Leapster Challenges (joining in?)


Happy Leap Day!

If I’d had better energy and not distracted with theme changing I might have got this Leap thing off the ground better, made an event page and submitted a listing. But, right from the beginning the Leapster was a free-flying flit about just making a leap sometime, somehow… ‘Your leap, your way…’

“Leap and the net will appear.” John Burroughs

“One way we can enliven the imagination is to push it toward the illogical… We don’t always have to make the logical, reasonable leap.” Stella Adler

Source: Brainyquote.com

My Leap, my way.. coming soon:

  • a Leap proposal…
  • my 2020 vision (not a plan, just a glimpse ahead…)
  • round-up post of leaps along the way (thanks SarahC et al for joining the fun 🙂
  • ‘make-a-leap’ mini-challenges so far so…

It’s never too late to join in, 2020 is a long way off and it’s Leap Year for a lot more days yet 🙂 Leave a comment or pingback here or to any other challenge post to join in.

Happy Leap Year 2016! Are you making a 2020 vision?




I’m late! (Virtual coffee update)

I said I’d be about an hour, and it’s been almost three …

so if we were having a coffee right now, I’d of course start with a sincere apology…


… and I see you left me a biccie, but I’d insist you have mine as you clearly enjoyed one of the two, so please do help yourself 🙂

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d tell you I really do need the caffeine. It’s almost 3am UK time, although I’m not quite sure at this moment where in the world we might be. I’m definitely jet-lagged and I’m sure you can see it. This is what I get for making a bucket-list of world destinations not to be missed… it’s Wandering Soul‘s fault, she’s a bad influence (but a very good writer!) I’ll tell you more about that travel plan a bit later on…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d beg you to PLEASE go and have a listen to my first ever public blogcasts, reading Helen Keller extracts, for my post for the #authorstory feature at Blogger’s World. I would so love to hear what you think – I can rely on your honest opinion too, not just being nice about it…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be over the moon telling you how I did manage to get to visit my grandson on his eighth birthday, just as I’d hoped when I wrote my Monthly Look Ahead post. There might have been the likelihood of my being left on the doorstep by his mother while only handing over card and present and leaving immediately. It was a short visit, but very, very sweet and both my grand-children are growing up so fast I could hardly believe how big they are now! We agreed I can visit again for longer next time too.

If we were having coffee right now, we’d be bound to be talking about our blogs – once you’d shown me all the bargain shopping you did while waiting three hours for me to turn up! I agree, of course, to pick up the bill for the coffee, as you quite rightly point out I just cost you all that money! Would you like a nice slice of cake? – maybe I can make it up to you… (but I am wondering why on earth you didn’t go to the art gallery instead, it’s free admission, surely… ) No, I’ve still not been to the art gallery in what feels like forever…

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d tell you that you might like my latest poem-art and offer to show it. I’m a bit sticky-fingered, still eating my cake, but as you wolfed yours and wiped your fingers you can take that page from my bag and have a peek. You really should check out Ruth’s blog and maybe join in with her Wednesday Word prompt. You might even like to buy part one of her Kindle book, recently published and for sale on amazon and you might like Sharon’s books too. (non-affiliate links)


If we were having a coffee right now, of course you can have more cake! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re not busy at the weekend, I can share a Valentine’s Shindig virtual-party invite, Jaqueline’s a wonderful hostess and a slice of cake and other goodies are promised. If we meet Mr. Right while there, I do hope we won’t be fighting over him! You’d probably really enjoy Jacqueline’s poetry vlogs, they’re very good – and her posts so often make me laugh or smile – I really enjoyed the African proverb and the picture quote in one of her latest posts.

If we were having a coffee right now, I’d have to worn you that I really must toddle off soon, we’ve been more than an hour all ready – but I really must share the message from the Sandbox challenge and I know you love to play so you might like to join in. You might even help me decipher the message with some suggestions! Cool 🙂 Before I forget, you’d enjoy Impromptu Promptlings too, it’s not far to pop over and you’ll receive a warm and generous welcome.

If we were having coffee right now, we’d probably have to save some things we wanted to chat about until next time. Before we finish up and get ready to leave, you wanted to know about my world travel plans? Well, it all started at Blogger’s World with an inspiring guest-feature – until then I had no plans to travel and no bucket-list. Do you know, I’d never really given any thought to the question of considering if any particular event in history had really changed the world either. (I decided it was first the Viking invasions, setting the precedent for massacre, conquest, rape and pillage – and then the Vatican continuing the tradition with the Crusades… but I kept it quiet in case there were religious nuts in the room). Back to travel plan bucket list – I’m not sure about the order…

  • Liverpool, Newcastle and a week or four in Glasgow (if it’s cheap, I might like to move there one day)
  • Belfast (or I might like to live there instead).
  • Amsterdam
  • Seattle then Alaska
  • Mexico
  • Iowa and Pennsylvania
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam again
  • Palestine
  • Amsterdam and more coffee!

Of course, I don’t even have my passport because my ex stole it, the police said it was a civil issue -as apparently was his physical assault of me while under a court undertaking not to do any such things –  And the police refuse to log or tackle crimes!!! what if he’d passed it on to terrorists! and yes, I’m still a bit pissed off about it even four years since! I’d have to pay as much for a replacement passport nearly and have it last no time at all as I could pay for a new ten year one, but can’t get a new ten year passport until the old one expires. Please don’t ask how I got in the country!

No, I definitely don’t fancy New York. You might, but I can’t imagine there being anything there to see. I’ve seen some online and that’s about as much as I think I could bear. A romantic weekend in Paris? What’s wrong with home and where’s Mr Right? I can’t go to India as they say you need vaccinations and I can’t have vaccinations. All my childhood I dreamed of going to Africa and India and I grow up to find I mustn’t have vaccinations! I can see the attraction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but I wouldn’t go as a tourist and neither Japan nor China appeal.

Maybe I’d like Korea? I would definitely like a career! How else will I support myself and Mr Right when I find him?

Ok, time’s up – it was really great to see you and I hope we meet again! I’ll try to be on time, I promise! If I talked too much and you didn’t get a word in edgeways enough, well, you can always drop a line in the comments and I’ll pick it up later 🙂 I hope you can carry all your shopping…





Blogging101 and reaching for last post…

I’ve had a lovely e-card sent to me by a friend, shame in a way it’s my art-work on it and not his but never mind. It’s the thought that counts.

I assume the hidden meaning behind the thought was congrats and we’ll done for all this blogging101 tasking and making some headway but he told me that in our amateur team meeting by phone yesterday. Briefly. Between hooking me into various collaborative buddy ‘ oh good you can help me a bit now too’ and assigning a small task or few.  Anyway, that’s more than fair enough. He still has much of my original work in safe-keeping being processed in spreadsheets and toward some kind of content management plan. (Neither of us travelled far enough in our learning journeys yet to ‘just make it happen’…)

So here’s my art-work on his screenshot e-card emailed to me to show he’s posting daily and where’s my daily posting? Not that he wrote that in his message, still…

Screenshot of Snailzpace Daily blog

The email message with my screenshot attachment was not to forget to prep my feature post for his blog as contributing author ready to be published anytime before mid-week… Not decided what to even do for topic yet! Anything but art is my only direction, with… ‘maybe something for the ladies….’ Whatever that’s supposed to mean…

So that’s how I’m meeting the new feature posting task for blogging101, on another blogger’s site where I have to show up and post and stay on topic at least just once a week.

Branding and visual identity… That needs much more than a day to consider, I’m learning more about theme potentials, structure, platforms, purpose and ongoing decisions first. My primary concern is generating creativity, and sharing some original content. Art wise I’ve been limiting to working with ideas, some creative writing, and until quite recently  no practical art for ages and just getting back to small drawing.

On my own blog I had one announced in June b101 for Mondays and keep forgetting to do it then having other priorities. I had another planned. I decided I’m doing what I’m doing, whenever I do it and having fun along the way. On my blogs. Contributing to someone else’s will help me focus maybe and keep that commitment.

Taking part in ‘another event’ will help establish a posting routine on my blog(s). I’m a bit behind with my plan. Not blogging burn-out, as such, but I did some hefty posting attempts  earlier in the week. Then after-effects of necessary 750step walk to nearest shop and back. And not bed resting enough for trying to slowly get things done in house. And a bit too much browsing and reading and not being able to sleep sometimes. And being too shattered to get proper meals. All adds up. So I’ve not quite crippled myself but not good for much again. (Walking more doesn’t help, it’s not lack of fitness, my stamina declines with exertion and I previously walked 20miles average as a mother with M.E. before this current relapse, now five years ago and never fluctuating toward improvement since).

Anyway, enough of that. On the way to the shop, nice and early in the morning, Thursday, having been unable to sleep, I had the chance to take a couple of my fave kind of photo snaps. This isn’t the best one, I’m saving that for something else, but I love taking this kind of snap in my neighbourhood for documentation of my travels and my locality.

Not dew drops, rain drops... a rare walk out

It was my first walk out of the house in about 4 weeks. I hate being stuck at home. I’d be out for a walk for the hell of it, taking snaps and picking up found objects everyday if I could. Then I’d stand a slim chance of keeping a small job if able to walk enough to get to bus stop and back .

The flower in the pic in ecard at top of page was found as a bud in Autumn 2011, taken home and put on a saucer of water so I drew it when it opened. I was on my way to a British Art Show7 lecture when I found it. Mick Peter was the artist. Amazing what I remember for associating something I picked up even if only a piece of broken off heel or a ticket to a darts match. More common things like bottle tops and ring pulls are tricky unless unique…

I think  I’m submitting this post for this week’s travel trinket challenge too…

A Warm Welcome and my Warm-up Writing

These lists are my quick response to the writing warm-up excercise shared at the Sandbox Writing Challenge here. Apparently they may come in useful in later writing excercises.

Seven words I might use to describe myself are:

…scatty; naiive; considerate; caring; creative; imaginative; slow

Seven objects that have meaning for me:

…virtuality; paper; my Bible I purchased at eleven years old; my teddy bear from being a baby; my safety cooker lighter; my wind-up torch; my Glastonbury 1987 poster.

My choice of seven meaningful colours:

  1. clear
  2. indigo
  3. aqua
  4. sunshine yellow
  5. lilac
  6. grey
  7. orange / red (because ‘clear’ although my first choice of favourite colour always, isn’t really a colour! It’s always tempting to say ‘rainbow’ and select even more colours because really I love all colours)

…seven places that have meaning for me:

Earth; various places of home (ie my childhood home, first flat, family home, current home including local community); a police cell (once!); my favourite local art gallery; the East Anglian coast; my garden; Europe especially Amsterdam, although I’ve not been yet!

Another time soonish I’ll try the next excercise and maybe catch up with the ‘programme’ – there are two writing excercises to do to reach that point, with the third excercise posting tomorrow, but should still be achievable :). My lists didn’t have to be posted to join the challenge, but I decided I would. Thank you to the host for the very warm welcome and for creating the Sandbox Writing Challenge.

Today’s blogging 101 task suggested trying an(other) event so I really wanted something I could join in with today, be manageable and match my blogging/learning aims. I was really encouraged by the aims of this creative writing challenge during my other reading. While searching events for today’s task I just had to find it again. It was the one that really spoke to me and grabbed my interest as one for today. 

Exploring Events -Part 2

a previous entry to the Pocket Watch prompt in Creativity Carnival #2 (sconees and a paper cup, or afternoon tea... would you believe I was finishing that ssame pack of scones yesterday, ten days beyond use by date!)
a previous entry to the Pocket Watch prompt in Creativity Carnival #2 (scones and a paper cup, or ‘afternoon tea’… would you believe, I was finishing that same pack of scones yesterday, ten days beyond use by date!)

Events I’ve tried so far, previously and ongoing:

I joined in the weekly Creativity Carnival and that’s a current favourite, in part for being motivated by host Shafali’s blog tagline which is ‘Draw to smile’ and in part for an open method of creative response including all possibilities … I’ve not tackled this week’s prompt yet (on my urgent priority to-do list) and a new prompt will be announced on Friday. I do hope to continue taking part in that each week and to hopefully revisit the previous prompts occasionally with ideas left behind and unfinished or unstarted.

Monthly Look Ahead. You can share personal life/social activities you’re looking forward to. I just don’t really have any of those at the current time. It seems a very good idea for a way of remembering to have a monthly plan outline (so mine related to online/blogging activity). The challenge says to share on the last day of the month what you are looking forward to for the next month (That can include blogging!)

A scheduled post would be one way of taking part if other commitments prevent taking part at the prescribed time, and similarly with some other challenges.

Some events are very time-limited and time-specific like MicroBookends* which opens with a prompt at 5am UK time on Thursdays and closes 24 hours later. This great flash-fiction event is different to others I’ve seen and these following points are crucial for correct entry. Your entry is made only in the comments section on the prompt page, there’s no pingback linking to your own blog. It has to be posted to the site within the 24hrs specified. The writing you enter must not be published anywhere else except on the challenge website comment section – that includes not publishing your entry on your own blog. (Basically, the host requires first publishing rights, as do most publishers).

The judge is the previous week’s winner and usually selects three honourable mentions and third, second and first place entries. There’s no prize as such but I’m led to believe there are arrangements for collections of entries being published periodically (on a small scale perhaps but none the less). microBookends has been highly recommended to me by a personal friend who entered a few times and it  is apparently an event of high repute among flash fictioneers. I haven’t entered yet but I’m told it’s reliable and well-run with a welcoming and supportive community. Once the event is over, the host has had use of their first publishing rights, I think, so you can then re-post your own writing to your blog if you wish. I haven’t checked that but it sounds about right.

#DrawingAugust is a Twitter event to share a drawing made each day this month and I’ve so far kept up with that by taking at least a few minutes to sketch or doodle to get back into the habit of drawing. I’m a very new Twitter user and it’s my first real ‘join a conversation’ /event. I’m not worrying about making nice drawings taking at least a few minutes a day or up to an hour on an unusual day (as in the pic above). My subject is mundane everyday things at home mostly. I’ll get around to sharing more of my drawings in my blog at some point.

There are two challenges I’d previously thought I might try and participate in, Stellar Lunar and Literary Lion and I’ve not done so yet. They are quite high up on my priority list, but my thinking cogs are a bit clogged just now.

Event participation is a great way of challenging your blogging self, practising skills, generating ideas, creating new content and best of all building new blogging connections and supportive networks to give and receive feedback. Hosts put in a lot of effort keeping up with the work involved and deserve admiration and respect for their commitment and dedication to providing inspiring environments.

I could argue I’m challenged enough already, but I won’t. For today’s Blogging101 activity fulfilment, next, I’m off to The Sandbox Writing Challenge and enjoy some play catching up with the fun over there from the warm-up excercise to date (only missed the first two weekly writing excercises and it’s a great idea) – it’s not an event in the listings page and I do hope I’m not gate-crashing a private party on a public blog. It appears to be written as an open invitation. This challenge is hosted by a co-learner in Blogging101 (I think!) and as a way of sharing writing-related creative learning activity. Maybe after doing these excercises my brain will function better for trying something else, or, just be happy getting a really good, long sleep.

Is there something you’d love to do, if only there were such an event? (Mine was ‘I wish I could get my skates on while I blog’… these types of posts taking me a whole day or more to complete…) What events do you take part in, recommend, or hope to join?

*MicroBookEnds is no longer running; some others may have since expired too. I’ll try and make a point of updating this post in the New Year [2017]!

Exploring Events Part 1

Some new challenge events I’d not seen previously (events listing page; following links point to listings page for each event.)

I’ve just missed Tea and Cake Tuesday to find something interesting to say about yesterday’s ten day old scones! Trouble is I had some nice chocolate biscuits and forgot the scones but they were still good enough to eat! I could have shared them for Tasty Thursdays… perhaps … or a Funteresting Fact this Saturday– for instance, a something tollpachtschiglich that I’ve done in the last few days … (that previous link goes to the first ‘episode’ if you wish to understand my use of that phrase.) The Sunday Wrap is a link-up to share your best recent post, so apart from adding the link and social visits to the other bloggers, the work’s maybe already done.

There are lots more but I’m looking for something ‘bitesize’, simple and stress-free that allows for enjoyment of the blog-hop aspect within time and energy constraints and without too much response thinking effort.

I didn’t expect to find a recurring daily event but the search option proved otherwise:

  • MeWorlde (share one word daily, add a photo/pic, poem etc?) – this appears inactive which was disappointing having thought that’s a good way to get into a daily posting habit. However it’d be easy enough to just add the tag, try it anyway and maybe the host will pick it up again after their hiatus.
  • 3wordsaday (link to blog) be inspired by 3 words from a choice of 5
  • MindLoveMenagerie a different kind of creative writing prompt for each day weekly
  • there are others for photography etc., explore different ways of using the search, there are lots of very well-established events some pages back, but browsing can be exhausting…
  • … and it would be nice to join in with and support new events created from recent blogging201 co-learners, some of which are already mentioned in the first section of this article. Below are three more NEW weekly events maybe suitable for me (or you):

Red Echo Date is simply a challenge to create a response to a given quote (photography/short writing/provide another quote). There’s over half a week to take part before the next prompt is announced.

Miniature Writing Challenge (Tuesdays) Mini Short Story (50 – 150 words) OR Tiny Poem (5 lines max) OR Haiku (3 lines, 17 syllables) with a weekly Theme for all three categories and a Short Story Prompt. Poem or haiku is up to the writer. Prompts usually announced Tuesday, so one maybe due soon (not yet announced at time of publishing), or practice with a previous week’s theme and prompt – it’s another new challenge and there have only been three weeks of this events so far (similarly for the other newest events).

Travel Trinkets and Memories, a photo post weekly link-up, can be of any trinket with associated memories not just those relating to travel, NO other PROMPT to respond to – host will be making her own new post on 20th but as there’s no weekly prompt and only one challenge page to link up on there’s no worry of missing the boat so to speak. I liked how you can check out all responses from the one page, that there’s no weekly prompt and you can just share a ‘trinket’ and memory each week, or periodically and never miss that boat…

So there are some listed events I’m thinking of trying out in the next few days or so … how about you, which new event(s) are you hoping to join?

An introduction to Exploring Events (blogging 101 day13)

Yesterday (B101 day12) I’d been meaning to get on with making new posts but caught up over and again with reading and comments instead. I enjoyed it a bit too much, other than losing track of time and getting behind with essential things. I’d read the day 12 blogging101 task wrong, or rather remembered it wrong, so had been partially preparing myself all day for something I didn’t have to do. Having spent so much time reading and commenting I’d more than completed the day 12 suggested activity without needing to do anything else – hooray!

So now I’m preparing for the day 13 topic of finding another event to take part in. Thought I’d make a notes to self post of potential easy-access challenges for the current time-frame and then decided I should probably share it. Reaching 1600 words, I decided I should split it into sections for the sake of my ideal reader who may or may not wish to stay on the page.

My brain’s on frazzled mode so I’ve looked for easily accessible challenges that will be fun to take part in without too much ‘work’ or brain-drain. Taking part includes visiting other participants’ posts and leaving feedback so I need to reserve that time and energy also.

There are lots of new challenge events I’d not seen previously at the Daily Post events listing page. There’s a tremendous variety of these link-up events and challenges for all kinds of interests. If you’re a knitting enthusiast there’s an event. I’ve seen several for cooking or love of food, others for music in various ways. There are plenty of creative writing, flash fiction, poetry and photography challenges.

I was only slightly surprised to see something for horseback riders who blog. Is there one for ‘wish I could get my skates on while I blog’? I’d like more time and energy to explore some more thoroughly – or hopefully to spot other blogging101ers posts about this topic and learn more that way.

Some of the events listed are one-time only and past, others say recurrent and appear inactive, but perhaps only temporarily. It doesn’t actually stop you using the idea for a ‘practice challenge’, responding and using the tag. Or perhaps rounding up a few interested bloggers to join you in doing so. Whether alone or as a group, linking back to the event to let the host know you loved their idea and took part via the magic of blogging time travel has been well received by hosts so far 🙂 (You can probably communicate that idea more sensibly than me!)

Once upon a time, a few weeks ago, being curious, I was looking back to the very first Weekly Photo challenges from the Daily Post in February 2011 (about twenty pages back). The prompt was CURIOSITY!

I had intended ‘time-travelling’ and maybe showcasing interesting things I found along my travels that afternoon. Perhaps that’s another way of taking part in events, if not wishing to enter a challenge – bearing in mind usual etiquette, issues of copyright etc.

I spent an afternoon blog-hopping those Curiosity photo challenge responses and flitting through the blogs that were still active. In one of them I found that there was a free association word event that had been running a very long time and is still active. You simply respond spontaneously to a short list of words with another word for each and post back. I saved the link (somewhere!) but haven’t returned to take part so maybe I’ll check it out again…

Are you keen to take part in events? Is there anything stopping you so far? Are you confused by the multitude of possibility, tired of finding outdated info and inactive listings, unsure of how to take part? Are you thinking of testing an idea by posting a simple one-off challenge on your own blog during Blogging101? Maybe you have already, if so, please leave a link in the comments 🙂

Exploring Events, Part 1, next post…