Sandbox 1- spontaneous response -Reflection

I am editing the resultant free-writing from the post I set to private – only removing things like the time stamp for my loo break part way, but set to private in case I needed to remove anything entirely personal and embarassing! Text like this is notes added after, typos and grammar corrected, long paragraphs broken …)

15-20 mins Sandbox Writing challenge #1 spontaneous excercise

on reflection or in reflection?

In my reflection what do I like / not like about myself? I don’t tend to look at myself in the mirror much, hardly ever – usually I’m admiring the way the mirror reflects otherwise – the background at a certain angle from the same place, but the capability of the reflected image to change depending from what angle you look into the mirror…

I’m not filling the full 15-20 minutes with this excercise, I don’t think… I maybe should have got the colours and a bit of paper out and started this differently, but I’m awkward. Apparently.

I could say things like I don’t enjoy seeing myself nearly fifty years of age, rather than as I was in my early twenties. But, hey, who doesn’t sense that when they see their reflection as a mature person? I’m not sure that descriptor (mature person) applies to me as I am quite childish – and would have loved the excercise with crayons!

But, I’m standing with my laptop balancing next to the kitchen sink – I really should be washing up, but not with the laptop anywhere near – must remember that!

I’m going off topic, I know. I usually do. I need lots more practise! (few minutes responding to prompt as was, reverted to the idea in mind previous, during my free-writing from here, still spontaneous!)

I had an idea in mind for this post, having previously scanned the excercise prompt, but then that’s not spontaneous reflection, although in some ways it is…

I tried taking Photo101 in June. I had old tech I could have used, but never got it recharged and readied. I decided it was about time to upgrade my brick of a mobile phone from 2011 instead and have a nice new phone cam to play with. Besides, I wasn’t well enough to go out taking pictures. I had ideas every day of setting up objects or domestic interior views in response to the prompts and never got around to it.

Eventually on 27th June, I’d had my new mobile phone a week and learnt it just enough to take some pics. I was well enough that Saturday morning to make it outside into both my front and back gardens to take some snaps. So, with my scrawled list of prompt topics, I decided to take any snap I could that fulfilled a spontaneous response for each day’s prompt. (I’ve still not posted those pics!)

I also played with the phone cam at interior shots in my home. I looked into the old mirror hanging in my kitchen, it was a special gift from a friend one Christmas a couple of decades ago now. (It’s hung on the wall at a height suitable for someone about six and a half feet tall, which I’m not – just because that’s where a nail already was in my landlord’s wall and my contract says I need permission before adding any such thing as a nail to his wall!)

I admired the view of the kitchen ceiling and light fittings and took snaps in colour, black and white, negative effect, having found those options in the phone cam menu during use.

Some time later, while considering a hovercard badge / gravatar icon, I thought about those pictures I’d taken of that mirror. I decided I love the mirror, even though it won’t realise because I’m never looking in it much and it’s neglected and dusty. I thought about the potential of using that image or part of it and checked my photo files to select one for that purpose. Editing only involved cropping a suitable area and hey presto, I’d ‘bodged my badge’ as I put it in the post title for that blogging101 topic.

Below is one of those pics I took that day, not the one I made my badge from, but similar and in the monochrome effect setting, as taken. My badge snap was taken in the negative effect and made a unique enough icon image I was happy with for now.

In reflection (Photo101 snap 27.06.15)
In reflection (Photo101 snap 27.06.15) My old mirror, a gift…


This post is an ever so slightly polished version of the draft I just wrote in response. Unfortunately, being me, I still haven’t polished that mirror since before June!


Bodging a badge…

One of the things putting me off hitting the like button or leaving comments elsewhere may have been the automatic red blob left in place. A kind of subconscious block. Or it was just brain drain. However a fully conscious first thought as soon as I found an image from yesterday’s snaps to use for my gravatar was ‘”now I’ll be able to leave comments”!

Hovercard picture issues…

I much prefer the version of this I see when viewing my profile on my mobile phone, it fits the circle quite nice. I was quite disappointed when I viewed from my tablet to find it’s still a square image! Now I wonder if I can cut a circular crop ro upload instead and if I did how would the auto-mobile phone view handle it….