TFI Britain

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This Friday in Britain, it’s the eve of the Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle and of course this event has been dominating the UK news for some time. Yesterday the town of Windsor hosted processional rehearsals and the streets were lined with crowds of spectators.  While Meghan’s wedding dress remains a closely guarded secret, five young designers put forward their take on the outfit they would have her wear. Today it was announced that Prince Charles will walk Megan down the aisle since her father won’t be attending due to surgery; Megan and her mom met for tea with the Queen and Princes William and Harry made a surprise walkabout in Windsor town. This evening, along the processional route, crowds of eager spectators are already forming with people staying out for the night in chairs to save their prime viewing spot. The wedding takes place at 12 noon BST tomorrow and the bbc’s royal wedding final countdown live feed has lots of interesting snippets and updates, including a preview look at tomorrow’s national newspaper front pages.

Although there’s no national holiday to mark the royal wedding, all across the UK people will be having barbecues and get-togethers and joining in the celebrations. Unless of course they hold anti-royal sentiment or have other things to do, like watching the F.A. Cup Final (football/soccer) or any number of suggested ways to avoid the royal wedding hype. Usually Prince William would be presenting the F.A. Cup, but he’ll be absent from that duty this time round.

It’s two months since Sergei Skripal was exposed in Salisbury to the nerve agent Novichok and he’s finally been discharged from hospital today.

More to follow…


Task It Tuesday (To do this week…)

How’d last week’s list go?

Getting out of the house and on a bus to the nearest shopping centre last Thursday was wonderful, although it made me really ill. That’s how it goes. Anyhow, it made a nice change to go out. I collected my new phone and garden gadget, bought a set of drawing pencils, paintbrushes and flowers I was hankering after all April,  snatched an opportunity to grab a snapshot of the supermarket travelator for the MMPC ‘ramped-up’ prompt (previous post), stocked up on some groceries, pain medication, hammer, nails, got very confused over lightbulbs so failed to get any and totally forgot fuses, so still a bit dim here.

My wi-fi’s been refusing to connect again so I’m behind on planned reading, I failed to make a bunch of planned posts and I spent no time with art either, so I have some catching up to do. I didn’t write anything for M.E. Awareness Day (May 12th) nor take part.

While there’s plenty to still go at from previous lists, the only thing I’m adding to this week’s to do list is

  • A to Z Reflections post and survey to complete by 18th May, that happens to be Friday, so I may as well write ‘Friday posts’ and include Skywatch & BFI.
  • Lots more rest, eat well, sleep plenty.
  • 20 to 30 minutes daily attending to small tasks in the garden.

Of course there’s lots more I maybe should add, and plenty I’d like to add, but for how to simplify my life this week, I’m limiting my to-do list to three main items only as the week disappears so quickly! Of course item 1 is four things and I shouldn’t need the self-care reminder at item 2. C’est la vie.


Task It Tuesday (To Do this week!)

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It still looks like it’ll take forever to get my master list tasks ticked off. I’m not even looking at it this week!

Progress on last week’s to-do list:

Of course there’s always more washing-up…!

I’m still waiting to have my phone and new garden gadget in hand, so I’ll hopefully be busy later this week getting to grips with those, as my feet wouldn’t carry me far enough to go collect them from the store and I need less confidence in my abilities, not more. I should have ordered them for delivery not collection!

I paid one of my urgent bills – just waiting for the red letter and enough cash in the bank on the other; I topped up my pre-payment electric account (the meter was so low it was off by then, but not for long) and I grabbed some food and coffee shopping enough to last until I can complete my online grocery order. As I have to get to the store anyway and I usually have plenty of store cupboard type foods at home, online grocery shopping can be delayed a few days, next week or so . My freezer’s looking a bit bare but it contains bread and vegetables enough and there’s even an ice lolly or two from last summer and some ice cream that’s hopefully still good since Xmas! (yes i know they say use within 3 months but I bet it doesn’t give me a bad tummy, if it does I’ll know better next time and will throw it out before a second helping!)

The A to Z reflections post due anytime between Monday 7th and 18th May is taking a raincheck while we’ve been having a heatwave here and I’m still reeling from my little walk out last Thursday. I barely picked up a paintbrush or pen in the meantime. I’m still a bit behind with my reading list from the April A to Z blogging challenge too. The road trip doesn’t start until 23rd May, but I hope to cover plenty more ground before that starts.

I posted elsewhere  for milae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge just prior to drafting this so as not to need to add it to the list of ToDo having missed posting my response. I have an ongoing problem with my brain assuming I have already done the thing that I add to my list just because I listed it! Obviously I forget to look at my lists! I have little else to put in my spare pocket diary so entering my blog posting schedule there seems a better idea. My pocket diary happens to have made itself invisible to my eyes having had it close to hand last week! Neuro problems. Aye!

I joined in at Joy’s British Isles Friday event (#BriFri)but in doing so completely missed Skywatch Friday even though I’d taken pics to post– so postponing to add them this Friday instead in a  catch-up. I don’t like taking part while I might not get round seeing others in the link-up enough. I also managed to post a photo for MMPC#158.

#May-be-A-B is on track, taking a day off posting yesterday got me ahead by a day and I’ll set to work on getting further ahead by scheduling some posts.

Priority Tasks this week:

  1. Remember to add this post to inLinkz as I forgot to do that last week too!
  2. Reading those A to Z post series I’m still catching up with. I read at least 24 or more complete series so far. Most are short or short-ish posts. I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s frazzling. Having posts to write on the day reduced my reading time, but I’m not sure I could extend my reading capacity by not writing posts, to be honest.
  3. FRIDAY! Join in with Joy’s British Isles  Friday event and Skywatch Friday.
  4. #May-be-A-B … more alphabetical blogging to keep on track
  5. more Creative writing to join in with blogging neighbour Sarah C’s prompts ( posted for part A so far and have some bitty drafts and vague ideas to work with)
  6. more Time with art: drawing, painting, doodling, looking at art history, definitely more than I have these last few days.
  7. home and garden spring cleaning has to start soon if only I can stay on my feet more! (not being able to sit at a desk or table and not being able to stand for long are really hindering progress in all areas!)
  8. Come up with a mundane photo as response for MMPC#159 prompt at KO‘s.
  9. It’s M.E.Awareness Day on 12th May, so it’d be a challenge to post something to mark the occasion and to be able to do so without embarassing myself further. I might give it a whirl.
  10. Eat well and get plenty sleep and rest! Remember to take my CoQ10 with my food!

I tend to post more here and there than is on my list, if and when I can, and while they might enter my posting calendar, they’re not fixtures and my list here doesn’t need bogging down with them. I might just go back to playing Sim City Build It more instead, but my brain got too tired of it and needed a break, and I got blogging again instead.

Finally, my thinking of just ONE thing to simplify my life this week? All the spare fuses seem to have been used and the last of my working lamps hasn’t sprung to life with a new bulb, so its’ problem is either the fuse in the plug or it’s old age, as it must be more than ten years old by now. All the other lamps and all the light fittings except one need a replacement bulb so as well as replacing them, extra spare bulbs and fuses would be a very good idea. Not being limited to torchlight in all but one room of my home would definitely help simplify things! So would a butler, to reach high and change the bulbs, but I can’t afford one just yet 😉



For KO’s prompt, ‘all the squares’ referring to an A.A.Milne poem Lines and Squares, from which I quote these two lines:

And I keep in the squares,
And the masses of bears,

Although you can’t see squares in this photo, my camera lens is looking through square shapes in a cut glass vase at the teddy bear on my windowsill.

(This post can double as my mundane Monday photo in Lieu post too).

TFI Britain

TFI Britain = This Friday In Britain, a new post I’ll aim to make each week to join in with Joy’s British Isles Friday event. Sometimes I might have something different to add, but I’m mostly housebound and so my best photo opportunties tend to be similar viewpoints of nearby skies from my home and if you want to see those on or around Friday I post my (British) skywatching photos at . I’m late there this week, but there’s a nice sky pic from slightly further afield in the lower portion of this post.

I’ll have to remember and plan these posts better as arriving by twenty-five to midnight with nothing ready isn’t really in good time enough. Anyway, on with my show and tell … it’s turned out much less short than I imagined it would be.

My go to news site is still, even though I’m very dissatisfied that (a) their website writers sometimes publish articles with American spellings instead of English and (b) so much news is video only and they offer no transcript or text of video-only content and a TV license is needed to play and view such news items. As a non-television user for almost all of the last nine or ten years, previously in my lifetime more often listening to the telly rather than watching it, I object to deprivation of national news access to British online audience. BBC Radio news broadcasts often seem barely eligible to be called ‘news’ if the Trade Descriptions Act were applied. I often wonder these days if such legal standard exists anymore.

There’s much in the news about the young royals of course. The safe arrival of William and Kate’s third child was welcomed last week. To distract attention away from the newest member of the Royal Family to be known as HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge, poor chap, the limelight has been directed to news about the forthcoming wedding of Harry and Meghan… celebrity news items don’t float my boat however, so moving along to items I deem more newsworthy…

I hope this next story has nothing to do with baby food (or weddings!!)  Fifty crocodiles were seized at Heathrow airport earlier today. They’d arrived in cramped conditions destined for a Cambridge farm intending to breed them for meat. They’re apparently being rehomed – hopefully not as handbags, shoes nor interior design trimmings! While the Head of the Border Force CITES team at Heathrow has been quoted as saying “… this should serve as a warning to those thinking about transporting wildlife in such conditions” this news consumer wonders how the business owners/farm occupants responsible for importing these poor creatures appear to be getting away without prosecution and penalty! How does the seizure and rehoming of illegally imported animals serve as any kind of warning? The people responsible haven’t even been name and shamed. Why is this measure considered warning enough? The photo credit is the Home Office. Does that signify an embarassing sensitive issue? They should cut the crap and dish the rap! Meaning the doing-Time not the cooing-Rhyme, but that should be obvious. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the Law and nor should wealth or high social status be – and lets face it, farm owning occupants around the country these days clearly aren’t the traditional agricultural types of old. Local Authority elections were held in some parts of Britain yesterday and voting results and how they’re reported and represented are always interesting to ponder over aren’t they? Nottingham, where I live, didn’t have a Local Authority election as ours are due next year. Election results post-Brexit will be even more interesting, no doubt.

“Pollen and blossoms fill the sneezy, windy Brussels air these lovely spring days but pessimism, too, hangs very heavy.”

Katya Adler, BBC’s Europe Editor, in the opening at her article headlined

EU wonders if Theresa May has run out of ‘Brexit fudge’

This news consumer wonders if reporting that ‘A European diplomat spoke to [Katya Alder] wistfully of his wish for the prime minister to “act like a statesman”.’ will be picked up on social media as an example of sexism – and lets hope the confidential contact isn’t poor Boris Johnson, a quite regular victim recently of trolling missions in the guise of equality campaigns. Wouldn’t a diplomat be minded to use a term such as ‘statesperson’ – although really why should so much be nit-picked about being human and how we use our English language? Encouraging pernickety hyper-sensitivity and demanding automaton standards of pre-programmed oppressive perceptions of perfection will lead us to becoming hupersons sounding more like cheap as chips supermarket venues than warm-blooded mammals and losing more of our humanity every minute of all our days. Confused old man President Trump appears to be justifying US gun ownership rights by commenting on London’s rise in knife crime ahead of his planned visit to the UK in July this year. The BBC shares London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s tweet from last week: “If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.” The British people in general hold their rights to freedom of speech very dear, it isn’t unique to London. If he visits London, Mr Trump is likely to be in a city with a more diverse public than simply Londoners. Much of London’s populace commute from farther afield and the capital city is usually buzzing with tourists from all around the world, including of course, tourists from other parts of Britain.

While it’s no surprise that social mobility appears to have been in decline in recent years, given the severe hardships of the 1970s it’s shocking to read that ‘People in England and Wales were much more likely to move home in the 1970s than in the first decade of the 2000s’ (and is ‘education’ really the appropriate news category for this story?) 

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here now although the actual day of the Bank Holiday is Monday. It’s usually known as May Day Bank Holiday, but this Monday being 7th and six days away from May Day on 1st May, so it’s referred to as ‘early May Bank Holiday’. That’s kind of depriving us of May Day observance, as unless the first of May falls on a Monday, marking the holiday is traditionally now deferred to the day of the Bank Holiday (and/or the weekend days). The final Monday in May is another Bank Holiday known as Spring Bank Holiday, unless they’re calling it ‘late…’. For a number of years there have been calls for and resistance against removal of the May Day Bank Holiday while introducing another day for a Bank Holiday to not have two occurring so close together in the same month. This might at least return the tradition of actually observing May Day traditions on the day of May 1st but would probably continue to utilise the closest weekend for reasons of practicality and tourism.

Anyway, usually there’s a high probability of rain and awful weather for any such occasion as a Bank Holiday weekend, but this weekend is forecast to be the warmest early May Bank Holiday weather since Britain introduced them in 1978.

We had a mini heatwave briefly during April with highest temperatures on record for that time of year since 1949. Hopefully it won’t be a water shortage drought-ridden summer, although such problems are increasing around the world as a whole. I remember the severe drought of 1973 while I was a small child. I’ve never known drought circumstances quite like it in my lifetime since and wonder we’re bound to encounter another one sometime. We don’t take action enough to preserve and prolong water availability, even if we’re not particularly wasteful with our water, we could always use less. We take so much for granted. It’s only human, I suppose.


In personal news, I finally managed to get myself further than my front yard gate (that’s me along my way, yesterday, pictured above), so I can show you an image of true European air, albeit the Brox and not Brussels, but similarly ‘Pollen and blossoms… pessimism, too…’

European air, the outskirts of Nottingham City, (UK), 3rd May 2018, toward noon.

N.B. I meant no disrespect for the Royal Family in this post and I’m fairly certain they would have nothing whatsoever to do with the crocodile case. I would hope my references to ‘celebrity’ status not to cause offense, and simply prefer not to over-indulge with available insights to private and family lives. Obviously I don’t know them and using first-name terms in the real world is not respectful of any stranger.

Any interpreted inference or implication regarding the creative expressions and personal opinions contained in this post, any representation or stated intrigue of reported fact  and any meaning deduced thereof is wholly the responsibility of the reader over whom the originating writer (being me) has no control and no obligatory responsibility toward, as per traditional British multi-cultural norms of free speech and freedoms of creative expression.

Do you feel ‘Brexit’ impacts the continental belonging of Britain with Europe and the British sense of identity as Europeans? This question is complicated as I’m not sure if or how British people of Asian, African and/or Carribbean heritage might or might not identify with European-ness as British people. (Addendum in Afterthought: I suppose it’s also complicated by the extreme minority Dual Nationality American British/British American but I know very little about that other than it has things to do with warmongering however many generations ago if not still now.)

How is our majority European British cultural identity portrayed in your part of the world? Are we believed to identify more with American and Australian societies for similarities of so-called ‘white’ skin colour and language uses derived of (and differing from) Original English languages rather than close cultural identification with our Norse and European neighbours from where we may have descended?

(Brexit = Britain withdrawing from the European Union for trade and political independence from the European Parliament. As such British citizens’ freedom of movement rights within the European Union are impacted. However at the time of the referendum British people’s continuing access to the European Court of Human Rights was assured – perhaps because the wider world can see very clearly what a total bastard the Tory government is for the British population at large and how many Nasty recurrences have been whirring away behind the gentleman’s clubs smoke-screens for quite a few years now. That’s why comedic things that twats of judges might rule as offensive in the wider world remain hilariously funny if also ooch-worthy to British cultured multi-cultural audience sense of humour. In an ideal world, any failure to assure rights of access to the ECHR within Brexit negotiations should be protested as rending the referendum void. Anyone out there ever experiencing an ideal world?

Maybe you’re British and don’t feel a close connection with European identity and maybe conversations about cultural identity are unimportant and should be left entirely private. Growing up near the coast definitely made me culturally foreign to city slickers when I moved to Nottingham (UK) and even after thirty years of residence I might sometimes feel I experience impacts of the Cornwall effect spreading as if I were a foreign refugee because ‘you’re not from round these parts are ya?’  (I didn’t grow up in the Southern Counties by the way, I’m East-Anglich…).

Any thoughts?


Task-It-Tuesday (To do this week!)

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Progress on last week’s to-do list:

Needless to say I didn’t do most things on my last week’s list, so going forward it remains as a kind of master list – and looks like taking forever to get all those ticked off.

I got some of this done though…


… but of course there’s always more…!

… and I ordered my mobile phone and a new garden trimmer, just waiting to have them in hand, so I’ll hopefully be busy later this week getting to grips with those.

I finished my A to Z posts, but still have some straggling odds and ends to sort out. I also took a rain check on revealing my painting project, postponed until the reflections post due next Monday, 7th May. Lots of blog reading potential still to be explored via the April A to Z blogging challenge too.

I posted for MLA (Monthly Look Ahead) and have RBRC post (for milae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge) in hand to post next (elsewhere). I posted daily skywatching pics (via blogspot) and joined in Skywatch Friday – and will hopefully do so again this week.

Other Priority Tasks this week:

  1. Paying bills and online grocery shopping to order
  2. Join in with Joy’s British Isles  Friday event (missed it again last week!)
  3. #May-be-A-B … more alphabetical blogging underway, flexibly
  4. Creative writing to join in with blogging neighbour Sarah C’s prompts
  5. Time with art: drawing, painting, doodling, looking at art history

How about just ONE thing to simplify my life? Apart from having a working phone at home… erm… actually USING my diary that’s mostly blank all year so far in conjunction with fixing up some kind of in my face reminder notice board for my bedroom wall. WHY can I never do ‘just ONE thing’ – that answer was technically two things! Never mind.