’m glad I decided to just check as I mixed this up with the meaning for ’emaciated’! Now I know better…

Anticipate emancipation,

consolidate, with trepidation –

this rendition, not well-founded

could be freed in better rounded

phrases if I’d only thought

to loosen ties, first freedom sought.

I wonder if this word is going to niggle at me like ‘rascile’ has been – I still haven’t written for that earlier prompt, so still it plays on my mind. So, my response to ’emancipated’ seems to me a little weak, but it’s a five minute consideration in what should be a coffee break, so I’m away for that coffee, with biscuits to avoid emaciation, and hope to be free to catch up with you again another time…

Why not join in with a Wednesday Word with Ruth too? She’d love to see you there – and her poem is much better than mine, you really should read it!

Matchmaker Q&A #2 of 14

I decided to risk a forfeit and tackle these challenge questions one per day…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Question 2:

Are you a jelly person? Is an accompaniment essential, if so what?

First thoughts – I happened to have a picture spring to mind,  a bit like this one:


I guess as we’re English you do mean jelly (US:jello) and not jam (US:jelly)…

I try and avoid gelatine, being vegetarian, but it’s in so many food items – sweets, nutritional supplement capsules… I know there are vegetable based alternatives but they tend to be more expensive…

Jelly, itself… my Dad’s pet-name for me when I was little was ‘colly-wobbles’ and my little brother would sing the ‘jelly-on-a-plate’ song, changing the words – I almost wish I could remember it!

Back to jelly… I only eat jelly maybe once or twice a year at most. some years, not at all.

If I do have jelly it’d only be a tiny portion and definitely with some accompaniment – trifle sponge soaked in the jelly is my favourite, and with almost anything goes – icecream, fruit of almost any kind.. not ever so keen on cream but it might take my fancy – and if the jelly was in trifle I’d have a difficult time resisting a small bowl 🙂

Now, if jelly were jam, I definitely love jam – on crackers, on or in bread – especially a good wholemeal or wholegrain variety – toast – and if there’s jam I don’t need margarine … jam on/in warm yorkshire puddings… jam in rice pudding… any kind of jam is yummy… and yes, I quite like peanut butter and jam together too!

How about you – are you a jelly person?

… and are you joining in with something for a Leap Day / Leapster Challenge?

Matchmaker Q&A #1 of 14

I decided to risk a forfeit and tackle these challenge questions one per day… I’ve also retitled it…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

So here’s for day one, question 1:

Do you eat the icing on the cake first?

That is really going to depend on the cake and on the icing – which part do I most want to savour…


Generally the icing mostly would be saved for last, but it can get messy trying to take that first bite of mostly cake and less icing, to save mostly icing for last – and sometimes you need just enough icing with the biting of cake while doing that.

In company I might just eat the cake normally, wishing I were alone to eat my cake as I please…


In polite company, I’d definitely prefer to eat my cake with a fork, even if a napkin is provided – chances are I’d want the napkin for a posh souvenir (if disposable and not needed back for washing!) and definitely wouldn’t want to wipe my sticky fingers on my clothes. With a fork and an icing rich slice of cake I could easily eat the cake part first and the icing last without it seeming too odd 🙂


It’s a real shame you can’t have your cake AND eat it – we’d only ever have to bake once or twice! These aren’t my cakes, they’re from pixabay, which is a shame, as I’d love a piece of cake now!