Sandbox Writing Challenge through to 54

Well, doing the Sandbox Review #4, I get as far as what surprises me most is realising how many I missed along the way to this not an end but another new beginning point.

Looking back at challenge #53 suggests my limited playtime in the Sandbox trying sometimes to write through these journalling-type prompts leaves me with a legacy of past responses to revisit and have a think about, while probably deciding to somehow journal with these again from the beginning somehow else (and maybe privately, or within a reading group or…). I don’t want to leave anything behind, but I might take my time with it, as usual… but somehow skipping the actual question yet again…

I was really glad to read over at Impromptu Promptlings that from September 20th, the Sandbox Challenge will be continuing, with prompts based on a new book. In the meantime, there are a couple of blogger-inspired exercises to have a play with: (1) A New Me! I would like a new me and wonder that I might write myself new on my Cubic theme blog. I’ll link that up here, but you might have to guess (or request) the password, if there is one. (2) to be announced, so this post wasn’t quite the final fling of sand in the sandbox before the new round begins (20th Sep.).

And of course, for starting again anew, or ‘hopping in wherever we like’, there are all these wonderful past-prompts to (re)visit too.



Sandbox Challenge 29 (part 1)

The potential for two Sandbox Writing Challenge prompts this week!

magic-40641_1280 What makes life magical?

Memories of childhood, then becoming a mum and cherishing those sparkling moments of their childhood’s and enjoying grandchildren and great nieces/nephews are all extra-special and magical moments in life. However rare those moments are now, for the distances between us, the magic is never any the less. Magical moments don’t fade with time (except with the misfortune of Alzheimer’s etc. for some).

And now, older and living alone? There’s still magic in everyday life, especially in nature. Every dawn chorus and every sunrise, every sunset and evensong (although I might sleep through many of both – dreams are magical too…); seeing and hearing the birds in the woodland beyond my backgarden any time of day; watching the bats circling and swooping at dusk through the summer; looking at the stars in any natural night sky – I’m incredibly fortunate to have such a splendid view from my back doorstep (I call it ‘my Lion King sky’ and it’s one of very few reasons I wouldn’t really wish to move home in spite of everything else!): the moonlight at twilight, past midnight and the luxury of a night sky set against trees and thicket that blocks the distant streetlight haze from the housing estates in the distance beyond at a lower land level.

Rainbows are glorious and seem magical too, although I know, of course, that it’s just optical illusion…; the varying colours and effects of almost any sky captivate me, but especially those that are deep jewel coloured or glisten with silvery mauves; having a garden, however ‘neglected’ and wilding, offers many magical moments of discovering insects and spiders and I even love the slugs and snails! I’m not a fan of moths, or daddy-long-legs (crane flies) but I love seeing butterflies in the garden – they just have to be how fairies were ever imagined. Flowers seem magical too – I must sow some for more butterflies!



The internet is a magical place too. Doors open into whole new worlds, pathways into the very real happenings of our magical planet and its’ people; being able to ‘get to know’ strangers from the other side of the world or glimpses of their thoughts and imaginings, sharing creativity, accessing art and music and knowledge… shopping without leaving home…Being housebound and often immobile, the feeling of having virtual legs and roaming the vast expanses of the world-wibe-web. It can feel liberating, like you have the whole world in the palm of your hands, at your finger tips…


One last thing I find magical, other than poetry and some types of writing, is art in various forms and guises…



What would a magical day be like?            godmother-23815_1280    … just one day…?

I think I’ll ponder that question and return with part 2 later in the week…

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Not letting go – Sandbox Challenge #27

What are you holding onto (regretting) from the past? is the prompt this week.

I’m sure there are other smaller things, but only this issue comes to mind, however much I try to think of something to write instead!

As much as I believe I would never go back to my ex-partner – and doubt he would ever wish me back – my dreams recently seem to be telling me otherwise. I’m very often waking from confused dreams where we are living together and the children are young again. That has to be a sign that I still grieve for our family break-up, even after almost seven years. I don’t quite know what to make of it – maybe that just as with bereavement for the death of someone very close, the wound never quite heals perhaps.

I think it’s much more for the ‘family unity’ than the personal relationship that I grieve. For example, the kids feeling they can’t invite both of us to the same thing means that one or other of us has to miss out. Especially with our daughter, she’ll always favour her father because he’s the one with money to spare. So I expect to have to miss out on things like eighteenth birthday and engagement celebrations and eventually perhaps even her wedding day.

It’s a similar story with my grandchildren and their mother (seperated from my son) – step-grandad has more money to spend on better presents so blood-grandmother has to take second place and he gets priority around Christmas and birthday arrangements. It annoys me more because he never used to bother when we were together and seems to use it now just to out-do me and keep his place ahead of me.

Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t rush out to try and beat him in the presents stakes and won’t share what I think of these two young ladies and their attitudes, my guess is you can imagine.

Yup, definitely still holding onto plenty of grief and feeling aggrieved according to those words and the tears rolling down my face!

Well, I guess that’s quite a big piece of baggage I’m hanging onto there, now, how do I let it go… I’m hoping those dreams stop now I’ve aired this too!


Sandbox Challenge #26 – Message (received)

Oh, I really, really like the challenge prompt from this week’s Sandbox…

N.B. I added the arrows and speech bubble text…

First, it screamed ‘there’s a lot of room to play!’ and after directing me to zoom and snap to get the big picture it boomed ‘message received and understood’. As I turned back, it whispered ‘now take your time with this one, there’s no rush…’

So, luckily, there’s a few days to get my entry proper in. I’m usually either posting on the cusp of the next prompt issue, or even beyond – but I wanted to catch an early post with this one, so this is just by way of introduction…

So, what would YOU make of it? Maybe you’ll join in too…

Vulnerability – Sandbox Challenge #25


So, the latest prompt for the Sandbox Writing Challenge #25 asks us to declare our vulnerability. Is there a difference in the ways we might be vulnerable and the ways we feel vulnerable? I think there probably is…

I list 
my fears 
here, one by
 one, I may regret
ever having begun as
one after another, these
 tear drops fall, for so many 
reasons I might rather not tell 
of all those ways I'm vulnerable- 
so I'll focus instead on staying 
strong, besides my list is far 
too long, but I may well make 
it, another day soon, just
 for me, to heal the

I actually managed to make a (very simple) shape poem! I’ve wanted to make one for ages! I hope it keeps its’ formatting when I hit publish as it’s been playing up in the editor and taken some persistence to make it behave… please note, I wasn’t in tears while writing that, I fibbed – but I might have been had I started that list – there are a lot of keywords in that cloud in the graphic that could apply, and probably for many of us.

I guess lots of us would share the vulnerability of challenging financial circumstances and economic instability, with all the implications this might bring…


So, that’s all I have in response for now, but I might go back to it another day, in the privacy of paper for a change…

I can’t wait to see what the next Sandbox Writing Challenge has in store – why not jump in and play along – have a good week and keep safe and strong 🙂

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Undone – Sandbox Writing Challenge #24

Note to self: since my response to prompt#21, when I noted having missed prompts #18, 19 &20, I’ve since also missed prompts #22 (locked in & free yourself), #23 ( closed doors) & a bonus question I’ll call prompt #24A (friends).

Before moving on to the current week’s challenge, it seems appropriate to tackle prompt #24 here as it’s asking ‘What have you left undone?

So, apart from the Sandbox writing challenges that I’ve missed…


It seems like I’ve fallen completely apart,

coming undone, trying not to lose heart –

my daily to-do list grows longer each day,

with all those undones that so heavily weigh

on my conscience, I still struggle on

but the laundry and dishes are waiting too long!

Each room is cluttered and dusty at best,

and there’s barely the energy to blog at bed rest.

The yard needs a tidy, I could do with a hand

and I rarely cook dinner even if it’s been planned.

I’m so out of touch with the friends I once knew,

and a stack of correspondence I should reply to.

It would be shorter to answer ‘so what have you done?’

I wish I could say ‘having far too much fun!’


So, I haven’t squeezed all my undones into this poem… but that’s probably enough for now.


Secrets? – Sandbox Writing Challenge #21

I really cannot believe that another 3 to 4 weeks have flown past since I last posted for the Sandbox challenge! How does this happen…?

Anyway, jumping right back in with Sandbox challenge #21 and the task to write … about secrets(!):

What have you done that no one knows about?` or

What are you afraid of exposing about yourself?

So, if there was something, would I be wanting to reveal it here? Maybe I wouldn’t like to be telling you how dreadfully difficult or impossible self-care has been at times- the longest and/or shortest time I’ve been without showering in the last year or two, for example. I certainly wouldn’t wish to expose those kinds of things about me.

I don’t really have any dark secrets, I don’t think – unless so well buried they won’t spring to mind in the instant of writing this post. But there must be something…?

I suppose I wouldn’t like to admit that starting a couple of weeks before Christmas I started buying lottery tickets again. Fingers crossed each time and looking back now and wondering what difference that small lump sum would make to me today, if I’d saved that cash instead.

I really can’t afford to squander money on gambling, however small the outlay – but you can’t win it if you’re not in it!

On the other hand, if you’re not ‘in’ it, you can’t possibly lose!

I excused myself my lottery spending with not buying beer, wine or spirits for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed my non-alcoholic sparkling grape and cranberry juice drink instead. But alcohol and gambling are similar in that the temptation to ‘just buy another’ can be quite overwhelming.

I don’t usually buy alcohol, so there’s no give in my budget for continuing to buy lottery tickets. I’d be better off trying to save the ticket money each week instead – but there’s no give in my budget for saving much either…


For an easy reminder to myself, the prompts for the challenges missed to date are as follows:

Sandbox Writing Challenge #18:

  • Imagine someone important to you sitting in this chair. What would you say to this person that you’ve never said before?

Sandbox Writing Challenge #19:

  • What is one of the worst emotional storms you’ve weathered in your life?

Sandbox Writing Challenge #20:

  • If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?