Only seven days later …

Hey Happy Twelfth Night! Just to prove the UK is nothing like a ‘christian country’ kids had to go back to school two days ago! So maybe we’ll get to celebrate the winter festival whenever it next snows!

(Main point of post: If you have anything to suggest to improve the BW forum, please visit the latest sticky post from another committed and respected member at )

I’m relegated to my phone for now as my laptop/wifi/human-operative-inputter is playing up again! Otherwise I might have shared a slightly icy/frosty new #snaphappy photo -especially as it’s usually #shutterbug showcasing at BW (blogging101alumni…)

I drafted an  authorstory post at my main blog but lost it to a pdf print back up thankfully before the ether ate it. Maybe a bit soon to publish it the way I wrote it but I assume the gentleman wouldn’t have minded. Relatives can be a pain in the troublesomes once they own creative rights though, but perhaps not in John Berger’s instance. Hopefully. Maybe I’ll just share that pdf with an improved draft, if my laptop and wifi will just be more agreeable. I’ll get far enough for a cable soon as … whenever.

Doh! Nevermind… maybe I can get things working better later and add a little snap to it! Maybe. P’raps when all the neighbours within a souped-up-router range get their fairy lights down or something so that my outdated box-that-won’t-handle-the-imposed-soupup-speed-and-still-ripping-me-off-some-more-VM! . Tho’ prob it’s just me messing up somehow and failing again. I usually tend to get the blame. Whatever!

So… I came here to post something… oh yeah, a reminder to self to post to this latest breaking BW post in case any occasional reader mught have something to share there in response or even otherwise. Go say Happy New Year or anything anyway you like and test your author member access if you’ve not dropped in over there for a while. Or shout up as a visiting reader – after all, not all #blogging101 ‘alumni’ wish to be author level members. Especually not with some previously dodgy and oppressive admin volunteer working hard to enact some kind of new vision for the forum while sabotaging the original purpose to enable that outcome. And in our welcoming global virtual community TWICE they were witnessed online engaging in a hate campaign/casre discrimination. They altered their comments so that other group members sided with the culprit and the targets were excluded. Myself and another blogging non-member acquaintance have screenshots enough to prove it. But the system has that info too. So it should’ve been better sorted ages ago.

Said volunteer was super quick to offer me the door to get the hell outa there too! Not a chance! Sign on said door says #blogging101 – and of course that doesn’t exclude the other workshopping members of things like #blogging201 or #writing101 and even poetry or the wordpress community generally.

Gripe over for today. Hopefully.

That’s just how it seems. And while it appears they’re clinging to their position and potentially able to interfere with participation via comnent and pingback linking (maybe, or maybe not) it’d be nice if others might drop by and test the forum capability. Our on-call admin is busy with other projects but hanging in by a thread to try and be available. Obviously reluctant to mess anything up after everyone’s hard work – so outdated info still makes us all look a bit like shoddy no-hoperz. But they did a great job in both the first team effort and in the second team effort of generating a content and event/challenge plan. So there’s a lot of development foundation that could be built on if some very basic issues could be resolved. Dunno even how many or who still or might have current admin or editor level access. Maybe someone in the know will reveal all soon enough. Assuming the original site owner remains as such too, as passing on a site with a quite large member number is potentially non-viable without member consensus(?)

One thought on admin I’d had was that if there were at least a team of eight volunteers, with a rota for one day a week each (and clear volunteer policy/roles & responsibilities) one a day could just check in and reply to posts or comments and the ‘spare’ could just maybe be ‘overseer’ during that week. And maybe our original tech-volunteer might be willing to return to manage forum structure or whatever. But maybe that’s too complicated. That or something similar enough is the only way I’d be able to offer volunteer time. And no way I’d wanna try anything to do with sidebars or widgets etc! No one volunteer should be left so overstretched as has occurred in the past, in an ideal world. But we can all be socially responsible enough to take a moderator role in discussions and excessive control and fear of interactions in an Askinet protected environment is a bit absurd.

I do have my own group project to pick up on sometime but that’s a completely different kettle of fish eg. for curatorial and collaborative creativity, with a local focus and wider reach – and very slow and deliberately so just now.

So, running on again!

Again. If you have anything to suggest to improve the BW forum, please visit the latest sticky post from another committed and respected member at – and you can always have your say here too. Comments should appear immediately unless Aksimet adds them to my spam queue.

Thanks for reading and have a happy day/night and happy whole new year too!



Oh Dear! s’empathy[not-tea-n-cooka]pen-the Open Letter – Time!

Dear Someone,

I am a bit sorry for the writer’s tiff we had going off the other day. But I know MY writes – and they are my OWN. And I remember my original provider’s service user agreement RIGHT from the beginning, if not all the way through, but a basic enough gist of it, I hope. DO please correct me if I’m wrong. I know you don’t want to admit some things bound in fact, but some things can be verified. Complaints should be taken seriously immediately but don’t necessarily need the panic response in heightened alert approach. And sometimes they do. 

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Reblog 8 of 14, so much to see at Shilpa’s

Today I’m sharing a sneak preview of Shilpa’s delightfully uplifting ‘IAmABloggerToo’ blog.


Click to visit Shilpa’s ‘Life Without Gravity?’ post or explore from her homepage link at the top of my post. Navigation is wonderfully smooth and easy to use, the blog is very neat and well organised. A s you can see from the menu buttons there are a wide range of topics to explore. It’s all very well made, fun  – I don’t have to tell you it’s colourful!

Although I’ve vaguely bumped into ‘IAmABloggerToo’ in blogging101alumni (Blogger’s World’) I was surprised to find I’d somehow missed visiting this blog until Jacquie’s Valentine blogparty.

I hope I’ve not caused offence for sharing a small screenshot – it showcases this blog so well all on its own that I couldn’t resist. It really is a fantastic visit. There are no sharing buttons of any kind, so I’m not taking the liberty of showcasing any of Shilpa’s content.She does so very well herself, it’s a very short step away – I do hope you return here sometime though 😉

I had been considering a small quote of Shilpa’s writing as she has a wonderful way with words and a clear love of nature, whether land or sea, forest or… all  BUT…

I got lost in the serene ambience for longer than I intended and still couldn’t decide which small extract to use if any (having not actually copied any extracts but enjoying more browsing!)

So, if you haven’t acquainted with Shilpa at IAmABloggerToo, I highly recommend you pop over to her place and I’m sure you’ll you find something you enjoy – but please leave her a comment to say so, as there are no lazy ‘like’ buttons either.

By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, Jacquie is offering to linkshare, if you have a post you’d like to her to consider sharing take a  read here for details


A Wednesday Word with Ruth

Ruth’s Wednesday Word this week is ’emancipated’… I’m glad I decided to just check as I mixed this up with the meaning for ’emaciated’! Now I know better…

Anticipate emancipation,

consolidate, with trepidation –

this rendition, not well-founded

could be freed in better rounded

phrases if I’d only thought

to loosen ties, first freedom sought.

I wonder if this word is going to niggle at me like ‘rascile’ has been – I still haven’t written for that earlier prompt, so still it plays on my mind. So, my response to ’emancipated’ seems to me a little weak, but it’s a five minute consideration in what should be a coffee break, so I’m away for that coffee, with biscuits to avoid emaciation, and hope to be free to catch up with you again another time…

Why not join in with a Wednesday Word with Ruth too? She’d love to see you there – and her poem is much better than mine, you really should read it!

Music Be the Food of Love…


February is a strange month. My Dad died in February, twenty-one years ago, so it’s a month I find myself missing him often and remembering him lots. Bereavement and loss are a universal experience, and Valentines Day will be a very difficult time for some.

Valentine’s is a strange time too. I’m not religious as such, but we have this notion of giving things up for Lent and waiting all the way until Easter before we relent, give in to temptation and revert to our wicked gluttoness ways. Yet only a few days after Ash Wednesday, there’s the idea that you should be treated with fine chocolate and sweet goodies for Valentine’s – and that if you’re single, you should ‘treat yourself’. The commercial pressure for Valentines is similar to that for Christmas, only less, because there’s only one recipient. You shouldn’t have to spend money to show someone you love them… although of course, if you’re celebrating together, it usually requires spending of money…

I’m still trying to work out what ‘Candlemas’ is about – another puzzling February non-phenomena.


For a change, enjoyment of music was how I treated myself a little this extended Valentine’s weekend, starting with Nine Inch Nails, ‘With Teeth’ on Friday evening.  Saturday afternoon / early evening, I enjoyed considering my Valentine’s playlist, although I sang some parts of my fave songs to myself while making my list, and I only actually listened to some Liam Bailey – but he’s a fine Valentine’s Eve virtual companion. My very late Saturday night was made extra-special by catching indie-band LunarTides live-streaming on TwitchTV, I often miss it due to the time-zone difference. Apparently it was their last one for a while, to concentrate on making a CD – I cannot wait to get my ears round one!


Sunday, I slept most of the day, having been awake most of the night and early into the morning. Once I woke and got my blogging-boots back on again, I spent quite a lot of time enjoying the vibes over at Calen’s blog, it’s such a serene atmosphere, mindful, calming, uplifting… It only occurred to me today that I could play her tunes in one tab while reading her posts in another (doh!) I was so pleased to find her post for Lee Marvin, ‘Wandering Star’ – playing that took me right back to our living room, watching that film with my dad when I was a kid – every time it was shown, we’d watch it. I also lapped up some Joni Mitchell, the Drifters, a few others, and picked up some interesting background info I didn’t know along the way.

I’m really enjoying reading Calen’s Lent challenge responses every day and returning more frequently than a couple of times around the weekly Sandbox challenge, I notice more of the wonderful things I’ve been missing there. As I said earlier, I’m not really religious-minded, but Calen’s Lent posts are worldly and relevant and I give joyful thanks for the period of Lent having some meaning for me this year – and the blessings of internet acquaintance – virtually meeting real people in a very real online world. (I have given up buying chocolate and sweets for Lent too, I’ve never really bothered giving anything up for Lent before).

I recommend to watch and listen to this, it is absolutely amazing and was a lovely Valentine’s Sunday listen. My absolute favourite of the day though was finding some Leonard Cohen, closely followed by eleven minutes of I Heard It On the Grapevine..

Tomorrow, I must remember to revisit and start the day with this to get my spirit racing… and have another listen to this over at Fim’s and check out more of the medicinal while there…




It’s way past midnight while I’m updating this post, but published privately, I cheated on my date…

Mmm, that might give the wrong impression. Never mind…going public, with pre-saved date stamp…[updated post].


Would you…? Q&A

Having made, in fun, my Valentine’s ‘Fair Warning’ picture-post, I was dared to campaign with it on Social Media to find myself a virtual valentine. I have to admit, I thought – in just that instant – that it could be fun. I’d say that common sense got the better of me, but I actually simply got distracted with other things. Phew! (Thank goodness for internet friends musically inclined to offer live-streaming gigs for a handy diversion!)

My dear friend got herself really carried away with the idea of virtual speed dating and virtual valentines match-making and how if only we’d had our conversation earlier we could have got something off the ground(!)


Then, having answered an #InternetFriendsDay question: Would you choose a road-trip in a bus with 8 friends, or a private jet flight away with just 2 friends? my friend decides to issue me 14 Valentine’s questions to answer in a blog post. (Apparently she’s collecting a whole bunch of questions, so didn’t come up with them as such, but ‘adapted and curated them’ and I’m not sure where from exactly…) She doesn’t even read my blog usually, but wants a print-out snail-mailing to her tomorrow (I have no idea why! Match-making, confidentially? Oh dear…)

I’ve left it until very last thing in the day to publish, so that my post’s not added to any #virtual campaign… just in case. In fact, I’ve just now decided to just write this post and then post the answers to them later in the day. As it’s almost midnight, that means, tomorrow…as long as it’s before the mail is collected. If I don’t do her ‘fun challenge’, she WILL issue a forfeit… do you have any fun friends like that?

Here’s the list of questions in case you’d like to join in and use or adapt them for a post-Valentine 14 days/14 ways …post*. Or maybe you can think of some other questions for a fun Q&A post challenge…

  1. Do you eat the icing on the cake first?
  2. Are you a jelly person? Is an accompaniment essential, if so what?
  3. Trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with? (any one person only)
  4. Favourite types of protein that you eat?
  5. You can have your own TV channel – what would it be about?
  6. Have you ever done an extreme sport eg.bungee jumped?
  7. At what age did you become an adult?
  8. What are the top three items on your bucket list?
  9. You always have to have one of these – an itch in the middle of your back or an eyelash in your eye – which do you choose?
  10. What colour would you like your bedroom to be?
  11. When you’re twenty years older than you are now, what will matter most to you?
  12. What do you have set as your desktop background (PC/tablet)?
  13. If you could spend the weekend alone in a public building or institution, which place would you choose?
  14. What are your favourite pizza toppings?

Blimey! I’m not tagging anyone to join in, but if you’re inspired to do so, a pingback would be appreciated if you’d like me to zoom over and read your post 🙂 I promise not to print and mail your answers to confidential match-making 😉

*a 14 day / 14ways to ‘share the love’ thing has been suggested, as everyone at Jacquie’s blogparty contributed so much that there’s leftovers enough for a good while 😀 I think we kind of take it as we like it and make it up as we go along, kind of thing…



I’m late! (Virtual coffee update)

I said I’d be about an hour, and it’s been almost three …

so if we were having a coffee right now, I’d of course start with a sincere apology…


… and I see you left me a biccie, but I’d insist you have mine as you clearly enjoyed one of the two, so please do help yourself 🙂

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d tell you I really do need the caffeine. It’s almost 3am UK time, although I’m not quite sure at this moment where in the world we might be. I’m definitely jet-lagged and I’m sure you can see it. This is what I get for making a bucket-list of world destinations not to be missed… it’s Wandering Soul‘s fault, she’s a bad influence (but a very good writer!) I’ll tell you more about that travel plan a bit later on…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d beg you to PLEASE go and have a listen to my first ever public blogcasts, reading Helen Keller extracts, for my post for the #authorstory feature at Blogger’s World. I would so love to hear what you think – I can rely on your honest opinion too, not just being nice about it…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be over the moon telling you how I did manage to get to visit my grandson on his eighth birthday, just as I’d hoped when I wrote my Monthly Look Ahead post. There might have been the likelihood of my being left on the doorstep by his mother while only handing over card and present and leaving immediately. It was a short visit, but very, very sweet and both my grand-children are growing up so fast I could hardly believe how big they are now! We agreed I can visit again for longer next time too.

If we were having coffee right now, we’d be bound to be talking about our blogs – once you’d shown me all the bargain shopping you did while waiting three hours for me to turn up! I agree, of course, to pick up the bill for the coffee, as you quite rightly point out I just cost you all that money! Would you like a nice slice of cake? – maybe I can make it up to you… (but I am wondering why on earth you didn’t go to the art gallery instead, it’s free admission, surely… ) No, I’ve still not been to the art gallery in what feels like forever…

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d tell you that you might like my latest poem-art and offer to show it. I’m a bit sticky-fingered, still eating my cake, but as you wolfed yours and wiped your fingers you can take that page from my bag and have a peek. You really should check out Ruth’s blog and maybe join in with her Wednesday Word prompt. You might even like to buy part one of her Kindle book, recently published and for sale on amazon and you might like Sharon’s books too. (non-affiliate links)


If we were having a coffee right now, of course you can have more cake! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re not busy at the weekend, I can share a Valentine’s Shindig virtual-party invite, Jaqueline’s a wonderful hostess and a slice of cake and other goodies are promised. If we meet Mr. Right while there, I do hope we won’t be fighting over him! You’d probably really enjoy Jacqueline’s poetry vlogs, they’re very good – and her posts so often make me laugh or smile – I really enjoyed the African proverb and the picture quote in one of her latest posts.

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d have to worn you that I really must toddle off soon, we’ve been more than an hour all ready – but I really must share the message from the Sandbox challenge and I know you love to play so you might like to join in. You might even help me decipher the message with some suggestions! Cool 🙂 Before I forget, you’d enjoy Impromptu Promptlings too, it’s not far to pop over and you’ll receive a warm and generous welcome.

If we were having coffee right now, we’d probably have to save some things we wanted to chat about until next time. Before we finish up and get ready to leave, you wanted to know about my world travel plans? Well, it all started at Blogger’s World with an inspiring guest-feature – until then I had no plans to travel and no bucket-list. Do you know, I’d never really given any thought to the question of considering if any particular event in history had really changed the world either. (I decided it was first the Viking invasions, setting the precedent for massacre, conquest, rape and pillage – and then the Vatican continuing the tradition with the Crusades… but I kept it quiet in case there were religious nuts in the room). Back to travel plan bucket list – I’m not sure about the order…

  • Liverpool, Newcastle and a week or four in Glasgow (if it’s cheap, I might like to move there one day)
  • Belfast (or I might like to live there instead).
  • Amsterdam
  • Seattle then Alaska
  • Mexico
  • Iowa and Pennsylvania
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam again
  • Palestine
  • Amsterdam and more coffee!

Of course, I don’t even have my passport because my ex stole it, the police said it was a civil issue -as apparently was his physical assault of me while under a court undertaking not to do any such things –  And the police refuse to log or tackle crimes!!! what if he’d passed it on to terrorists! and yes, I’m still a bit pissed off about it even four years since! I’d have to pay as much for a replacement passport nearly and have it last no time at all as I could pay for a new ten year one, but can’t get a new ten year passport until the old one expires. Please don’t ask how I got in the country!

No, I definitely don’t fancy New York. You might, but I can’t imagine there being anything there to see. I’ve seen some online and that’s about as much as I think I could bear. A romantic weekend in Paris? What’s wrong with home and where’s Mr Right? I can’t go to India as they say you need vaccinations and I can’t have vaccinations. All my childhood I dreamed of going to Africa and India and I grow up to find I mustn’t have vaccinations! I can see the attraction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but I wouldn’t go as a tourist and neither Japan nor China appeal.

Maybe I’d like Korea? I would definitely like a career! How else will I support myself and Mr Right when I find him?

Ok, time’s up – it was really great to see you and I hope we meet again! I’ll try to be on time, I promise! If I talked too much and you didn’t get a word in edgeways enough, well, you can always drop a line in the comments and I’ll pick it up later 🙂 I hope you can carry all your shopping…