Az Heuristic Art History

Still life painting by William Harnett made in 1880, depicting objects on a shelf,, from the left:  a used match, a toppled ink bottle with the stopper removed and ink  spilling, an open cylindrical tin of Three Castles  Tobacco, a folded handwritten document  on top of an embossed book (the book barely visible in the background), a clay tobacco pipe, a folded newspaper , a grey ceramic pitcher and an unused match  near the front right side esge of the shelf.
By William Michael Harnett (American, 1848-1892) (Brooklyn Museum) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

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Still Life with a Twist ~H~

HARNETT is an artist I’ve not paid attention to in earlier ‘art student’ years although he receives a brief mention in my art dictionary. Typically we learnt about and were drawn more to the European artists in our ‘Fine Arts’ based training.

I wondered on use of this image as it shows tobacco and smoking implements and ‘tobacco advertising’ being banned. I was also curious about the olde English use of ‘f’ in place of the ‘s’ in the brand name shown here in this painting.

I’m exploring other artists’ still life works too, but it’ll take more than all year and this is just a small glimpse for the purpose of making this post for the letter ‘H’.

Another image I might have liked to used but can only refer to is Ian HORNAK‘s ‘Parrot Tulips with Red Macaw’ 1986 and that can be seen by visiting the artist’s website. He was born in 1942 and died in 2002 and is apparently well-known for his HYPER-REALIST paintings.

Although not an artist known for still-life imagery, HOGARTH is among the many artists I remain interested in – and I’m sure I’ve seen some example of still-life by his HAND but with limited time haven’t yet found any online.

I might’ve included other artists within this post, but sure you don’t have time. I certainly don’t.




Az Grave Goings and a little Give and Take

Still Life with a Twist ~G~

GRAND Theft Art 0 (1, 2, 3)

Remembrance garden stones, visual description to follow as soon as possible, please return to text

ABOVE: Artist’s work, grabbed and garnered at the garden wall…

BELOW: Going somewhere? Get away! (Still life on a Bus Seat)

Remembrance garden stones and collected accompanying bits and pieces, visual description to follow as soon as possible, please return to text

BELOW: Grounded (Still Life at the Terminal)

Remembrance garden stones arranged on the ground, visual description to follow as soon as possible, please reurn to text

I had to give my finger prints this day of course. I’d done that first in the unknowing of these next happenings about to occur. The GALLERY wall divides the ‘tourist’ area from the last remaining  patch of the former GARDEN of Rest, destroyed in the making of the city’s contemporary art gallery.

The artist deprived of return of his foundation stone by my appropriation had full knowledge of my intervention of trespass into public space and my ‘theft’ of his item on display there, hidden from easy view. He was perhaps the figure observing from the rooftop. Why’d I have to spot it! I reported myself to the front desk and made my way home. GATHERINGs Intact.


Az Expressions of Endearment

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Still Life with a Twist ~E~

a bright yellow dandelion floor in full bloom  against the blurry background of wild greenery in the garden during May 2017

Still Life in the ENVIRONMENT

(Full quality photo for the image in this screenshot in next post for MMPC challenge entry)

I was wondering on placing objects to draw against or around previously made artefacts (i.e. a painting or drawing or needleworking fabric). That would make for ‘Expressions of Endearment’ if I chose those items of sentimental personal value as background or setting along with other objects of personal significance, whatever they might be at the time.

EXPLORING my photo folders and finding the image used above (from a photo taken in May 2017)  I then considered placing objects out in the garden among similar EXAMPLES of wild flower and perhaps making Still Life studies of those. Similarly a print of  a photo background could be used but the EXTERNAL option would probably be a better EXPERIENCE to endeavour with. (It’s not good dandelion time until hopefully Spring arrives in May, although Spring flowering also occurred during Autumn last year.)

I was perusing my (inadequate) Dictionary of Art and Artists and wondering why I’d circled the artist ERNST Barlach all those years ago while at college … and pondered on knowing I like Max ERNST’s works usually I think – and of course Baroness ELSA… I must learn more about her contemporary art and poetry having discovered the Duchamp connection / displacement around that ever infamous Urinal… although controversial I might ELUCIDATE another day. EXCUSING myself again at this point. Happy ENDING here, until tomorrow’s EARLY AtoZ post. [250]

#13wordstory for prompt ‘Cold Autumn’

Betwixt brollying gas-driven clouds shimmying out sunlights’ dazzles, bedraggling rain now falls temporary.


#skywatch 17:12[BST] or 16:12GMT/cUt yesterday evening Friday 3rd Nov, 2017

earlier this morning, stepping out into light cool rainfall for fresh air check

I made this post as a response to the 13wordstory posted by Sir Tonix at BW.

Marching on – it’s MLA time again!

Here we are again as Monthly Look Ahead flies round so soon…

…and there’s much to look forward to these next few weeks. I’ll be another whole year older by the end of the month – and glad that doesn’t happen every month. Whether I’ll be any the wiser for my older age remains to be seen, but I’d hedge my bets toward ‘most unlikely’. 

As usual there’s ongoing blogging goals. I can’t be bothered to think about them much just now, kind of mapped out already and more of the same ole same ole and lots of lingering to-do’s.  I don’t know how long this ‘blogging my way back to life somehow’ might take, but I’ll get there, wherever ‘there’ might be. Maybe I just need more determination (to get a life, not to blog! LOL). This month I’m still looking to get my blogging house in order and retaking the BloggingU customisation and everyday-inspiration ‘courses’, but not from here and hopefully not in my usual scatterbrained here, there and everywhere ways…

I’ll be carrying on my appreciation of Cid Corman and delving into getting to know Frank O’Hara’s poetry better. Hopefully I’ll be immersing  with reading and experiencing poetry aplenty, learning some more about more poets and maybe even trying to write some more poems myself too. Maybe it’ll help me drag myself into being more creative in other ways too, like getting a daily drawing routine going – it’s been a failing goal for much too long. I definitely could use some better therapeutic activity time and a lot more often.

Somewhere to hand I’ve some packets of flower seeds that should still be good for sowing. Increasing exposure to natural daylight and more outdoor fresh air would be a very good idea. Fairweather gardening might be do-able in small bursts, providing winter doesn’t strike with avengeance. Even if it does, there should be some window for gardening type enjoyment and the fencing really needs patching and propping up more sufficiently.

This panel doesn’t really need my shadow to prop it up, unlike other parts in need of more than my shadow…

Although I’ve not yet made it onto the bouncerciser at all yet, nor my wii-fit, and even though excercise can be counterproductive they are at least available if ever I feel up to some. I live in hope. I used to love walking, just getting anywhere at all under your own steam, but my capacity and tolerance has been reducing year on year for the last eight years. It’s quite concerning to now, or still, be at this current stage and on the one hand seems totally unrealistic to be even thinking about excercise and on the other hand seems totally defeatist not to be. I’m managing up and down the stairs a bit better again – and quite often in comparison to a while ago. So, being grateful for small mercies…

I’ve been managing to eat more regularly without cooking much as such and have restarted co-enzymeQ10 supplements. They’re no good without good food enough and food’s not much good with insufficient enzyme production. So keeping up with food and nutrition and making sure to enjoy food is definitely on the menu again. Washing up may be off the cards most days of the week but I’m making sure not to make much of it by labour-saving strategies and by letting it wait around looking like still life. I even got photos to prove it but I’m not sharing those here and now. I might draw from them when I’ve washed up forgetting to get round to drawing any beforehand.

Anything else besides will be an added and appreciated bonus and be bound to get a mention – I almost forgot to add that I’ve managed quite a lot of reading books for pleasure these last few weeks. That makes a nice change. I’m quite enjoying reading Scott Nicholson’s post-apocalyptic ‘After’ series, they’re quite an easy read and very more-ish; I already finished the four books of his that I bought and so need to buy more – or find a better way of getting kindle books and ending my boycott, cos kindle versions are loads cheaper as well as having the environmental advantage and the instant delivery. Yet a real book will still work for very much longer than any gadget and there’s nothing quite like turning a page.

I haven’t forgotten my family, honestly, even if it’s not what it looks like; we’re quite long overdue for a visit but will get around to it eventually, one of these days…


Monthly Look Ahead event hosted by Coolbeans4, visit their post for March here


The Memory of Things…

There are so many good threads of potential to kick-start ideas and begin writing from Pam’s latest post at Blogger’s World.

“Perhaps all the things we choose to keep are metaphors for us”

Pam writes a creative writing post for Blogger’s World at least once a month, sometimes more often and they’re well worth revisiting -as are the other contributor posts for this feature. Often I get lost in thought and reflection and never quite get around to following through! I can be such a daydreamer! So this time I made a small start on paper and with a note to self to resolve that here and now. [I know I’ve a lot of stuff I’m behind with getting back to, but very good at distracting with another something else!]

Continue reading “The Memory of Things…”

Only seven days later …

Hey Happy Twelfth Night! Just to prove the UK is nothing like a ‘christian country’ kids had to go back to school two days ago! So maybe we’ll get to celebrate the winter festival whenever it next snows!

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I’m relegated to my phone for now as my laptop/wifi/human-operative-inputter is playing up again! Otherwise I might have shared a slightly icy/frosty new #snaphappy photo -especially as it’s usually #shutterbug showcasing at BW (blogging101alumni…)

I drafted an  authorstory post at my main blog but lost it to a pdf print back up thankfully before the ether ate it. Maybe a bit soon to publish it the way I wrote it but I assume the gentleman wouldn’t have minded. Relatives can be a pain in the troublesomes once they own creative rights though, but perhaps not in John Berger’s instance. Hopefully. Maybe I’ll just share that pdf with an improved draft, if my laptop and wifi will just be more agreeable. I’ll get far enough for a cable soon as … whenever.

Doh! Nevermind… maybe I can get things working better later and add a little snap to it! Maybe. P’raps when all the neighbours within a souped-up-router range get their fairy lights down or something so that my outdated box-that-won’t-handle-the-imposed-soupup-speed-and-still-ripping-me-off-some-more-VM! . Tho’ prob it’s just me messing up somehow and failing again. I usually tend to get the blame. Whatever!

So… I came here to post something… oh yeah, a reminder to self to post to this latest breaking BW post in case any occasional reader mught have something to share there in response or even otherwise. Go say Happy New Year or anything anyway you like and test your author member access if you’ve not dropped in over there for a while. Or shout up as a visiting reader – after all, not all #blogging101 ‘alumni’ wish to be author level members. Especually not with some previously dodgy and oppressive admin volunteer working hard to enact some kind of new vision for the forum while sabotaging the original purpose to enable that outcome. And in our welcoming global virtual community TWICE they were witnessed online engaging in a hate campaign/casre discrimination. They altered their comments so that other group members sided with the culprit and the targets were excluded. Myself and another blogging non-member acquaintance have screenshots enough to prove it. But the system has that info too. So it should’ve been better sorted ages ago.

Said volunteer was super quick to offer me the door to get the hell outa there too! Not a chance! Sign on said door says #blogging101 – and of course that doesn’t exclude the other workshopping members of things like #blogging201 or #writing101 and even poetry or the wordpress community generally.

Gripe over for today. Hopefully.

That’s just how it seems. And while it appears they’re clinging to their position and potentially able to interfere with participation via comnent and pingback linking (maybe, or maybe not) it’d be nice if others might drop by and test the forum capability. Our on-call admin is busy with other projects but hanging in by a thread to try and be available. Obviously reluctant to mess anything up after everyone’s hard work – so outdated info still makes us all look a bit like shoddy no-hoperz. But they did a great job in both the first team effort and in the second team effort of generating a content and event/challenge plan. So there’s a lot of development foundation that could be built on if some very basic issues could be resolved. Dunno even how many or who still or might have current admin or editor level access. Maybe someone in the know will reveal all soon enough. Assuming the original site owner remains as such too, as passing on a site with a quite large member number is potentially non-viable without member consensus(?)

One thought on admin I’d had was that if there were at least a team of eight volunteers, with a rota for one day a week each (and clear volunteer policy/roles & responsibilities) one a day could just check in and reply to posts or comments and the ‘spare’ could just maybe be ‘overseer’ during that week. And maybe our original tech-volunteer might be willing to return to manage forum structure or whatever. But maybe that’s too complicated. That or something similar enough is the only way I’d be able to offer volunteer time. And no way I’d wanna try anything to do with sidebars or widgets etc! No one volunteer should be left so overstretched as has occurred in the past, in an ideal world. But we can all be socially responsible enough to take a moderator role in discussions and excessive control and fear of interactions in an Askinet protected environment is a bit absurd.

I do have my own group project to pick up on sometime but that’s a completely different kettle of fish eg. for curatorial and collaborative creativity, with a local focus and wider reach – and very slow and deliberately so just now.

So, running on again!

Again. If you have anything to suggest to improve the BW forum, please visit the latest sticky post from another committed and respected member at – and you can always have your say here too. Comments should appear immediately unless Aksimet adds them to my spam queue.

Thanks for reading and have a happy day/night and happy whole new year too!