February 2017’s Monthly Look Ahead

It seems like only a few days ago I was making January’s MLA post but I managed to achieve some of things in that post (in spite of my lately stresshead phase).

I write this post to join in with the event created by Coolbeans. I enjoy visiting there, even though I don’t share a similar zeal for watching movies or TV, it’s an uplifting blog to read. I liked the idea of using this event for my blogging strategy mostly, to make a monthly plan and set myself some goals. I can’t really plan for any other kind of activity much at all. Keeping up with anything consistently is quite difficult, but the laptop helps keep me awake, so, here we are again, only a day late this time. Hooray!


I’m using Coolbeans’ original event emblem pic this month (and hoping they don’t mind!) – this is for the purple reminding of remembrance.

February is a significant month for me relating to the loss of both my parents.My Dad died over 20years ago and my Mum’s death was just last year.


26 days of February to go… nowhere as fast as ever, on the slow

o does a todo list work in any blog theme or just P2? apparently it doesn’t work here!

  1. Blogging101 / writing101 refresh, SloPo and whatever other learning practises I can manage, trying to regain some increase to cognitive activity levels, while physically exhausted and too soon in pain to manage anything much when up on my feet. I must try not to wear myself out so much whenever, whatever.
  2. Still temp volunteering a little at Blogger’s World (front-end only posting-level access only, no admin responsibilities there); an authorstory to write for 9th, having had a break from posting for it and very grateful to others for taking up the call for posts. I messed up my attempt at helping for a creative writing post, but I’m not practised enough in formal writing, for one thing. Sincere apologies to Pam and others for failing that commitment! Shakespeare401 to work toward for May.
  3. Still needing to visit blogging neighbours more, but reading fatigue not helped by stress of impossible wifi access issues on and off for whatever reasons. I waste too much time unable to escape the stress impacts of the silliest little things! I can’t just ‘go do something less boring instead’ to recall that jingle line of an old fave UK kid’s program, called “Why Don’t You…?”
  4. With contagious cycles of current new onset illness (contracted while out shopping on August 27th 2016) and this negatively impacting my M.E. and other health issues, it’s unlikely I’ll be getting anywhere out and about much at all this month.But I can do very small excercise along the garden path or in the street sometimes (contagion is only a mucoid / close contact risk, potentially, apparently). Funny how the general population have no regard for preventing spread of their own contagions, generally, while some of us have to confine ourselves as if lepers! Maybe because people believe so much absurd NHS misinformation and can’t be bothered to uncover the facts that lay beyond two clicks deep. Socially transmitted diseases mislabelled as STD is also very annoying, so is denying healthcare to M.E. patients so as ‘not to pander to the idea of being physically ill’!
  5. Anyway, I’ve steamed ahead with getting it together better at SwishingUp. It’s been on the P2 theme for ages, but in blog style rather than using it in message-board format. Unfortunately, trying to return the ‘Edit’ label to the posts and pages by ticking an option for ‘front-end editing’ has ruined it and there’s no way to return to my previous chosen style using that theme. I managed some extra customisation there and have more admin practise ‘work’ to do there yet. I might have to look for a new theme similar to how I had it there before or just remove and reapply the theme. Doh! Still don’t know how margins got removed and other stuff messed up there…
  6. I’m still blogging all over the place now and then! Sorry if it’s confusing to have different ‘rooms’ – is it easier to think of them as just a row of scatty notebooks on a wordpress shelf? I know I’m not the only one practising content in different themes. I’ve got to get back to speed at Snailzpace Daily too while Stu’s away so much! Next to music, blogging’s good ‘medicine’, it seems.
  7. I’m still trying to gear up to doing something creative every day, like managing a small daily sketch – but the day often runs itself out without even cooking a proper meal or doing basic things. No good forcing myself off my blog(s), it doesn’t help to fail to achieve anything! I’ve even failed keeping my handscrawled ‘daybook’ again after a fairly good start for a few small days last month. I did this, I did that, gets a bit depressing! I would like to keep a journal but never have yet and if I can’t keep up with entering my daily detail in a simple diary, then, well… I just need to keep myself going somehow better.
  8. Hopefully this month I’ll continue what I intended to post for the DP ‘transcript’ prompt, although that could keep going a while too, here and there; then there’s ‘The memory of things’ that really caught my fancy as an inspiring topic.
  9. Nutritional improvements are quite a necessity as is,
  10. spring cleaning and domestic reorganisation(!) one square yard or cubic foot at a time!





2017 and the Monthly Look Ahead!


click to visit Coolbeans MonthlyLookAhead post

I’m late again! “Better late than never!” tends to be my recurring mantra, for quite some time now… I could add to my usual excuse of ongoing ill health to those frustrating tech difficulties that I’ve wasted so much time on lately! I could have set up my new toy, but want to be awake and concentrating well when I do! I set this thing up in a fuzzy haze and it hasn’t helped – but then Windows10 is less clear than 98/XP were for administrative and security settings and seems to want to auto-control things. Probably just me not really sussing it better yet.

Getting back to more blogging interaction!

My blogs are in quite a shoddy mess, and need some #blogging101 refreshing! Underway, whenever…

I managed a little blog reading and interaction recently from my now aging mobile phone – but isn’t technology made so quickly obsolete these days! I’m very much regretting not Continue reading “2017 and the Monthly Look Ahead!”

Another virtual coffee?

Another failed attempt to capture the steam!
Another failed attempt to capture the steam from our coffee in a photo!

The coffee’s hot honest, but if you like milk I hope you remembered your own. Otherwise you have to put up with the powdered variety…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be asking how you are today first. I would be genuinely interested and willing to listen and discuss and not just asking to be polite. Then I’d probably be letting you know that I’m a bit better today, after two mostly bed-bound days. Although I make myself hurt for trying, I probably wouldn’t be telling you that last sentence in the flesh …

If we were having coffee right now, you’d have a fair choice of biccies (biscuits, i.e. cookies) – but only the cheap supermarket variety, though very nice to dunk – and plenty of clean spoons to catch the soggy mess that inevitably fall off into your drink just as you were about to wolf your dunkstuff down. I haven’t washed up yet, but no thanks, my guests don’t ever get to do that at my house. I appreciate the offer mind.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you I should have been attempting my ‘365 days of writing’ prompt in this post. Today’s is about the best or worst customer service you’ve ever experienced. What would you answer for yours? (Please don’t say the coffee I just served you … unless it was the best! I know it’s very cheap instant stuff but there must be something worse…)

Welcome to my humble home :)
Welcome to my humble home 🙂

If we were having coffee right now,I’d be trying to avoid mentioning my landlord as you’d say I have rights. You’d say I should complain, that the rent is extortionate given the circumstances and rightfully I should be entitled to compensation not extortion or eviction. I know, I’ve heard it all before.

exterior window, interior wall (found on the internet look, honest!)
exterior window, interior wall (found on the internet look, honest!)

If we were having coffee right now at my house, you’d be bound to raise the subject. I’d tell you I actually love my little house with all its faults. No-one else would be daft enough to live here this long and I’m sure my landlord needs the help. But, of course, I’m trying not to mention them. I’d say I’m incredibly grateful not to have been evicted and there must be a point where we reach a reduction in rent required… someday…


If we were having coffee right now, you’d see I have quite good windows really! However you’d soon work out that actually y’know, the government could have bought me the house already for the rent that’s been paid…I’d maybe say, actually, just the shortfall rent I pay could’ve bought me the house at an auction if anything were fair! The subsidence is dreadful and nothing sits square… but the walls still hold the roof up and the floors going nowhere fast!

Reflection of living room writing corner from my cabinet doors
Reflection of living room writing corner from my cabinet doors

If we were having coffee right now, you’d maybe think I’m nutty and probably wouldn’t be far wrong. Unconventional and eccentric you might say, being polite as usual. You’d wonder why I don’t just take pics of the room directly, rather than in reflective surfaces. I’d tell you I like the ghostly / vintage effects that can be achieved and that I like to play and experiment.

Blackberry blossoming in June 2015

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be enthusing for my garden, but regretting missing the best of the blackberries. I’d tell you how I finally got out in my garden again earlier today, in ‘jamas, woolly knit and yard shoes. The weather was nice and a bit warmer to hack back at the jungle again for fifteen minutes  – less the distraction of a photo opportunity and appreciating the wildlife…

… of course I’ve not cut the elderberry tree back – it’s very unlucky according to superstition!

If we were having coffee right now, I’d be sharing my plans for planting the garden with some bulbs for spring, in spite of the cold and damp, in ten to fifteen minute attempts here and there. I’ll hopefully be ready for sowing some flower seeds next year. I don’t expect the seeds and bulbs I bought two years will ever grow now! Luckily, plenty grows all on its own and is a haven for wildlife as well as providing a lush green focal point from my kitchen window or back door. I meant to keep a nature journal and forgot!

I couldn’t cut down nettles and destroy these summer babies home!
The view (or part of it) from my back door

If we’d been having coffee, you will have made my day for stopping by. Thank you for visiting 🙂