Happy New Year’s Eve!

Another year over so soon! Enjoying the last ten minutes of a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve, sharing a post to toast to the year gone by… and wowzers didn’t time fly!

Goodbye 2018! Happy New Year!

[Picture credits: Pixabay]


Previously AWOL and Late again

All apologies as usual… hope everyone (virtual neighbours, ‘acquaintances’ and {friends} are all doing okay and coping well with challenges of contemporary living… safe, happy and healthy as can be hopefully.

I’ve been immersed in elsewheres’ a little with a little creative writing mooc I tried and succeeded a few weeks ago (thankfully) and now of course it’s poetry symposium and so i’m just about keeping up with that well enough and enjoying continuing the American (English) language & cultural learning I can obtain from that mooc community participation. I’m still astounded by the differences that exist in our cultures and langauge despite the similarities. it’s quite fascinating. Frightening to realise the misinterpretations of English meaning by way of limited meaning of apparently same ‘English’ words in American Language use.

I’m finally after all this time no longer paying for stuff I’m not actually receiving and -still being charged for it unfortunately – so officially in dispute with my ISP and hoping they resolve things decently although while they are legally very in the wrong they have the advantage and just appear able to wreck long-term customers credit-rating and cause further deprivations to anyone disadvantaged enough to not afford or able physically to sort it or get a solicitor to sort it. But what a waste of fookin’money they are. Quite often. Never mind, the dongle I bought two years ago works marvellous and a £25 top-up might last three months while I’m too ill to use much rather than always paying over the odds…


There’s not much of the month ahead left, being this late into it. No idea what to write next…

Hoping to read this https://t.co/gnAmP443nS  about screen-writing but no idea WHY I might want to read it, just it looks interesting in my twitter feed and I might get back to it.

Listening to more music is always a huge pleasure whenever able …


Family time? Not getting round to much of that so far, as usual.

Snapping skywatch, missed a lorra-lot of days – and a lot of days miserable grey skies if I got a glimpse… often awake overnight most of summer and sleeping half the day away from early morning onward… quite helterskelter my current lifestyle, but i’ll get back to…erm, what IS my normal lifestyle – the last several years have been one thing after another – guess we all have that going on actually

So this month’s post…

I think I’ll leave it there and MAYBE i’ll get back here sooner rather than later and drop by y’all soon when visiting the blogosphere for a mosey round rather than just dashing in and out while I ahve to be somewhere else really really soon … yes #ishouldbesleeping.

As always, nevermind. See you soon, hopefully. Best Wishes all and Thanks for reading 😉

August 2018 Monthly Look Ahead [MLA]


#MonthlyLookAhead badge above designed by Donovan at coolbeans4.wordpress.com

You can read this month’s MLA post via coolbeans4 here.

N.B: my post below contains a total of 13 original images, all optimised for mobile data usage. [My image files = 1.66Mb total. My text file to copy in is 12kb but adding this intro and ad libbing on the wire, warning for length, should be less than 2000 words but by the end is approx 2150words!].

This data-optimisation is essential for me too right now while home services appear broke. I am the legal originator of all images (and text) in this post except the MLA badge shown above (and excepting the Microsoft image I photographed, screenshot and appropriated using Microsoft enabled basic software, believing it valid legally entitled individualised use).

I was looking forward to trying the wordpress desktop app I downloaded a while ago now it might be really useful, but it needs an update downloading, with no forewarning of how much data that might crunch from my limited allowance.

So prepping via screenshotting my photos and writing a notepad plain text file all seemed like do I really need an app? I really don’t like apps and try to avoid them like the plaague! Trying to keep my wits about me, I’m looking forward to the day I succeed in that aspect most days of most of whatever’s left of my lifetime.

Here’s my images index screenshot…


… in case you wanna skip off sooner rather than later having seen a little of all those pics… in no particular order of course… they all follow individually through the text of this post, but unfortunately visual describing will need to wait until I have home internet and better physical functionality again.

As I sit pondering my Monthly Look Ahead post for August 2018 I wonder how on earth with my physical limitations I can make any planning of things to look forward to this month AND make it interesting for the reader somehow while stuck almost totally housebound – somehow more fun whilst keeping it achievable??? I should probably give up trying. Almost everything I’ve ‘looked forward to’ in previous posts hasn’t happened yet(!)

I did at last buy Jen Brea’s Unrest film last week at Standard Definition (by choice, not wanting super-sharp cutting my eyes to bits!) expecting a download file. Nope, for a bit less money than previously available I got a watch online on amazon site product, just a day or two before my internet access cut off! It is as if she never wanted people with M.E. to be able to watch the darn thing. But that’s probably not so and just one of those things. Hopefully she’s not part of that bogus campaign muddying the waters to misrepresent how patients with my systemic disease might present.


I have weeks at a time of silence and it pains me so to not be able to enjoy music. Participating in musical enjoyment is therapeutic, singing is deep core muscle and respiratory excercise while needing to avoid aerobic exertions. I am not reliant on digital consumption and avoid it like the plague, so have plenty of listening opportunity offline from old archived discs – but my #newMusic Lunar tides EP paid for and downloaded from bandcamp works offline fantastic! So enjoying the loudest possible sounds and sensations of music is very high on my ‘looking forward to’ list…

Staying offline and off tech doesn’t help me get anything more done or feel any better either.


My internet access gazumped having been fine overnight to wake to find it dead and gone on 1st August. coincidentally Microsoft updated me an odd opening image to my laptop’s desktop screen. “What’s life like in a science research outpost…”?!?WTF!?!

No idea if my aging router is at fault – that’s been playing up since they upgraded my speeds almost two years ago and often on the blink even before that. If I were paranoid I’d have been thinking it was deliberate communications curtailment – and I’m sure I have sometimes felt it was that very thing.

outpost postcard 04082018.jpg

[Previously published on twitter, but I am the copyright holder of the appropriated image.] I look forward then to making more ‘postcards’ from whatever gazillions of files I created or the few generics saved from pixabay/splash etc.

My laptop was holding this overnight ready for my re-awakening, so I had to snap it in response…


Finding another way, I finally dragged out my emergency mobile hotspot I bought from another ISP so I have some very limited data allowance and minimal access for anything I’m impulsed to consider urgent enough.

I am looking forward to sorting my issues and dispute with my home ISP – but I was looking forward to that way back when too!

So until my replacement router arrives mid-week perhaps only to find that I have to pay £13.60 for out of contract and wrote snailmail to cancel disappeared mobile phone from my bank balance of £38 to last ten days, still needing electric and food (but rations enough if I choose to suffer emergency rations instead)… while they owe me much more than £600, maybe over £1000 in refunds etc etc… I’ll look forward to getting it together and adding it all up properly!… we’ll see then…so my new router might not even get authorised to allow internet access.

So I’m looking forward to gauging how I can somehow keep myself internet happy with only mobile data usage from another provider. it just means it is how it is and I have to put up with the added sense of isolation.

I bought a new mobile phone from another provider to find I have to be well enough to go back to the store for a PAYG voucher or change my email address to receive a digital download of a ‘paper voucher’ when apparently my receipt for the phone should have included a voucher number! Three months having a new phone that I can’t make a call, send a text or use the mobile internet via their services!

But I can tweet at them from this other old mobile hotspot provider and maybe sort it now I found there is definitely no voucher code on a receipt when buying the phone and only a top-up card to use when paying in-store. Aaagh – I’d have expected a sales assistant to tell me that when I was instore collecting the phone I ordered online. It’s been working as a hand-held internet device while I had internet enough and my youtube on it is optimised for mobile data – but still munches it so fast. So you-tubin’ MetOffice weather forecasts only for now. Camera works but it ate my memory!

So I’m looking forward to whenever I get back the freedoms of internet access and the luxury of mostly listening while ‘watching’ some vloggers I’m following.

#skywatching – I forget to post online but do skywatch almost daily at least once or twice and always looking forward to spend more time with it. However, when I think I’ve barely done any skywatching during any given month I still might find I’ve taken 400+ photo of skies from home, even if they are lo-tech old BB snaps for having clogged my new phone’s memory with no easy way to transfer them and bluetooth being such a lengthy excercise! Old BB snaps are good enough, especially if I need to screenshot them for mobile data optimisation! Rarely I might make written or sketched notes and should look forward to journalling them to fill my days and any sleepless nights. They all seem full enough for basic survival efforts without that inclination adding pressure. but I might enjoy it!


I was glad to still have full online access to NASA coverage of the lunar eclipse overnight 27th-28th July 2018, as the cloud coverage made it impossible to see for most of the UK. Skies were drab on 28th I think, until sunset colours appeared in the Eastern skies by evening…


and then got interesting again by 29th (think I must have missed 31st, maybe both myself and the skies were just too dull to be bothered!)


The final one below made me reflect on the volcanic activity from Kilauea and the happenings in the Eastern Rift Zone of the Big Island aka Hawaii. I am missing my updates from @DoingHawaii mostly, but hey… I have to be patient…


So yeah, skywatching is high on my personal agenda. I’ll probably add my full low-resolution images to my skywatching blog elsewhere (blogspot) at a later date. I will look forward to be able to do so, if not this month… whenever…

I’m looking forward to making a TFIBritain (=This Friday in Britain)
post later in the week/month and actually remembering to link it to Joy’s ‘BritishIslesFriday’ challenge!


Real news versus fake news:

I’m very looking forward to catching up with #brianharvey while he’s subject to corrupt criminal proceedings – and wondering is Ian Puddick also being prosecuted for malicious communications then, because he should be! Of course Puddick has money and there’s no such thing as Fair Justice or balance in the UK Criminal Courts. Crazy times! Wish I could look forward to being well enough to go protest!

Also hoping very much to hear good news from the #freemelanieshaw campaign after her court hearing due this week on 7th. But the ways things are in my country I’m not sure I can realistically be looking forward to any such thing much!

Hopefully I can still access the news though, but the news services don’t half seem a load of rubbish, often anything other than the real news while they try and shut down real news sharing via social media and will criminalise the troofsayers – making an example to shut us all up? Calling real news ‘fake news’ and giving us loads of fake news as if ‘real news’!


I haven’t yet analysed data use for my SCBI (SimCityBuildIt) app on my android, but fear that’s too much too. My league effort is ruined and I let my club down by not playing at all this week, but…


At least I completed my challenge and earnt my reward of… an iconic Music Festival …of course I can’t do anything with it, but having no internet makes no difference to that! I am missing just relaxing and shoving graphic icons into factory and production slots and trying to add up well enough to meet challenge demands and time management constraints. So I will look forward to playing a little if and when I can. It’s the only thing my android tablet is much good for. Fingers crossed then.

The data allowance I have could last 3 months if I don’t waste it and use it only sparingly. But I found looking around a few blogs doesn’t take too much so far, maybe depends on photo quality within posts and things like that. Nor does being online making this lengthy post. Hooray! Still, I look forward to less isolation and more freedom of choice.


I had been looking forward to taking part in #DrawingAugust on twitter and via my blog, but being offline doesn’t have to stop my trying to draw every day and worry about posting sometime later. I hadn’t managed to draw a thing since April’s A to Z challenge and must make more effort, I’m really rusty again. I am very looking forward to some serious concentrating with drawing attempts!

I’m always looking forward to family time and hopefully there’ll be more of that again soon.

I’m always looking forward to health and mobility improvements and one of these days I’ll achieve some!

(I should look forward to vignettes perhaps…)

I was looking forward to the NHS improving standards of care having seen it’s now decided to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis oil – then I remembered that under NICE Guidelines 2007 for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (being different and NOT the same thing!) anyway, doctors can only prescribe those medicines in the NICEGuide2007 recommended list – mostly only useless harmful medicine like paracetomol, ibuprofen and anti-depressants for pain relief(!) and NICE2007 is not due for review until 2020! So that’s another inequality to look forward to.

I’m still looking forward to the year 2065! That’s when the classified info will be made public that almost definitely includes my blood test results and those of others affected by M.E. during the 1980s, held at Kew research, previously due for public release 2025 and re-classified in recent years until such time as we can all be expected to have gone to hell.

Cheerful this ‘looking forward to…’ innit. Sorry about that. I made every effort to capitalise all my little ‘i’ occurences though…

So, maybe this month’s theme is ‘failure posts’, apologies again for all my previous inconsistencies and failing to post… and I sincerely hope your month brings many happy things to look forward to looking back on in the future!

Final thing not to miss on my list: Recycled Book Reading Challenge ~ posting something for that at my main blog sometime soon enough – surely I can just relax and read a book!!!

Apologies for another rant! Next time maybe I’ll try going back to a simple short list!

By the way, I might only be posting from my micro-blogging site (swishing4th.com) if my access remains curtailed so I’d best look forward to picking up over there again very soon…

PS: @wordpress.com – I’m looking forward to return of PDF capability for saving my draft off line too, thank you! Guess it’s a copy to OpenOffice then… maybe it’ll PDF once published(?) and maybe it’s different on the sites I paid for from wordpress(?) Oh my days, #MLA! over and out…





TFIB ~This Friday in Britain …

Well, most of us in Britain have too much cloud to see the lunar eclipse tonight. Typical and ironic after so many crystal clear skies. An informative BBC article and a NASA TV Livefeed on YouTube for those of us with adequate internet access. It’ll be interesting to see images captured by those fortunate enough to have a clear view eventually too. Patience then…

I daren’t mention my router currently behaving for a change because it’ll drop my signal as soon as it likes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Brian Harvey lately since his desperate plea to the British public to hear him out while he exposes controversial and complex truths that ‘the powers that be’ seem to wish to remain hushed. some shocking stuff and there’s another however many cover-up stories I hoped to touch on. But I’ll maybe say / write my piece another time and link it here instead.

Five minutes to midnight and I’m way behind my planned posting time. Friday’s nearly over. Guess I got distracted. Maybe I should stop ignoring the computer assistance that pops up now again begging me to let ‘her’ help me. I’m sure I’d rather not give my life so wholly to my computer software. However much I’m lacking I’m sure I don’t want Artificial Intelligence. Maybe that’s cutting my nose off to spite my face. Anyone out there actually use their OS assistant?

So, Friday here, in British Summer Time is now technically over…

… writing into Saturday for ‘British Isles Friday’ then…

Rather than focus on news items this Friday, my attention has been totally diverted to issues NOT entering the news…

In its entirety, this is not a jolly post. The information I’m writing about in the next portion is still quite new to me, mindbogglingly complex in some ways and absolutely profound issues of urgent UK public interest … as this segment needs a content warning re: child abuse discussion I’ll be continuing this second half of this post as a password protected post linked in the final paragraph. That will appear as soon as I rewrite the whole darned lot having cut it out then lost it from my clipboard during a human operative input error for snatching a moon screenshot from NASA TV. Doh! I can’t find it in revisions, dunno if it’ll turn up. 3:50am and I need to sleep.

[If you wish to read the continuation of this post but do not know the password to type in my blog to state as an adult reader and confirm that “I am over 18” then please use my contact form to request access assistance. I assure there is no graphic detail in this password protected content, no images of children or people, no dirty gossip etc. Disclaimer: It can be difficult to ascertain information while the mainstream media are failing to report issues adequately so while only including what I believe to be honest and credible representation of the alleged facts, my commentary may include errors and omissions.

I missed one or two general things and a sky photo or whatever else I had almost readied to add above for brightening up my post and not got round to that yet so might change up a bit along the way. Anyway, to read further, please click the link (not yet available) and enter the required password.

Thanks for reading this far. I must do better next time! If you have a British Isles topic of interest or theme you’d like me to include in a future post please add your suggestion in the comments and I’ll do my best.



What is it about June and July…?

Shocking to see how many weeks I’ve been away again. I’m trying not to be too down about my absence and failures to attend my blogging needs and wants. I miss writing. Mostly I miss visiting to read the writing of others.


I can see right now that the above image is out of focus and blurry. Often lately my visions been more blurred than that and I just can’t see if my snaps are in focus or not when I’ve taken any. I’ve stuck with my old and battered BB from years ago while i keep dropping things and avoided using my new mobile phone cam while photography is a useless pursuit in this phase. Adding Omega3-6-9 oil capsules to my nutritional plan might help a little but I’m sure as hell hoping I’m entitled to medicinal cannabis when they start prescribing it now it’s been decided. I functioned much better with that herbal remedy a few years ago but haven’t kept up with the compassion club and not sure if or where they run from these days. Out of touch and too exhausted to ask or go anywhere and not really wanting in case I/they get busted as a result. Ludicrous situation, although I understand the opposition also.

Burn-out always seems to hit me in June and July even when I’ve not done enough to warrant it. Ok, I read a lot of blogs during the A to Z Challenge in April, but lazing around reading and doing little else shouldn’t be so severely and completely exhausting – and I certainly didn’t tackle the amount of art work or research I’d hoped to cover for my own posts. I thought I’d got away with it and might sustain a reasonable level of blogging interaction. Not so.

That seems to be the usual pattern since i started out in May 2015 and by June and July I was totally hopeless – I couldn’t get it together again until August. Maybe I need to plan for eight to ten weeks of summer acclimatisation and learn to anticipate and manage my limited health better. After almost four decades of trying to manage my limitations you would think I’d have achieved that by now!

Well, I’m not meaning to gripe and whinge about my ails – it could be worse and for many others it probably is. I’ve managed to keep getting up and after eating more food than I had been able for a while I have at last put on some weight. Hopefully when I see my son he won’t be whittling at my skinniness. Eating deliberately fattening food might not be the healthiest plan in the world but struggling to intake 500 calories a day in the long term ain’t a good plan either and now at last my jeans aren’t falling down anymore. Saves buying smaller clothes while no energy for shopping and very little for online shopping either. I really don’t like shopping. I get more pleasure finding a button or bottle top or used bus ticket or whatever on the pavement than I do from shopping. Sometimes it’s a good thing not getting out much, although I’ve not picked anything up in ages even when I ‘found’ it. Too tired to bother picking something up. Really. Yes.

I couldn’t believe I totally missed a product recall on some frozen veg from my supermarket. You’d think they’d have it glaringly obvious on their website for the next time you logged in to complete online grocery shopping. Nope. Luckily I only had a stomach bug impact once (a few weeks ago now) and had no idea it might have been the new and in-date-for-ages frozen veggies. I ate the entire remainder of the pack with no obvious ill effect, thankfully. I’d long since finished the way over date ice cream from last Christmas and that didn’t make me ill at all. I wouldn’t expect frozen vegetables to carry a bug like Listeria, but apparently they might. My son mentioned the product recall to me on the phone the day after I finished them, he assumed I would have seen it on the news. So now I know.  And now I know I should probably check the food standards website at regular intervals and check the products I purchased aren’t on  a recall list. But I’m not sure I can blame a tummy bug for these missing weeks, it’s just ME. And by the end of 999 whittling words that hopefully don’t come across as self-pitying I needed to add this sentence as I’m superstitious like that around word counts and 999 is inappropriate in this instance. There. [1034 at 15:36].

Anyway, I’ve started mapping out some ideas for next April’s A to Z. No last minute deciding to join in with barely a plan and scraping through to the end with a whole month of posts but an incompleted project… not having a project other than the posts will help too! Disappointed I missed the A to Z Roadtrip sign-up BUT it won’t actually stop me road-tripping around some more. All in good time – or anytime I can, without overdoing it. Hopefully.

Well, none of this is what I came here to write but it’s an update of a sort at least. Hopefully none of my readers / blogging neighbours have been concerned at my absence. Again. Guess you’re used to it from me. Can’t wait to get over to your blogs for a good read and catch-up again soon too!

I’ll be back later hopefully as I planned a post for British Isles Friday with my T.F.I.Britain post idea… I’ve planned stuff almost every Friday but that small effort knocked me for six every time and I never quite got to make any kind of post at all. All being well August will offer better consistency – especially as I wanted to join in with the #DrawingAugust challenge on twitter again and maybe blog it too. It’s three years since I first and last completed that challenge. Definitely time to get going again… just off to refuel the tum and inflate my new spare tyre a little extra 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day and have a nice weekend ahead…

Reblog: Sunrise on Planet Cistern

I find toilet humour irresistible, I don’t know why, but this photopost isn’t quite that but I do quite love it! – I missed my mundane Monday photo in lieu post again this week and wish I could capture something like this in my lav!



Sunrise on Planet Cistern

The weekly photo challenge is closing down for some reason, so the final theme is “all time favourite photos”. I am not a photographer by any means, I just take photos to decorate my poetry blog, but this one amuses me no end. I have sliced and diced it and used in a number of posts.

Now for the first time I will reveal its secret. The windows in our upstairs bathroom face south and in the late evening the sun shines through the  side windows and the glass shower doors and creates rainbow patterns on the walls. This particular pattern turned up behind the toilet cistern in the angle between the walls. I zoomed in as close as I could with my iPhone, took the photo then rotated it. The curved surface at the bottom is actually the shadow of the cistern.

Equipment used :…

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