Day 4, 4th January

Do I have a favourite quote?

Well, one day I might have. I started seeking quotes for a daily guest-post at Snailzpace Daily a long few weeks ago and could probably pull out a few quotes that I really like  from those I selected for the posts. But that’s not the same as ‘having’ a favourite quote.

Right now, if I had to offer something up that was so favourite I could recite it, it would have to be the first two lines of an Emily Dickinson poem, “I dwell in Possibility, a fairer House than Prose.” It’s one of the few lines I just happen to remember from anything. I personally dwell more in IMpossibilty than in possibility, but I love that poem and those lines no less and in spite of the wording it speaks more to me of impossibility than it seems to suggest at the surface.

So, until I go hunting for a potentially new favourite quote, that has to be mine, for now.



Day 1, January 1st

At the stroke of midnight, where were you?

I was at home, getting around and about to getting comfy in bed with some on demand online telly-on-a-tablet… under the circumstances I wouldn’t have wished to have been anywhere else. I was maybe even prepping or posting or reading a blog… for a change…

MIDNIGHT quotes:

“The dead of midnight is the noon of thoughts.” Anna Letitia Barbauld

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.” Edgar Allen Poe

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” Bill Vaughan


Prompt from Daily Post 365 Days of Writing (free downloadable ebook).

Quotes sourced at Brainyquote.com

Unexpected – a collaborative poem (Writing 101)

A collaborative poem written by writing101 participants between 23rd September and 2nd October 2015. Special Thanks to Sonya, Sarah, Megan and Stu for contributing verses.


He tried to hit me with a forklift
– A blessing in disguise: 
When I opened up his presents
I could not believe my eyes.

He tried to hit me with a forklift!
so I raised on high my spoon –
he was blinded by reflection,
though only temporarily doomed.

He was drunk, under the influence
and couldn’t drive in a straight line.
Although his fine was heavy
he should have really got some time!

He tried to hit me with a forklift.
He thought he was the hulk.
He got a hernia trying to lift it –
Now he can only sulk.

He tried to hit me with a forklift
But I crouched down just in time.
His fist will not hurt me –
He cannot call me “mine”.

I’ve no idea who pulled my strings
or pushed my lever so –
I didn’t mean to scare you
– now that forklift’s got to go!

He tried to hit me with a forklift
so I screamed and ran away,
but he posted me a love letter
convincing me to stay.

Now there is no more a fork-lift
and I fret for fear no more –
Cos I took a class in martial arts
– kicked his aggression out the door!


This poem has been constructed as an online project with responses left in the comments section for my post at One4Fun so you can check it out there if you like to see how it originated.

Group credits and editing notes:

Sonya of Only 100 Words very kindly left the first response which was rich with theme and imagery. Editing was necessary to produce a consistent form, one or two slight changes were made with a very few of my own words added to make two verses from Sonya’s one verse. Sonya deservingly receives full credit for verses 1 and 3, also for the title.

Sarah of This and That With Me contributed a verse, now at verse 4, that raised the monstrous theme of rage via the ‘hulk’. This was delivered with her usual wonderful sense of humour providing a fantastic emotional juxtaposition. Slight addition of punctuation applied.

Megan of The MomHood responded with a resolute verse (now at verse 5) incorporating the themes from responses so far and presenting a strong female character for our poem – this seemed to particularly influence the next participant, the only male to join in. I applied punctuation to Megan’s verse also.

stu of Pitter Patter Poetry left an apologetic verse bravely taking on the role of male assailant we were creating here! (verse 6). I altered punctuation slightly.

Verse 2 is the example I left in the first comment section – I preferred Sonya’s first lines as the opening verse and the remainder to follow it. I wrote verses 7 and 8 today to complete the poem, inspired by other contributor’s responses.

The original post where this collaborative engagement took place is at One4Fun, my other blog.

Writing365 #30 – g-lobe-trotter?

Today’s writing365 prompt offers the opportunity to write something about where you would go to live with a family anywhere in the world if you could. Pausing time is mentioned, perhaps so that you won’t be missed at home by your own immediate family. Most people have responsibilities of one kind or another so I guess time would need to stop… hear, hear! 🙂

i’m always torn in two by wishing to live nearer my mum and brothers and wanting to stay nearer my kids and grandkids. Never mind time stopping, I’d rather stay at home. I’m in no fit state to stay with a family. Very unimaginative of me. I like where I am. Another prompt to the future writing pot… although I was going to … another day… I’m already feeling in two places at once…

Writing 101 had yesterday’s task as searching archives for something to make a post of and as we near the end, now Day 19 (as of first of October and already past midnight while I write) that suggestion could take place every day of the year for every year to come! Today’s assignment revolves around mapping or use of maps and I’ve so far chosen to interpret that differently. i’m just not cover this terrain in a hurry but will be taking the scenic route and at the same time being in at least two places at once will be playing with this mapping idea a bit more.

I’ve combined these two days prompts once with a post and then a page over there with some old CD archived photo and digital art files from 2001 and 2005; I’ve added some elements today including a new poem of a sort. They’re not quite as per my usual shitty first drafts, worse still… although you might have seen something vaguely similar before, but then … I’ve deprived myself of sleep for a bit too long, it’s late, I’m having an early night three or fours ago…Wordpress hit pause, right?

Writing 365 #29 Junking stuff (prompt)

junking stuffed

my treasured jest is overflown

with all things best to leave

until another time

some things

best left unsaid

believed and still unknown

(e-book DPprompt)

Today’s writing 365 prompt matches quite well with the writing 101 assignment suggesting to dig something out from your archives or to use the alternative prompt of writing about having to leave something behind. I’m getting left behind myself while I’m distracted with other things right now. There’s a shed load of potential for using the writing 101 task outline in so many different ways. I could probably right about the junk in my life forever too! Rather than rush something else I’m leaving it here for today.

Writing365 #28 Writing myself happily ever after three years in time…

WordPress is an amazing virtual place, the centre of blogosphere #1… I have successfully written myself to a healthier, more efficient, sustainable independent future by going nowhere very fast! NB: this is finxional writing (i.e.fiction, not yet reality… just in case the DWP are reading and would like another excuse to make me freeze and starve for the fourth successive winter! Yeah, of course I’m overplaying the fear of being a private tenant – as if my good landlord would leave his good tenant homeless during winter while arrears can be accrued and put on the tab…) This is my response to the e-book DPprompt for 28th September… written from the point of view of in three years from now…

It all began during that first week of  October 2015, deciding that enough was enough and investing my shortfall rent money from my meagre ‘welfare’ deprivation allowance to instead purchasing medicinal nutritional supplements to support my health needs. All I had to do was be ready to give my heavy filing cabinet, sofa, fridge anything else a good shove across the floor to barricade myself in for six well-prepared months to prevent eviction, just in case.)

Within six months I had now been able to achieve the improved baseline of a more normal daily routine, getting up, making myself at least presentable and eating three healthy meals a day. Housework could now take place and everything was falling into place nicely. Planning had been enabled. I had been able to sustain concentration and efforts for online learning efforts and my work-related activity plan was proceeding nicely. My quality of rest had improved and it was so satisfying to see and know that my baseline activity level and stamina were gradually increasing.

Ironically, better capability for adequately communicating the impacts of my medical conditions on my daily living resulted in successfully obtaining welfare entitlements I should have been receiving all along. Finally, I was being enabled to make the transition from living like death barely warmed up in a state of premature pre-geriatric daily demise toward some capability for work. Of course I joined a campaigning organisation and donated some of my bed-bound and house-bound time to supporting the cause to end this punative inhuman regime the government call ‘welfare’.

Three years later and here I am managing to draw and paint and make things for twenty hours some weeks, rather than twenty minutes some rare days if I was lucky. I have sustained a twelve hour working week for a year under permitted work rules and didn’t mind at all losing ‘benefit money’ replaced by wages. I had gradually been building up small ways of achieving self-employed earnings and had regular in-person and online supportive assistance to reach my goals from the best Employment Advisor I could never have imagined.

My doctor has retired and is now at last able to practise privately the healthcare he was trained to provide free from the constraints of NHS business policies. As a long-term patient he offers me reduced fees as compensation for previous levels of poor service he was compelled by contractual obligations to the State to impose on some of his patients. I not only receive supportive advice but objective feedback and helpful strategies for ongoing health improvements – and of course, letters appropriately supporting and representing my needs with full knowledge as my primary therapist.

I am planning to celebrate my first sale of one of my old student paintings from the early 1990s that achieved slightly in excess of my personal valuation of that artefact – enough to buy – and repair – my home! i’m glad i didn’t sell it for a tenner when I might have had the chance!

Crazy thing to do to buy this house, but I love my little falling to pieces shack, my rent was over-priced and my landlord would prefer shot of the place and to lose the possibility of litigation now I am financially enabled. Of course I have too much respect for such a credible family business to insult them with actual legal action although on the other hand I have been learning to toughen up and remember to reflect back ‘it’s nothing personal, just business…’

The book I started writing almost three years to the day is finally near readying for limited edition publication and mass marketing as a virtual product. There’s enough demand to let plenty go free with pay-what-you-like promotions and other forms of patronage and donation.

I am keeping my day job. I love supermarket work. I don’t mind the ‘in-house’ excercise now I’m well enough and enjoy company of other people. It’s not mundane to be filling shelves, tidying stock or providing customer service – being on the shop floor can be quite entertaining. Mixing with colleagues enrichens my life and I have plenty of free time and well-being enough to manage my limited capacity working week and not have too much worry about periods of unpaid sickness and incapability having received essential enabling support.

I decided against increased employed working hours to ensure sustainability of my job and the regular wage. I’m continuing ‘spare time’ self-employment and a regular short weekly volunteering role. I also joined the local writers group and artist’s society. I still have to do a lot of my work in resting conditions from my bed to be comfortable and sustain the effort while resting but feel so much better in general. I’m well enough to shower every day and that’s fabulous! It’d be nice to earn a bit of pin-money from sales of my first book, but reader feedback has to be the best reward ever! 

It wasn’t something I’d ever planned to do previously, to write a book of fiction, but was one of those daft challenges I found myself caught up with and hooked by along the way of blogosphere#1 exploration and adventures.

It’s absolutely the best thing ever to finally cut free from the shackles of welfare dependency and to proceed from here, October 2018, with livelihood, independent means and only my tax return to ensure to complete! I don’t even mind paying for my dental care as I couldn’t get my teeth fixed sufficiently while on free service terms! At least now I’m not obliged to be poisoned and I’ll get what I pay for!

If anyone had suggested to me, back in 2015, that things would have turned out this way, I would have quietly said to myself, ‘it is what I’ve been aiming for all along’, smiled and replied ‘I certainly do hope so!’

If you have read this far down the page, thank you – I feel the need to remind you that all those things described above are fiction, other than those things that refer to my immediate state of being, here and now, late September 2015.

Writing365 #26 & #27 Timed text in…

Time just speeded up and not because I was giddy with excitement but suddenly I found myself in Saturday, before I knew it it was Sunday and here I am, Monday, late lunchtime. 

I’ve just ditched prompt #27 to the never-never-land  of the future prompt pot with a mere mention as I can’t wait for prompt #28 and today’s post to write…

It’s now the year 2100 and how language has changed! How has THAT happened?!

I have to return to the year 2015, 28th September, to be precise, to have any way of sharing with you any kind of result in the form of writing. The world has changed. Trees and even shrubbery are now so scarce that there is no paper. 

The rise of technology, artificial intelligence and software reliance led so very quickly to the demise of language, first with insistence on removal of all forms of complex and ‘redundant’ language. Books had to burnt for fuel in hopeless attempts to survive incredible winters. Only those with the foresight to hoard all nature of things for the impending doom that fell in the blink of an eye have survived. 

2100 sees a bizarre combination of medieval living and the stinted sustainance of technology only where solar power, wind-power and the last remaining operational satellites and server systems are in place.

At the individual, familial and community level, writing barely exists in any form previously known. The spoken language has reverted to mainly grunts and groans in hushed tones and whispers. People tred lightly on the earth for fear of alerting predators. 

I would prefer never to travel to the future again! (except for my next post…)

This post was written in response to the prompts for 26th and 27th September as provided by the Daily Post’s 365 days of writing downloadable e-book.