Task It Tuesday (To-Do this week!)

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I’ve been meaning to join in with #taskittues since it began four weeks ago. There’s no excuse this week while I’d been readying my post yesterday. I’m not likely to get all these things achieved this week and I have to acknowledge that, but I can make some headway on as many as possible. The activities I can tackle during ‘resting’ times are my priority along with those that can be tackled in short bursts between rests, perhaps.

  1. Revisit the question, ‘how to simplify my life?’ [I plan to ask myself that every week!] this week’s answers include (a) do my laundry on good outdoor drying days and not have damp washing on racks indoors – typically, I just missed all the warmest days so far this year and now have a backlog just as we’ve returned to wet weather days!; (b) somehow improvise fixing the back yard fence until the neighbour’s landlord repairs and replaces it properly; (c) catch up with washing up the dirty dishes AND get back into the habit of washing up as soon after I use stuff each day as poss. (d) reconstruct and remake my bed, unavailable since last year’s Spring cleaning attempt(!) … (e) start taking my kids some of their things they’ve left stored here and find ways of making such things take up less space somehow in the meantime; (f) pay my Spring bills before they go as far as litigation for my having such poor memory(!)… (g) get help moving my Mum’s sideboard from it’s standing upright position in the tiny hallway behind my front door and into it’s horizontal position in the reception room and filling it with crockery and other items appropriate to it becoming my dining room – this includes re-organising the room generally for that to happen and removing the broken sofa; (h) declutter my small bedroom to use better as a ‘study’ and ready for use as a guest bedroom… that really is too many things to do in one week but any one of those achieved this week would be a good start on the home front! (i) Now that I’m eating more meals again more regularly I should really return to taking nutritional supplements that might help support better energy and at least small health improvements. Also: (j) Buy a new mobile phone and cancel my contract for the lost/misplaced/stolen one – 7 months missing, way beyond compulsory contract time and still paying that bill! (k) Buy at least a month’s prepayment electricity credit to save impacts of exertion, easier to achieve now spring is here. (l) Do my grocery shopping online and have easier access to food for meals.
  2. Go through all my A to Z posts correcting the links in badges and any textual links to make them clickable to visit the official challenge website rather than the 404  error page(!) I’m sure they worked before and I’d have sworn I checked!
  3. Update alt texts that remain lacking for images in my posts.
  4. Update my bloghop list of 50 (some i was still catching up reading at have stalled along the way)
  5. Visit at least 10 new A to Z blogs by Friday and another 10 over the weekend with a view to reading through those next week. I’m probably up-to-date with at least 30 from my list of 50 so far, aim to catch up better with those I’m lagging behind at.
  6. Improve my drawing space(s).
  7. Continue drawing/painting practise excercises and readying for making this one final pictorial image by Monday 30th to reveal with my ‘Z’day post.
  8. Maybe try this theme (toujours) on swishing4th and decide if I want the personal plan here to fully utilise the theme. If affirmative, plan the timescale for making that payment. (I realised that while I wanted to update the dynamic content on the homepage view, that option might no longer be available in the free plan. The guestbook feature would display correctly then too.)
  9. Pick up on this month’s as yet undone things … like an audio recording I mentioned somewhere and other stuff/ideas I might have left behind.
  10. Maybe start writing a condensed and polished all-in-one text of my ‘Still Life with a Twist’ A to Z series as an easy access, mobile friendly ‘highlights’ piece, maybe with a little of the potential visual content I left out. Thinking this over… as it’s extra workload. I’m thinking of posting that as a new unique presentation at one of my other blogs rather than here.
  11. Play with taking mundane snapshots somehow for the MMPC#157 prompt this week = two for one.
  12. Plan my posts for coolbeans4’s Monthly Look Ahead due 1st May here at this blog and Mliae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge that I do from over at one of my other blogs, also due on the 1st May or thereabouts.
  13. Be ready for SkywatchFriday this week and complete blog-hopping visits for last week before then (I do this one from my blogspot as that challenge community is based there).
  14. Be ready to join in with Joy’s British Isles Friday this week and do NOT forget this time.
  15. Post a TBR list of A to Z blog homepage links with a view to reading some more next week.

Afterthought: During Spring Bloggiesta I made my to-do list post then returned to that list and used the strike-through to mark progress. Now I’m wondering how screen readers manage with that. Does anyone know? Is it disruptive for visually impaired visitors reliant on assistive technologies to use the strike-through?

Maybe I’m worrying too much while I might not even have any visitors with such needs. However, if a whopping seventy per cent or more of current generations are likely to be legally blind by the time they reach their seventies, such considerations might be appropriate now, rather than later… I’m attempting better inputs of my alt text on the selfish basis that I might like (or need) the textual descriptions for reminders of the images I use in my posts myself one day.

ONE over ? TIME ? GOAL: Finding out more about such accessibility issues and assistive technologies are on my longer-term to-do list – and have been for a while. I hope to find out what the options are for screen reading software – it would have helped me a lot to keep up with blogging during some of my inactive phases by at least having access to reading material while unable to look at the screen for pain. Would I have to put up with American English versions? I’m aware the standards are quite different between American and British services for the blind. Obviously I’d rather use something tailored to my native language than the very foreign American language – and I kind of guess they have to be ‘responsive’ to recognising the differences in spelling and grammar that cast the chasms of difference despite all the similarities. I imagine them to be cumbersome and annoying unless splashing quite a lot of cash at them – and the current tendencies seem to be toward no longer buying software kit for life but buying it on an annually licensed basis. That’s gonna be likely prohibitive – and in spite of our ‘wonderful welfare state’ many a legally blind person is currently left without the state assistance that purports to enable the disabled among our communities / wider society. Maybe I’ll enquire to the RNIB for more information. Whoops, more words than I intended! [1244]


Az Round-up link Share (#1)

Before moving on to Saturday’s post for the letter S, I decided I should post links of AtoZ blogs I’ve been visiting so far (listed by url so you can see your destination, the blog’s title may or may not be the same).


In no particular order:

  1. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/
  2. https://yzhengblog.wordpress.com/
  3. https://fimnorawestcaw.wordpress.com [an anagram a day to try solving]
  4. https://jamesproclaims.com/
  5. https://theramblingsofdon.wordpress.com (my fave fiction read so far; eagerly awaiting continuation: posting delayed at the letter ‘L’ fingers crossed for more)
  6. https://thecreativeptsdgal.blog [another fave fiction read this month]
  7. https://promptlings.wordpress.com
  8. https://namiwise.wordpress.com [fitness]
  9. https://drkottaway.com/
  10. https://chaoticsoulzzz.wordpress.com/ [short story] (stalled at M)
  11. https://annembray.wordpress.com [daily digital image post]
  12. https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/ [art-themed, longish read]
  13. lessbeatenpaths.com (slightly behind schedule at ‘O’ but catching up along the way and every post so overflowing with awesome snaps…!)
  14. thesoundofonehandtyping.wordpress.com [John Houlton, AZvolTeam]
  15. http://www.joyweesemoll.com/
  16. https://kingmengi.wordpress.com [longish reads, I must catch up here!]
  17. https://bunnysgirl.blogspot.co.uk/
  18. https://tossingitout.blogspot.co.uk [Arlee Bird, AtoZ Challenge founder/AZvolTeam]
  19. https://zombieflamingoes.com
  20. https://itsphblog.wordpress.com/ [short poems & a thoughtful image]
  21. http://artofleo.com/ [7sentence fiction]
  22. https://www.twomindsaboutit.com/
  23. https://mholloway63.wordpress.com/
  24. https://www.retirementreflections.com/
  25. https://dublinhousewife.com
  26. https://cvgrehan.com
  27. http://www.diningwithic.com/
  28. https://www.bobbiestoryportfolio.com/ [drawing prompts to maybe join in with]
  29. http://aheepofeverything.blogspot.co.uk/ [postcards]
  30. https://asmile4ufromjanet.blogspot.co.uk/ (virtual retail therapy at some store called Michaels)
  31. https://katytrailcreations.com/
  32. http://charandeepsblog.blogspot.co.uk/
  33. https://stuartnager.wordpress.com
  34. https://riseandsoar.com/
  35. http://curiousasacathy.com
  36. https://moondustwriter.com/
  37. https://bobscotney.blogspot.co.uk 
  38. http://harvestmoonbyhand.blogspot.co.uk/
  39. https://www.shalzmojo.in/
  40. http://dustingthesoul.com/
  41. http://facingcancerwithgrace.com/
  42. https://artismoments.blogspot.co.uk/
  43. http://tuisnider.com/
  44. https://romisdg03.blogspot.co.uk [haiku]
  45. https://chicagoinlocal.wordpress.com/
  46. https://dorkymomdoodles.com/
  47. http://www.magic-moments.in/
  48. https://theartistsdate.blogspot.co.uk/
  49. https://sparksfromacombustiblemind.com
  50. https://orangemarmeladepress.wordpress.com/

Some of those listed above are taking part in the #blogchatterAtoZ, perhaps instead of, or, maybe as well as the April A to Z Challenge (although most are listed in the main and/or daily sign-ups at the official A to Z site – number 1 in my list in this post).

I’m sure I’ve probably visited some blogs that I’ve not included on this list and have to go back to notes made earlier in the month to add those in (maybe to a part 2 round-up list).

In all truth I’ve not kept up with visiting all these every day, although I have for around half or more of them so far. I’ll make more effort to catch up with those I’m lagging behind with over the next few days. The last 4 are new picks to take a look at next,  rounding up my part1 list to 50.

Tomorrow, as a ‘rest’ day, I’ll hopefully take a look round the blogs for the other A to Z volunteer team members and maybe get time to add a few blogs I’ve not seen yet. With 697 signed up at the main A to Z Challenge listing spreadsheet there are more to choose from than any one reader can get through in a month for sure! However there are also some listed in the main form who appear not to have been posting at all this month, so the daily forms are a safer bet – if you find page not found it’s probably a link for a scheduled post that hasn’t gone live yet.

Rumour has it there’ll be a ‘road-trip’ after the challenge finishes so I hope I don’t run out of reading energy while I steam ahead as steadily as I can manage this month.

Phew, almost three quarters of the way there and happy to say I survived (so far) the early frazzling out between weeks one and two – and I’ve been getting more meals as brain-drain requires better fuelling.

So, back to my Saturday: Suppertime, then my post for the letter ‘S’! Sadly, no new sketching so far… See ya later maybe…

PS: not wanting to confuse the reader, but as well as my postings here for the official challenge, I’ve been blogging alphabetically at TWO more of my blogs: (a) with a quick word and daily sky snapshots at coleebeatsabout.blogspot.co.uk to a slightly different schedule with no resting day so today reaching ‘U’, and (b) with a simple limerick poem each day at swishing4th.com, currently at ‘T’ and posting for ‘U’ later in the day.

PPS: please let this be the month I finally make an image widget work! I really should get the A to Z badge in my sidebar soon az…