Nice blogging afternoon so far 🙂 Just getting afternoon tea and remembering to call any meal I might like ‘breakfast’ – every meal does that surely – not having toast or cereal though… often can’t decided, gawd every home should have a butler? Enough people wanting or needing such jobs? I doubt it somehow. Modern life! I’d have preferred the times of mud and sticks type DIY I’m sure but we’re not even allowed cultural traditions when homeless in England/UK. And I hope my silly try-outs don’t send anyone on a downer. I overthink stuff. My mum always has turned out to be absolutely right – somethings just take years of getting to that eventuality of the happening thing that provokes me to realise that yep, Mum! Right again!

Can status posts be as long as you like sometimes? i guess not really. maybe this one is too long already? kettle calling pots & pans too…etc…


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Hey it’s really nice to see a spring in someone’s step and stepping into sunshine or snow sending love and good wishes and hopefully so… it’s really nice meeting real nice blogging neighbours in this wonderful virtual world here at WordPress! i dunno about you guys but I love it here (WordPress generally, I don’t mean ‘at my blog’! BUT I haven’t been getting around and about as much as I would have liked BUT I know you don’t mind cos isn’t it nice sometimes to get a bit of peace and quiet and taking time with other peeps 🙂

So, wherever you are in the world, hopefully that’s not in floods, wading through waste-water’s no fun… and thankfully here, I’m not, but some may have been, but this lunchtime, the sun is shining and the weather is fine.  (is this post too long for a ‘status’ format?)

I love Sarah’s blog(s) and the co-learning encouragement and virtual coffees and that’s a great Springy post I thought I’d share while saying thanks to you all who drop by here and there too 🙂 #blogging101 was fun trailing through july and august in our own time and at a comfy pace but 2015 was an age ago now! Y’all planning a two-year(or-plus) reunion splash post for virtual summer fun? Or we missed your earlier classes blogging celebratory posts already…? Anyone ready to help us save Blogger’s World somehow, stop it slip sliding away while Anand, Rashmi, K. and all the others who puts so much effort in early on and along the way – is your commenting or author level access even working there? Today’s theme is sposed to be ‘tuesday trivia’ if anyone’s up to posting to it, do it! Be nice to see some returning community spirit but ‘we gotta figh,.. for the right,.. to p-a-r-t-y…’ as the Beastie Boys would lead us to believe! #everydayinspiration (hook’em wivvaquote’ll never work, will it???)


My fourteen days of posts stalled at ten (reblogs from the cooking pot shindig…and Matchmaker Q&A). So, I’ll finish all four of each type of post tomorrow, in one post each.


I miss my old header. This isn’t it. It’s the result of trying to crop my previous header. Its ovalised, but I quite like the twist. I might try it here and move the other one, or vice versa… What do you think?

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