Farewell February, onward March!

This was the scene beyond my backyard, on yesterday’s last morning of February…


… and two days ago I spotted these two tiny snowdrops finally making their annual emergence and remembered to capture this somewhat hasty and poorly composed snap of them while outside with my camera to hand…


Maybe this year I’ll manage something better with the garden! I used to love gardening but for all sorts of reasons I haven’t managed any here enough. These bulbs were brought with me from my previous garden at the family home I left behind. Nothing else survived beyond the first year. Bordering a country park and nature reserve type area there are creatures like moles around and my gardens shown signs of molehills for a few months now, so I wonder if the bulbs get eaten perhaps – or maybe there’s just too much shade and damp.

Here in the Midlands we haven’t really had winter so far, although it was cold today and there had been warnings of ice to look out for, though no sign of any by the time I got myself outside. Until ‘storm Doris’ hit last week – ripping my fences to shreds some more – winter has seemed unusually and eerily quiet and the skies have all too often been jewel shades of blue. I haven’t kept a sky-watch as much as I’d hoped for being quite out of sorts, as is embarrassingly obvious when looking back at my scatty ranting posts(!) Never mind, could be worse and if March winds doth blow, we could still soon have snow comes to mind, (but apparently that rhyme should be ‘The North wind doth blow…’ it’s just not how I remember it).Really, it should be daffodils making an appearance, given that  I did buy some daff-bulbs for this garden once upon a time and as it’s St. David’s Day… but two tiny snowdrops are better than none at all and will have to suffice for now. Maybe next year’s spring garden will be blooming lovelier… in the meantime, Happy March onward, hopefully 🙂



Another virtual coffee?

Another failed attempt to capture the steam!
Another failed attempt to capture the steam from our coffee in a photo!

The coffee’s hot honest, but if you like milk I hope you remembered your own. Otherwise you have to put up with the powdered variety…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be asking how you are today first. I would be genuinely interested and willing to listen and discuss and not just asking to be polite. Then I’d probably be letting you know that I’m a bit better today, after two mostly bed-bound days. Although I make myself hurt for trying, I probably wouldn’t be telling you that last sentence in the flesh …

If we were having coffee right now, you’d have a fair choice of biccies (biscuits, i.e. cookies) – but only the cheap supermarket variety, though very nice to dunk – and plenty of clean spoons to catch the soggy mess that inevitably fall off into your drink just as you were about to wolf your dunkstuff down. I haven’t washed up yet, but no thanks, my guests don’t ever get to do that at my house. I appreciate the offer mind.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you I should have been attempting my ‘365 days of writing’ prompt in this post. Today’s is about the best or worst customer service you’ve ever experienced. What would you answer for yours? (Please don’t say the coffee I just served you … unless it was the best! I know it’s very cheap instant stuff but there must be something worse…)

Welcome to my humble home :)
Welcome to my humble home 🙂

If we were having coffee right now,I’d be trying to avoid mentioning my landlord as you’d say I have rights. You’d say I should complain, that the rent is extortionate given the circumstances and rightfully I should be entitled to compensation not extortion or eviction. I know, I’ve heard it all before.

exterior window, interior wall (found on the internet look, honest!)
exterior window, interior wall (found on the internet look, honest!)

If we were having coffee right now at my house, you’d be bound to raise the subject. I’d tell you I actually love my little house with all its faults. No-one else would be daft enough to live here this long and I’m sure my landlord needs the help. But, of course, I’m trying not to mention them. I’d say I’m incredibly grateful not to have been evicted and there must be a point where we reach a reduction in rent required… someday…


If we were having coffee right now, you’d see I have quite good windows really! However you’d soon work out that actually y’know, the government could have bought me the house already for the rent that’s been paid…I’d maybe say, actually, just the shortfall rent I pay could’ve bought me the house at an auction if anything were fair! The subsidence is dreadful and nothing sits square… but the walls still hold the roof up and the floors going nowhere fast!

Reflection of living room writing corner from my cabinet doors
Reflection of living room writing corner from my cabinet doors

If we were having coffee right now, you’d maybe think I’m nutty and probably wouldn’t be far wrong. Unconventional and eccentric you might say, being polite as usual. You’d wonder why I don’t just take pics of the room directly, rather than in reflective surfaces. I’d tell you I like the ghostly / vintage effects that can be achieved and that I like to play and experiment.

Blackberry blossoming in June 2015

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be enthusing for my garden, but regretting missing the best of the blackberries. I’d tell you how I finally got out in my garden again earlier today, in ‘jamas, woolly knit and yard shoes. The weather was nice and a bit warmer to hack back at the jungle again for fifteen minutes  – less the distraction of a photo opportunity and appreciating the wildlife…

… of course I’ve not cut the elderberry tree back – it’s very unlucky according to superstition!

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be sharing my plans for planting the garden with some bulbs for spring, in spite of the cold and damp, in ten to fifteen minute attempts here and there. I’ll hopefully be ready for sowing some flower seeds next year. I don’t expect the seeds and bulbs I bought two years will ever grow now! Luckily, plenty grows all on its own and is a haven for wildlife as well as providing a lush green focal point from my kitchen window or back door. I meant to keep a nature journal and forgot!

I couldn’t cut down nettles and destroy these summer babies home!
The view (or part of it) from my back door

If we’d been having coffee, you will have made my day for stopping by. Thank you for visiting 🙂